The Unrivaled Tang Sect

The Unrivaled Tang Sect

The Unrivaled Tang Sect
Volume 39, Chapter 547.3: Repeated Blows

Xu Tianran squinted and said, “Do you mean…”
The Chief Minister nodded. “Your Majesty, we must be decisive. No matter how strong these thieves are, they won’t be able to challenge our Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. They have been active in the southern coastal cities this time, so they are likely to still be there. We can send more aerial surveillance soul tools to watch that area, and also silently send out the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. At the same time, we can send a few members of the Worship Hall to follow them. Once we discover their exact location, we’ll destroy them as quickly as possible. We can then regain everything we’ve lost and stabilize the south.”
After pausing for a moment, he added, “The Empress is making a lot of progress at the front lines right now. We must stabilize things at the back and give her the appropriate support.”
Xu Tianran hesitated for a moment, then said, “Alright, we’ll follow you then.”
He Caitou looked at all the soul tools that were piled up like a mountain, and couldn’t stop grinning. Although only some of them were still usable, the rare metals that could be obtained from these soul tools were already considered very valuable.
“Yuhao, I’m a little regretful. Before we set out, we should have brought our manufacturing line from the Soul Tool Hall with us. When everyone is bored and has nothing to do, they can manufacture soul tools in the demiplane. In this way, wouldn’t it be more effective?”
Xu Sanshi chuckled at one side. “Caitou, this isn’t a bad idea. It’s a constructive suggestion. The past few days have been good. I wonder what Xu Tianran is feeling right now. We’ve caused so many problems in the south. Yuhao, where are we going next?”
After attacking twelve cities, the three soul engineer legions of Shrek were unhurt. This greatly boosted their confidence. The Sun Moon Empire’s defenses were simply too weak. No one from the three soul engineer legions had even been hurt so far, and they hadn’t suffered any significant losses. The damage they had caused to the Sun Moon Empire couldn’t be measured by money alone either.
The last few cities among the twelve that were taken down even had all their city walls destroyed before the three soul engineer legions retreated. The soul tools used by the soul engineer legions were powered by the soul power of the soul engineers. They quickly recovered their soul power after they returned to the demiplane.
Huo Yuhao said, “We’ve attacked for five days straight. Radiant City should have received news. Along with our earlier attack on the north, I believe the Sun Moon Empire must be devising a plan to deal with us. However, we’ve not shaken their foundation yet. If we want to them to pull their front line troops back, we need Xu Tianran to be fearful. That’s why we need to continue with our mission.”
Bei Bei smiled at Huo Yuhao and asked, “What’s the plan?”
Huo Yuhao replied, “The only way to make Xu Tianran fearful enough to recall his troops at all costs is by attacking Radiant City.”
After hearing his words, all the members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were astonished. They all opened their mouths wide in shock.
Although their previous victories had left them extremely confident, they weren’t so confident that they believed they could take down Radiant City.
What kind of place was Radiant City? It was the capital of the Sun Moon Empire. It was also the biggest city in the world. They had all been to Radiant City before. Tall buildings were everywhere, and many powerful soul tools were hidden there too. Huo Yuhao even claimed that there was a terrifying soul tool that could gather soul power before unleashing it when he went there last time. It definitely wasn’t inferior to the Death God. Given this, wasn’t attacking Radiant City suicide?
After all, Radiant City had the Sun Moon Empire’s trump card, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. At the same time, many powerful individuals were guarding the city.
After sensing everyone’s astonishment and doubts, Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “Don’t panic. I’m not talking about a literal attack. As long as we make Xu Tianran fear for his life, it’s enough.”
“Xu Tianran is an anti-hero. The Sun Moon Empire’s research into soul tools is definitely well beyond the other three empires of the original Douluo Continent. However, Xu Tianran can’t do anything without them. We attacked the north before the south, but did not encounter any effective resistance. This means that the Sun Moon Empire is actually very hollow at the back. Furthermore, as soul engineer legions become more and more important in wars, the Sun Moon Empire is becoming more and more disinterested in recruiting ordinary soldiers. Even with many soldiers, they wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to us.”
