The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 1241 - Feng Tianlan Meets Su Xue

Chapter 1241: Feng Tianlan Meets Su Xue
Feng Yunsheng saw that they were eating breakfast. There were simple dishes and plain porridge on the table. She looked up at Feng Tianlan and narrowed her eyes, “Sister, can I eat with you?”
She had eaten before she came, but when she saw her mother and sister eating together, she thought that it would be good for the whole family to eat together?
“Add more bowls and chopsticks,” Feng Tianlan’s gaze fell on the woman who was standing behind Feng Yunsheng like a servant girl. Finally, her gaze fell on her wrist. When she saw the enchanting peony flower, she narrowed her eyes dangerously. “This is?”
She finally found the woman who had the peony flower on her wrist!
Her mother’s death, Dean Luo’s death, Tu Xiang’s death, and even the several assassinations in the Guiyuan continent, were they all related to this woman?
Feng Tianlan’s blood was boiling. She wanted to make a move to capture this woman and question everything.
Feng Yunsheng raised her head to look at Su Xue, then said, “Her name is Su Xue, and she is Brother Feng’s personal maidservant. Since he wasn’t free, he asked Su Xue to send me here.”
Facing Feng Tianlan’s sizing up and even hostile gaze, Su Xue only frowned slightly, then bowed and greeted with slight respect, “Xue’er greets Miss Feng.”
Feng Tianlan!
This was the queen that she had found out about!
She had paid attention to this person for a long time. Although she did not know why the Zhusha Mole on the Queen’s forehead was the phoenix emblem, she was sure that this was the real queen.
She wanted to tell the king about this, but the king had already confirmed that Feng Yunsheng was the real queen. As such, she had no choice but to keep quiet and acquiesce to this matter.
However, she only respected the real queen. This was the king’s training for her.
Feng Tianlan looked at Su Xue, who was so beautiful that she looked gaudy, and then at her servant-like curtsy. She raised her eyebrows with interest and said, “Miss Xue’er is really beautiful.”
Coupled with the peony flower on her wrist, she looked even more charming.
“This servant only looks like a willow tree,” Su Xue lowered her head and answered.
Feng Yunsheng drank the porridge and said casually, “Xue’er is very beautiful. Several times, I felt jealous but I still believed in Brother Feng.”
Feng Tianlan looked at Su Xue again, thinking that if she wore red clothes, she would be even more beautiful and flirtatious, right?
However, thinking about the woman who tried to assassinate her in the united mercenary regiment, she could vaguely see the peony flower on her wrist and a red figure, which seemed to fit with Su Xue.
However, thinking about it carefully, Su Xue’s attitude towards her was very strange. She tried to kill her several times, yet she didn’t hide the peony flower? And her attitude was slightly respectful?
“Miss Xue’er, have we met before?” Feng Tianlan’s gaze was still on her wrist as if she wanted to see something from the peony flower.
Su Xue still lowered her head and replied, “It was probably because this servant is somewhat similar to Miss Feng, that’s why you had this misconception.”
A thousand years ago, she had interacted with the queen a lot. After all, she was the king’s consort, and jealousy between women was indispensable. Back then, she had a serious quarrel with the queen, so it was not strange that she felt that she had seen her before.
Hearing this reply, Feng Tianlan’s gaze shifted from the peony flower to her face. Looking at the contour of her face, her eyebrows, and her figure, she was actually quite similar to her.