The Unrivaled Tang Sect

The Unrivaled Tang Sect

The Unrivaled Tang Sect
Chapter 13.3: Mysterious Water Pill

Book 2: Academy of Monsters
Chapter 13.3: Mysterious Water Pill
“It’s the Mysterious Water Pill... it’s actually the Mysterious Water Pill that’s worth ten thousand gold. Why would senior Bei Bei casually give him such a precious pill?! Don’t tell me that he gave Huo Yuhao the wrong pill?” Wang Dong spoke to himself with a shocked tone.
After a brief moment of shock, Wang Dong planned to return to his bed and sleep. However, he suddenly thought of something, and somewhat helplessly walked towards Huo Yuhao’s bed. He then waved his fist around and humphed. “Thanks to you, I can’t sleep even when I have a bed. Hmph, just wait.” As he spoke, he rolled up his bedding and put it away in his storage-type soul tool. Afterwards, he quietly left the dorm room. No one knew where he went.
Not long after Wang Dong left, the smell emitted by the mist surrounding Huo Yuhao’s body gradually turned from a sweet smell to a fishy smell, and its colour also darkened even more. Following that, Huo Yuhao’s breathing became increasingly calm.
This time around, Huo Yuhao’s sleep was truly relaxing and peaceful. The thing that finally woke him up was because of how sticky he felt. Once his consciousness had returned, he couldn’t help but sneeze loudly.
“Holy shit, this smell! What's this smell coming from!?” Huo Yuhao rolled over and sat up. He subconsciously thought that this was Wang Dong doing something crazy to him.
However, when he opened his eyes to look at the bed opposite him, he discovered that it was barren. Wang Dong wasn’t in the room.
It was still dark outside when he woke up, but Huo Yuhao quickly discovered that something seemed to be off. He could see every single bit of detail within the room—almost as if his eyes weren’t affected by the darkness at all.
In the past, although he could’ve achieved this level of vision, it would’ve required the him to both circulate his soulforce and release his Spirit Eyes. But now, he didn’t even need to use his martial soul to reach the same level of vision!
When he looked downwards, he discovered that his uniform had actually turned pitch-black; the stinky smell that he’d complained about was coming from his uniform. Moreover, a layer of pitch-black filth had also appeared on his skin where the uniform didn’t cover it. He felt as if he’d been dropped into a pile of sludge before being thrown back onto his bed.
“I’m pretty sure that Wang Dong doesn’t hate me this much…” Huo Yuhao was left somewhat speechless as he looked himself over. When he stood up, he noticed that his wooden bed was covered with a dense layer of black filth.
Just what was this?
The smell that was present on both his body and the bed were truly too unpleasant, so he didn’t bother to carefully ponder what exactly had happened. He jumped off his bed and rushed to open the dorm room’s windows. Immediately afterwards he ran out of his dorm room, and went directly towards the bathroom located at the end of the corridor.
The filth that was covering his body felt greasy. The time that it took for him to clean his bed and wash his clothes, combined with cleaning himself, all-in-all, took about an hour of his time.
When he finally sat back down on his bed, Huo Yuhao had a perplexed expression. Whatever, I won’t overthink it. I’ll find out what happened when I ask Wang Dong tomorrow. I’ve slept for most of the night already, which wasted a lot of time I could’ve spent doing other things. I need to hurry up and cultivate.
After thinking this to himself, Huo Yuhao sat down in a cross-legged position and began circulating his soulforce throughout his body, following the circulation paths of the Mysterious Heaven Technique as he cultivated.
Huo Yuhao had only spent three seconds meditating when he suddenly opened his eyes wide in shock. His Spirit Eyes were wide open, but were filled with an inconceivable look.
“Am... am I dreaming?” Huo Yuhao was somewhat in a daze. After he recovered, he hurriedly shut his eyes once again.
When another three seconds had passed, he opened his eyes again, only this time his face was full of excitement.
Yes, something that Huo Yuhao didn’t dare to believe had happened. When he’d entered into a meditative state to circulate his soulforce, he felt as if his body was in an unprecedented state. If he was to compare his previous circulation of soulforce to the crawling speed of a snail, then his current speed of circulation was at least as fast as the climbing speed of a spider. His soulforce circulation speed was three to five times faster and, in addition to that, his soulforce had been strengthened by a large amount. When he circulated it now, it felt much less obstructed.
As he continued to circulate his soulforce, he felt an unprecedented sense of power spread throughout his body—as if all his meridians had been opened. This sort of feeling was simply too wondrous. He also felt the itchy feeling that normally signified growth in all of his limbs and bones.
Huo Yuhao somewhat impatiently shut his eyes and roused his soulforce so that he could circulate it around his passageways. The facts had proven that he wasn’t dreaming; everything was real. Originally, when he was following the circulation paths of the Mysterious Heaven Technique to cultivate, he’d need at least an hour to complete a full revolution. Now however, he didn’t even need to use a quarter of that time to finish a full circulation. Furthermore, the rate at which his soulforce grew was several times greater than before. It was no longer the sort of increase that could be counted with traces; it had evolved into something that could be counted in wisps.
At the same time, as he was cultivating, Huo Yuhao discovered that all of his passageways had become unprecedentedly unobstructed. The areas that had been previously been obstructed, along with the areas which had been extremely thin and fragile, had all been widened and thickened by a large amount. Furthermore, his passageways had a faint kind of elasticity to them; even if they were hit with several soulforce attacks, they still wouldn’t be in any danger.
Could it be that I’ve shed my mortal body and bones in a single night?
He wasn’t even willing to think about what had caused it. He’d never felt such an increase in power in his entire life. It wasn’t easy for him to grasp this sort of feeling, so he wasn’t willing to give it up no matter what. He unceasingly circulated his soulforce throughout his body. As he did so, the circulation speed of the Mysterious Heaven Technique seemed to faintly increase. Furthermore, as the Mysterious Heaven Technique nourished the passageways in his body, that warm and comfortable feeling started to appear again.
Huo Yuhao didn’t even know how many times he ended up circulating his soulforce, but it was at least until the sky outside gradually brightened. Only when the distant horizon exposed daylight did he wake up from his meditative state.
Even after sitting in a cross-legged position for half the night, his legs didn’t feel numb or stiff at all. He moved slightly until he was by the window. As he gazed towards the purple qi that gradually appeared in the east, his soulforce easily went towards his Spirit Eyes in a very natural manner as he started cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes.
The change that had occurred in his body, as well as the strengthening of his soulforce, made everything seem different for Huo Yuhao. When Huo Yuhao used his Spirit Eyes to look attentively towards the layer of purple qi that had risen from the east to start cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes, he clearly felt as if something in his brain had been cut apart. His Spirit Eyes faintly generated an invisible attractive force that absorbed the purple qi in the same manner a whale would drink water.
The outside of his eyes became warm, while their interior remained cool. Huo Yuhao only felt his spiritual energy spread out in all four directions, quickly exceeding his original limit, reaching a total diameter of forty metres before stopping. The layer of purple within his eyes had also deepened, and even his skin had a bright and smooth luster to it. His three energies—essence, qi, and spiritual energy—were completely different from yesterday.
As he let out a long sigh to exhale a mouthful of impurities from his body, Huo Yuhao completed his cultivation of the Purple Demon Eyes. Everything around him became increasingly clear. With a thought, Huo Yuhao withdrew his soulforce, and his Spirit Eyes also returned back to their normal state. Only, his pair of deep blue eyes had become even brighter.