“And we’ve also continuously caused a lot of damage and losses to the Sun Moon Empire. They can’t just sit back and do nothing. Even if things are going smoothly at the front lines, how can Xu Tianran govern his empire if things are bad at the back? As a result, they’ll definitely target us. To doom our soul engineer legions, the Sun Moon Empire can only resort to sending their strongest fighting force, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion.”
“While the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion holds an important position in the Sun Moon Empire and cannot be deployed easily, they can still be moved at critical moments. Although I don’t know how many soul engineer legions there are in the empire, I’m afraid only this elite soul engineer legion can truly defeat us. This is why we must wait for an opportunity, and wait for the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion to come out. When that happens, Radiant City will be empty! Even if there are soul formations there, Wutong and I can still sneak in and perform an ambush. We don’t need to really attack Radiant City. As long as we leave some marks in Xu Tianran’s palace, I believe he won’t be in a good mood.”
After hearing Huo Yuhao’s analysis, everyone looked at each other, and there were rich emotions on their faces.
Xu Sanshi asked, “Yuhao, did you think of this a long time ago?”
Huo Yuhao chuckled and replied, “Not really. I only made several discoveries during this period of time, which led to the development of such an idea.”
Bei Bei asked “Yuhao, if that’s the case, I suggest we expose ourselves more. How can we bait them without leaving traces of ourselves?”
Huo Yuhao said, “That’s what I think too.”
Bei Bei smiled and said, “Since that’s the case, let’s continue to run riot in the south. The southern coastal cities are the furthest from Radiant City. Next, our mission will be completed by the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion.”
Huo Yuhao also looked at him and smiled. The others also wore devious smiles.
Huo Yuhao’s plan was to attack the enemy at a spot that needed to be preserved. If the Sun Moon Empire sent any other soul engineer legion, they would only suffer defeat. Once the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion arrived, their opportunity would have arrived as well.
Heavenly Sea City!
It was an important port in the south of the Sun Moon Empire. There was a plot of land in the southeast of the Sun Moon Empire that extended all the way into the sea. It was a natural harbor. Heavenly Sea City was built on this plot of land. It was also an important training and mustering ground. The biggest shipyard in the Sun Moon Empire was also at Heavenly Sea City.
Ever since the war began, the navy that was stationed at Heavenly Sea City was sent out to seal the surrounding regions around the Star Luo Empire. However, Heavenly Sea City remained the most defensively sound city in the south of the Sun Moon Empire.
Ten thousand soldiers and a large-scale soul formation were also deployed here. There were also seven medium-sized warships here too.
Such a deployment wasn’t because of the Star Luo Empire. Rather, it was used to defend against aquatic soul beasts like Oak City and Eastern Sun City.
There were many aquatic soul beasts, but very few of them were truly strong. The truly strong ones were mostly in the deeper waters. They rarely came to the shallower parts. However, even so, it didn’t hurt to be wary. This was because there were simply too many aquatic soul beasts. Once a beast wave started, it would likely lead to heavy losses to the port.
Things were also more jittery in Heavenly Sea City over the past few days. There were two hundred soul engineers stationed here. They were responsible for protecting and using the soul formations.
The soul formations in Heavenly Sea City were not in the city, but outside, less than three kilometers from the harborfront.
While Heavenly Sea City was built on a plot of land that extended into the sea, it was elevated. Even when storms and typhoons raged, the waves that formed didn’t really affect the city. There was a cliff close to five hundred meters high close to the sea.
The soul formations in Heavenly Sea City were all activated during this period of time. Their linked defenses remained active, while the aerial surveillance soul tools in the sky were constantly drifting around. They were used to guard against any enemies that might suddenly appear.
It was no wonder they were so worried. In just a short five days, twelve cities had been overrun and completely looted. Although Heavenly Sea City was still fine, everyone became very anxious when news of their mysterious enemies spread. These mysterious enemies had even formed a soul engineer legion. The city gates were sealed, and businessmen, as well as citizens, were checked more stringently as they passed.
The mayor of the city even requested that the soul formations to be moved into the city. However, he was denied.
Was it so easy to move large-scale formations? Some of the larger soul formations were extremely heavy. Furthermore, what if their enemies took the opportunity to strike when they were moving?