The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 1222 - It Was Not Considered A Lie, Was It

Chapter 1222: It Was Not Considered A Lie, Was It
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Su Jingfeng felt a little guilty towards Feng Yunsheng’s doubts, so he avoided her gaze, “When I was fighting with Si Mobai, she was also there. And there was a demented lady with her. When you said that, I made a guess.”
This was not considered a lie, right?
After all, Si Mobai was indeed there at that time. However, he left out the part where he did not deliberately fight with Si Mobai, but wanted to kill Feng Tianlan.
If Sheng’er knew that he wanted to kill Feng Tianlan, Sheng’er would be angry with him because Sheng’er cared a lot about her sister.
Seeing his evasive gaze, Feng Yunsheng frowned and looked at him suspiciously for a long while. Seeing that he was looking at her with a faint smile, all her doubts disappeared, “Then let’s go to Lin’an City. I miss my mother too.”
No matter who Yun Yi was, she did not want to think about it anymore. Time would prove it. Moreover, she hoped that Su Jingfeng would love her only because of her and not because of some past life. However, it was inevitable that she would be jealous of Yun Yi. This was something that she could not control.

Feng Tianlan and Si Mobai returned to the Shen family in Lin’an City and buried Shen Borui’s ashes in the ancestral hall. They finally fulfilled a wish.
After returning to the Shen family, Feng Shu seemed to have a sense of security. Perhaps it was because she had taken medicine, but she was much more awake now. She would often sit in the courtyard and embroider clothes. They were Shen Borui’s and Dai’er’s.
After arranging this matter, Feng Tianlan finally had the mood to do other things. She called Shui Jue over and asked, “I heard that there’s a woman in the Fengyun Alliance who has a peony flower on her wrist. Do you remember who she was?”
“I do. Her name is Su Xue. She’s Su Jingfeng’s favorite subordinate. She seemed to be in love with him. Her spiritual power was also at the peak of a high-level god supreme-being,” Shui Jue knew that she had been tracking down the woman who had a peony flower on her wrist, so when she saw the peony flower, he even went out of her way to investigate Su Xue.
However, the information she found was just like Su Jingfeng’s. It appeared out of nowhere, and there was nothing more.
“Was that all?” Feng Tianlan frowned because it was too simple.
Shui Jue lowered his head and answered, “That was all I found. I couldn’t find anything else. It was as if it appeared out of nowhere.”
“Uh-huh,” Feng Tianlan grunted. Logically speaking, a young woman like Su Xue was a high-level god supreme-being, the strongest person in the Xuantian Continent. Such a talent shouldn’t be unknown. As long as there was even the slightest bit of information, he would be able to find something. However, there was nothing, it was very suspicious.
“I remember that Su Jingfeng also appeared out of nowhere?” Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows and looked at Shui Jue. When Su Jingfeng and Feng Yunsheng appeared, they also investigated together. In the end, the clues only led to the Forest of Death. They tried to investigate further but didn’t find anything.
“Yes,” Shui Jue answered respectfully.
Seeing that she couldn’t find anything else, Feng Tianlan didn’t ask further. Instead, she changed the topic, “Was there any news on Sister Lin?”
“No, Princess Zhaoyang seemed to have the help of a noble and has completely concealed her whereabouts. I’m afraid that she didn’t want He Lianhuang to find her, so she didn’t want to contact you.”
Feng Tianlan felt a slight headache as she let out a slight grunt. She waved her hand to dismiss Shui Jue. She was mainly worried about Sister Lin’s safety. After all, she had a child with her. It would be difficult for an orphan and a widowed mother.
When Si Mobai entered, he saw Feng Tianlan rubbing her temples. He walked behind her and gently massaged her temples, “Lan’er, don’t be anxious. Don’t try to shoulder everything. You would tire yourself out.”