The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Chapter 736 - A Million Times for You (98)

Chapter 736: A Million Times for You (98)
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Since her legs were restrained, she had no choice but to let him carry her while she draped her arms around his neck.
At this very moment, she could not deny that she indeed respected Jin Qingyan even more.
She was incredibly touched as well by his actions, which set a warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart.
She admitted that the only person she could rely on was him.
When he noticed that she was as meek as a lamb and no longer as resistant toward him, a smile formed on his face and he held her closely in his embrace while sprinting away.
An Xiaoning closed her eyes and leaned her head against his chest. She could clearly hear the sound of his heart beating rapidly.
After passing through the layers of ash and dust, An Xiaoning opened her eyes a long while later to see that they were no longer on Pei Yi’s territory and were now in a jungle.
It suddenly hit her that Jin Qingyan had rescued her from the dungeon.
After catching his breath, Jin Qingyan picked her up again and tread along the path, not allowing her the time to look around her surroundings at all.
He continued to walk uphill.
An Xiaoning thought to herself that there must be someone waiting for them at the top.
She was not so foolish as to request for him to put her down either, knowing clearly that she would only be wasting more time since her legs were chained together and she could thus not walk with ease.
“Are you tired?” she asked.
Beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead as he answered, “I won’t find it tiring when I see you in my arms. You haven’t looked at me like this in a long time. Xiaoning, you’re really beautiful.”
She rolled her eyes and chided, “You’re still flirting with me at this juncture.”
“I mean it.”
“I don’t believe you.”
She knew clearly that her face was covered in soot and she appeared extremely disheveled at the moment. How could that be beautiful?
“No matter what you look like, you’ll always be beautiful to me.”
An Xiaoning looked up and made eye contact with him. They kept quiet and held each other’s gazes in silence.
After walking for more than twenty minutes, they finally arrived at a bare land.
There happened to be a helicopter waiting for them there.
There were a few people inside the helicopter.
Jin Qingyan was beyond exhausted the moment he put An Xiaoning down.
He took deep breaths of air while the pilot immediately took off.
An Xiaoning grabbed a bottle of mineral water from the table and opened it.
Jin Qingyan’s arms were so sore that he could not even lift it. Thus, An Xiaoning held the bottle and fed him some water.
He gulped half the bottle of water down in one go.
She capped the bottle of water again and placed it back onto the table.
The helicopter soared above rapidly and began hovering in mid-air.
An Xiaoning peeked out of the window with a pair of binoculars, only to see that Pei Yi’s territory had gone up in flames, with thick fumes spreading from the site. However, only a small area around the dungeon was affected.
Jin Qingyan had taken a huge risk by doing this. Several nations across the globe dared not provoke such an intimidating terrorist organization like DK. Besides, Pei Yi’s territory was merely a small part of the organization, which meant that the headquarters must be harder to deal with.
Hence, it would be more than difficult to eliminate the organization entirely.
No country could manage to do it for the past few decades, let alone Jin Qingyan.
After all, he only did it to rescue An Xiaoning.
He was not afraid either.
Once he returned to his turf, A City, the DK Organization wouldn’t dare to send their subordinates to deal with Jin Qingyan. A few hitmen would be no match for Jin Qingyan’s security team.
Every nation would strictly prohibit members of terrorist organizations from entering the country, although there were occasional slip-ups.
The terrorist organizations have already begun nurturing and training locals in every nation to work for them. Thus, it was extremely difficult to arrest every single member.
The organization was highly obscure and secretive.
An Xiaoning put the binoculars away while he turned to lie on his side and embraced her. “I can finally sleep in peace,” he said in a deep and hoarse voice.
An Xiaoning did not struggle and allowed him to continue holding her in his arms. She leaned back against the chair, filled with joy and relief.
Her return had caused a major uproar in S Nation.
How would those people who wished that I was dead feel upon knowing that I have returned?
Would Pei Yi hit the roof and resort to every means to nab and then kill me when he finds out that I had escaped?
He may be powerful and capable, but I doubt he’d waste his time and manpower on me, no matter how angry he may be.
After all, I’m only a small fry to him.
Just like she had predicted, Pei Yi was boiling with exasperation the moment he heard that she had been rescued and that his dungeon had been bombed.
He was infuriated with himself for ignoring An Xiaoning’s premonition.
After checking the surveillance camera footage, he discovered that his mother had come by and taken An Xiaoning away forcefully.
Even if she was not rescued, she would have been dead by the time he came home.
Indeed, everyone in his territory had to obey his orders, all except his mother.
His mother had been his only kin whom he relied on ever since he was a child. He would obey all her instructions and never dare to rebel against her wishes, apart from marrying Tian Tian. Perhaps Mother did that because she thought I didn’t want to marry Tian Tian, all because of An Xiaoning?
How could that be?
Pei Yi headed home immediately even before he reached the gathering.
Exasperated beyond limits, Pei Yi headed to the backyard where all his subordinates were kneeling on the ground.
Qin Guo was taking the lead.
It never occurred to her that An Xiaoning would be rescued and that the dungeon would be bombed.
Staring at Pei Yi, she grew breathless and dared not move an inch at all, clearly frightened out of her wits.
“You locked An Xiaoning up in the dungeon and attempted to kill her without my permission. Even if you were just following my mother’s orders, why didn’t you tell me about it? Hmm?” he questioned coldly, glowering at Qin Guo.
“Madam didn’t allow me to. Madam forbade me from informing you. Ancestor, she’s your mother. I didn’t dare to disobey her,” said Qin Guo, who had already thought of an excuse long ago.
Having expected her to shift the blame to his mother, Pei Yi squatted down onto the ground and grabbed her hair forcefully. Feeling as if her scalp was about to be ripped off, Qin Guo pleaded, “Ancestor, I was speaking nothing but the truth. I wouldn’t dare to hide anything at all.”
He let go of her and stood up again. He then instructed his subordinates, “Give each of them fifty strokes of the whip. From now onward, anyone who tries to act without my permission will be executed immediately.”
What he meant was, they could ignore his mother’s instructions as well.
Qin Guo froze in shock as her body turned to jelly. Fifty strokes of the whip were enough to kill her.
“Ancestor…” While Qin Guo yelled, Pei Yi ignored her and walked away.
She wanted to call out to him once more but did not have the energy to do so.
Pei Yi headed to the eighth floor.
He was in a terrible mood the moment he exited the elevator.
He opened the door of his bedroom to see that it was dead silent.
The room was empty, with no woman in sight. She was no longer sitting on the couch or by the desk to wait for him.
There were two large plastic bottles on the table that were filled with paper cranes.
They were the ones she had folded to kill time.
He casually unfolded one of the paper cranes to see a neatly-written line, which read: “Hope you will give birth to a child soon.”