The Unrivaled Tang Sect

The Unrivaled Tang Sect

The Unrivaled Tang Sect
Volume 42, Chapter 584.3: Tang San, Xiao Wu, and Rong Nianbing

In a dense outgrowth five kilometers from where Huo Yuhao was.
Zhongli Wu released a loud grunt as he spat blood out from his mouth. His face had become paler than before. This time, he had really sustained serious injuries.
Even though his beast spirit had fused with him, it was not a complete fusion. Only a part of its spirit had fused with Zhongli Wu's body. Zhongli Wu had actually left his martial soul true body on Huo Yuhao. In fact, he had left his martial soul—the Death God Demonpuppet—with Huo Yuhao.
Zhongli Wu had felt that it was the best time to strike when Huo Yuhao had been weakened, and had lowered his guard. His Death God Demonpuppet was definitely more than met the eye. Even though it had been forced out of Huo Yuhao's body, it was still able to attach itself to him with the help of dead spirits.
To put it simply after Huo Yuhao had killed a person, his body would be enshrouded by some death aura. However, this death aura would only be there for a short while. It would usually disappear after a while.
However, Zhongli Wu's Death God Demonpuppet was able to attach itself to this death aura. Because of how the death aura was shapeless and formless, Huo Yuhao would never be able to detect it no matter how strong his spiritual power was. On the other hand, Zhongli Wu would be able to surprise his enemy with an attack from his Death God Demonpuppet.
If Huo Yuhao was at his best condition, the surprise attack would have failed. He would simply break free from the immobilisation with his soul power. In fact, he could even retaliate with ease.
However, the Death God Demonpuppet was exceptionally skilled at timing its surprise attack! After fighting so many battles, Huo Yuhao was already fairly drained. In fact, the insane blow he had released with his Ghostcarving Blade had almost consumed all of his spiritual power and soul power. If not, how would he be able to kill a Class 9 soul engineer so easily, and shock everyone who was watching the battle?
Right now, Huo Yuhao had simply become too weak. He was so weak that Zhongli Wu saw a golden opportunity to attack him. This was, in fact, a great opportunity, as Zhongli Wu succeeded in getting his Death God Demonpuppet to launch a surprise attack on Huo Yuhao.
However, he had failed to consider how Huo Yuhao was no longer alone after the challenge was over. He had companions, friends, and most importantly, Tang Wutong.
Tang Wutong had willingly sustained a life-threatening injury to block the blow for Huo Yuhao. This bought him precious time. As he threw his fist at the black image, he developed a greater understanding of the power of emotions.
The Three Ultimate Haodong Skills lost their effects the moment Tang Wutong had returned to Huo Yuhao’s side.
However, Huo Yuhao could clearly sense how he was about to lose her. At that instant, his previous feelings of sadness, pain, and longingness for Dong’er suddenly surged in his heart. The seed of emotion which was planted in him had finally sprouted. The fist he had thrown out had contained the essence of the Three Ultimate Haodong Skills. On top of that, the power of emotions had drawn power from Huo Yuhao’s emotions, spiritual power, and soul power as well as Huo Yuhao’s grief. All of these powers were concentrated in that single punch. Hence, it was able to smash the Death God Demonpuppet into pieces.
After his martial soul has been destroyed, Zhongli Wu instantly felt the pain and damage dealt to his body. This kind of injury was definitely inevitable. Zhongli Wu felt his soul power drop by two ranks instantly. On top of that, it would probably take a long time for him to actually recuperate from this injury.
After punching the black image, Huo Yuhao was near his limits. Nonetheless, he did not let go of Tang Wutong.
Now that the Death God Demonpuppet was dead, the short dagger which was formed from the power of the Death God had also disintegrated. However, the intense death aura was still ravaging Tang Wutong’s body from within.
The purple-gold glow on her body was starting to become faint as her face became incredibly pale.
Huo Yuhao stared at her as he gritted his teeth. His entire body was now trembling intensely.
“Wutong, Wutong…”
A faint golden light was suddenly emitted from Tang Wutong’s forehead. Following which, it projected Huo Yuhao’s dreaded golden trident. It was as though Tang Wutong had gained another eye on her forehead.
Following which, the image of the golden-haired man reappeared behind Huo Yuhao.
“Rong Nianbing, what are you trying to do?” A cold voice rang in Huo Yuhao’s and Tang Wutong’s ears. This was a voice that only they could hear.
“I’m not doing anything. I am just trying to find a successor for myself. I think Yuhao is very suitable. He is a person who is honest with himself and the people around him. Most importantly, he is a good young man. In fact, he has already started to develop an understanding of my power of emotions. If he were to continue like this, it won’t be long before he truly becomes qualified to take my place.”
“Rong Nianbing! Don’t tell me you don’t know that I’ve already chosen him!” The cold voice rang again.
“I really didn’t know! Even though I have monitored him and had seen how you have interacted with him, I have only seen you torture him. You have never given him any guidance or advice. On the other hand, I had even passed my godly seed to him already. I guess I can only say I’m sorry! You were simply too slow, Brother Tang.”
“You-!” The person with the cold voice seemed to have become angered by Rong Nianbing’s words.
At this instant, Huo Yuhao could no longer hold it any longer. He was overwhelmed by the dizzy sensation as his mind turned completely blank. However, he did not loosen his grip on Tang Wutong as he fainted with her in his embrace.
In the God Realm.
White clouds enshrouded the tall mountains that encircled the God Realm. It seemed as though some sort of spiritual aura was enveloping the entire area as a mysterious fragrance drifted in the air.
There were two people standing on top of the mountain. In fact, there was no one else other than the two of them.
