The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 1223 - “How long will it take to marry you?”

Chapter 1223: “How long will it take to marry you?”
Feng Tianlan looked up at him with a smile and stood up. “Let’s go and see mother and Liang ‘er. I only have two relatives left. I still need to discuss with them about my marriage.”
“Lan’er, if you want to be busy with other things, I, your husband, is not in a hurry.” Si Mobai clutch and clasped her hand. He looked up at her boudoir, elegant.
Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at him teasingly. “We don’t get married unless I found Yun Zhu, Xi Jin, sister Lin, and decided what I will do with Feng Yunsheng.”
When he heard this, Si Mobai’s face fell a bit. “It takes so long!”
They had been searching for Luo Yunzhu for more than two years, but they had yet to find her. What if she really wasn’t alive? If they could never find her, then wouldn’t he be able to marry Lan’er?
“It shouldn’t be too long. It should only take another three to five years.” Feng Tianlan blinked and said very seriously.
Si Mobai hurriedly waved his hand and pulled her out. “No, no, your husband is very anxious. After we get married, we can get busy with other things. It won’t be delayed at all.”
Getting married could not be delayed just because he was considerate of Lan’er.
“Lan’er, we have to get married earlier. In a few months, you will be twenty. A women of your age, her child can already climb trees. If it were another three to five years, your husband will be thirty. Others will almost have grandchildren, so this matter can’t be delayed any longer.” Si Mobai said solemnly, tell her about the serious consequences of getting married later.
Listening to his alarmist words, Feng Tianlan could not help but laugh out loud. “You said you’re not in a hurry.”
“No, no, I’m very anxious now. I can’t wait to get married now and we can sleep together tonight.”
Feng Tianlan’s clear, bell-like laughter was very pleasing to the ear, but in Si Mobai’s ears, it made him grit his teeth. This little rascal was teasing him, so he grabbed her hand, placed it in his mouth, and bit it gently.
The numbness spread from her fingertips to the bottom of her heart. The feeling was even more numbing, so she blushed and raised her eyes to glare at him coquettishly. “Why did you bite me?”
Bit her like that. The numbness was very uncomfortable.
Si Mobai revealed a row of teeth marks on her wrist. “I learned it from Lan’er.”
“Wasn’t it because you married another woman? Now you dare to bring up the past again?” Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows and looked at him.
“That was Lan’er’s illusion. I didn’t do anything. Isn’t I in a hurry to marry you now?” Si Mobai glared at her, she was a little angry, so he lowered his head and whispered, “I was wrong. Lan’er can clasp my ears to calm down.”
“Where did you learn this move?” Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows and looked at him. He even learned how to admit his mistakes and beg for mercy?
“When I was on the street, I saw a young couple arguing. Initially, the argument was fierce, but when the man leaned over backwards to beg for mercy, the woman’s anger subsided.” Therefore, he felt that it was a good move and he used it to his advantage!
Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows slightly. “You’ve learned so much. Are you planning to anger me for no reason?”
“Nonsense, I’m just trying to coax you. It’s said that a woman’s mind is like a needle at the bottom of the ocean, hard to guess. If I don’t learn a few more tricks to coax you, won’t I have to kneel on the washboard? That thing will break when I kneel. I might as well learn more tricks to coax Lan’er.”