The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 869 - Mobai, You’re So Nice

Chapter 869: Mobai, You’re So Nice
Feng Tianlan reached her arm out to him and smiled brightly as she said, “Mobai, you’re so nice.”
Si Mobai bent over to pick her up and sat down at the table. He scooped up some soup and blew on it to cool it down before feeding it to her. He said, “I still don’t get it, but I am trying to understand you.”
What he cared about the most was Lan’er. He could not stand by and watch Lan’er die in front of him. So, he did not understand, but he could empathize with why Lan’er fought hard to protect them. It was because they were too important to Lan’er.
Furthermore, he saw how Xiao Xiao was at the time. She completely disregarded her own safety and shielded Lan’er under her body. Such affection was also enough for him to understand.
Although Si Mobai could not help but laugh when he thought of what Xiao Xiao had said before she lost consciousness.
“Mobai, what are you laughing about?” Feng Tianlan looked up at Si Mobai, who was laughing merrily. How could he still laugh at this time?
Si Mobai fed her the soup and said with a smile, “Your group of friends is very adorable.”
Feng Tianlan stared at him in disbelief. She hadn’t heard him wrong, had she? She actually saw Mobai laugh about her friends in such a manner and say they were adorable. And he was not wildly jealous of them?
“I don’t know about the others, but I saw that Xiao Xiao had shielded you with her body and that she still wanted to explain that she had not taken advantage of you before she lost consciousness. She is a very lovely friend,” Si Mobai said as he noticed Feng Tianlan’s incredulous look. He smiled and kissed the side of her face. He said, “I’m incredibly happy that Lan’er has such a friend. I’m also very reassured.”
Before, he was only concerned with being jealous and just thought of how Lan’er was being taken away from him.
But now when he thought about it, he realized that Lan’er had such loyal friends. If he was not around in the future, she would still have something. She still had these lovely friends, accompanying her as she went on and staying with her through the difficult times.
Why would he stop Lan’er from being good friends with them when they treated Lan’er so well?
Moreover, it was mutual with anything and anyone. They treated Lan’er well, so Lan’er was good to them. These things were as they should be.
He could not stop Lan’er from risking her life to save them. In that case, he could only try his best to protect them so as not to let Lan’er take that risk.
Feng Tianlan looked at him for a long time in a daze. She had originally been sitting on his lap. She immediately turned around and straddled him. She hugged him around his neck and planted a big kiss on his lips. She said, “Mobai, I love you to death.”
Si Mobai took a look at their current posture as well as Feng Tianlan’s soft spots pressing against his chest. Everything going on, coupled with her kiss and her words, made his lower body tense up and rapidly fill with vitality. It pressed against the soft place across the fabric of his clothes.
“Lan’er, are you going to give yourself to me now?” Si Mobai asked gruffly. His beautiful eyes were filled with love. Did she know that such a posture would be too tempting for a man? It simply made him turn into a beast.
“Huh?” Feng Tianlan did not understand but felt something poking against her. And their current position was too suggestive. She could not help but blush and immediately let go. She got down from his body and sat off to the side. She said, “I still want to eat.”
“Lan’er, do you want to eat me up?” Si Mobai came closer to her and gently blew air next to Feng Tianlan’s ear.
As she lightly pushed him away, Feng Tianlan gently scolded him, saying, “Mobai, quit messing around.”
She did mean to do that on purpose just then. She was simply happy at that moment and unknowingly sat in that way.
“Clearly, it was Lan’er who was messing with me,” Si Mobai said with an indulgent smile.