One of them was a man dressed in a long blue robe. He had long blue hair that was so long it touched the ground. He was wielding a golden trident, which was radiating a brilliant golden light.
There was another man standing opposite him. However, that man was wearing a white chef’s outfit. The only thing missing from his outfit was his hat. He stood there in a relaxed manner with his arms crossed across his chest.
“Rong Nianbing, don’t even think of leaving if you don’t give me a reasonable explanation today!” The blue-haired man growled loudly.
Rong Nianbing flashed a smile and said, “Tang San, can you stop growling like this? It’s really not easy to find someone with good potential like Huo Yuhao. Now that I have found him, I can’t just let him go like this, right? Also, I must have misunderstood your intentions. I thought you hated that lad after seeing you stop him from being intimate with your daughter. I can’t help but pity him after seeing what you have done to him. You must have been displeased with his background to have done what you did to him. On the other hand, look at what I have done. Now that I have given my Godly Seat to him, he is now worthy of your daughter. At the end of the day, I am also a Tier One God. Even though I pale slightly in comparison to you—an actual Enforcer—I believe my Godly Seat is still worth something.”
“You!” Tang San stared intensely at Rong Nianbing. “Rong Nianbing, do you dare to say that you didn’t know what I had in mind! Let’s not lie to one another and make things difficult. I will let it go if you take your Godly Seat back right now. If not, forgive me for being impolite.”
Rong Nianbing brought his arms to the back of his head before saying, “Alright, that’s enough. Stop acting. Do you really think I don’t know what kind of temper you have? You are a good person, and would definitely obey the laws of the God Realm. There’s no way you can do anything to me since I haven’t broken any of the laws. Why don’t you just find another successor for yourself?”
“That’s easy for you to say,” Tang San said coldly, “tell me where am I going to find someone else? Do you really think anyone can inherit my Godly Seat? For all these years, all of you have been getting lazier. All of you have been putting more pressure on me. If not for the recent instability within the God Realm that required me to reduce my time spent monitoring Huo Yuhao, you would never have had a chance to steal him from me.”
Rong Nianbing replied, “It’s impossible for me to take back my Godly Seat. This kid has already started to understand and comprehend my power of emotions. If I were to take it away from him now, it would only cause irreversible harm to him. His development would definitely be adversely affected. When that happens, even you would not be able to get him to inherit your Godly Seat.”
“But then I admit I am somewhat at fault here. How about this? Before Huo Yuhao truly becomes worthy enough to be a God, I will help share some of your responsibilities in the God Realm. I will only leave to travel after Huo Yuhao is able to shoulder my responsibilities. How does that sound?”
Tang San let out a sigh as a bitter smile formed on his face. “Do you not know that I am actually going after freedom?”
Rong Nianbing replied, “And am I not going after the same thing? At the end of the day, the God Realm has only become so unstable after Kindness and Evil fled. If not for those two shameless Godkings who have fled, you would not have had such a tough time in the God Realm.”
Tang San’s face started to contort with rage after hearing Rong Nianbing mentioned Kindness and Evil.
“Rong Nianbing, I will not let our matter rest just like this. It’s true that I can’t do anything to you. However, I want you to remember this. Now that you have decided to snatch Huo Yuhao from me, I will stop treating him as my successor. You should know that Wutong is my daughter. I will make sure that he won’t be able to be together with my daughter so easily.” Tang San vowed viciously.
Rong Nianbing was startled by what he had just heard. “You can’t be serious. Tang San, are you going to go harder on him? I am warning you not to go overboard with this.”
Tang San let out a cold grunt and said, “That will depend on your performance. We can talk more about it after you have fulfilled your promise. Have you not seen how my daughter has gotten hurt for that little rascal? I was still able to do something for her legally by the laws that governed the God Realm because she is my blood kin. However, you would not be able to do anything unless he somehow evokes you again.”
Rong Nianbing started to frown as he pleaded, “Yuhao has led a very tough life. Tang San, can you just spare him for me?”
Tang San waved his sleeve furiously as he drifted into the sky and disappeared amongst the clouds.
Rong Nianbing’s face revealed a frustrated look as he shook his head. He muttered to himself, “Yuhao, Yuhao. It’s not that I don’t want to help you. I am simply out of ideas! You only have yourself to blame for falling in love with his daughter. However, I must admit that it feels great to steal something from Tang San under his nose. Hahahaha!”
“Tang San, are we really going to just let him go like this? What Rong Nianbing did is simply unacceptable!”
“Xiao Wu, do you really think I would have lost to him? If I hadn’t released the seal I had placed on Huo Yuhao’s aura, do you think Rong Nianbing would have been able to sense his existence?”
“What? So you did it on purpose? Why? Weren’t you bent on letting Huo Yuhao inherit your Godly Seat?”
“It’s best for him to inherit a Godly Seat which is the most suitable for him. Rong Nianbing’s Godly Seat is definitely more suitable for him. This also means that I probably won’t be able to give away my Godly Seat anytime soon. Right now, the God Realm is not only unstable, but also seems to be bound for a huge change in the near future. I have scried from the skies that something big is about to happen—even though I have no idea what exactly it will be. Now that the two Godkings are no longer around, I must hold onto my Godly Seat to solve this problem. I am afraid we might have to postpone our traveling plans. I am so sorry.”
“Don’t say that. As long as we’re together, I am already very happy.”