To Deprive a Deprived Person
Chapter 240 – Exactly the same

TDADP chapter 240: Exactly the same
Tencassi, the royal capital of Udon Kingdom. The height of the walls surrounding the royal city to protect the people from the threat of monsters exceeds 20 meters. It is about five times as much as Comer City´s Wall by simple calculation. The huge wall can be seen even from a distance. You can see how the defense power of the royal capital is extraordinary even with just one wall. However, the most amazing sight for those who visit the royal capital for the first time――
「Uwa~. Even from such a remote place, you can clearly see the barrier that covers the royal capital」
One of the four great gates of the royal capital. A little far from the royal road that extends from the south gate, Nina puts her hand on her forehead and admire the barrier that is being developed by an order of magnitude.
「It's an incredibly powerful barrier. How many magic tools were installed to maintain such a barrier that covers a vast royal city?」
Marifa with a magic eye has a much higher visibility to magic than a normal person. Therefore, she couldn't hide her surprise at the ridiculous magical power she felt from the barrier that stretched over the royal capital.
「......It's not a magic tool」
Lena, who was also admiring the barrier next to Marifa, denied Marifa's guess.
「Then there are a lot of 『Barrier Users』――no, but in this case, even one thousand or two thousand 『Barrier Masters』, wouldn't be enough」
「......That's not the case either. The 『Great Sage』 alone developed and maintains the barrier of the royal capital」
Marifa's eyes open slightly to Lena's words.
「Alone? You can't be fooled by anything」
「......It's true. Believe in your sister」
「I can't believe it anymore」
Marifa was disagreeing, but she noticed that Lena's appearance was strange. When it comes to this kind of magic story, Lena, who always says she's great, is staring at the barrier with regret.
「Well......I think Lena is also a great magician」
「......Are you comforting that?」
When Lena leans her head and stares at herself, Marifa's face turns red even to her ears.
「Yuu~ what's wrong? You've been sighing for a while now. It's the great royal city~. We have to enjoy it! But why is it so far away? Look, it would have been easier if I could go inside with the king's side」
「Noisy. It's like the countryside」
Contrary to the excitement of Nina and others, Yuu sighed depressively many times.
「Hey, it's okay to go back now. I'll call you at the auction」
「Eh!? No! No, it's the royal capital, the royal capital! I'm sure there's food and clothes」
「......There must be some magic books that Comer don't have」
「I think it's a good idea to listen to Master, so Nina and Lena shall return」
「You too」 Yuu murmured inside.
「I'm sure there are a lot of furniture that Mari likes」
「I'm not shopping for anything else, I'm here to serve my Master」
Despite saying so, Marifa's ears were moving in small increments as one would expect.
「I just have a bad feeling. Also, don't disturb me」
Yuu is walking towards the royal capital without feeling sick.
「That's not true~. Right? Lena thinks so, too」
「......The royal capital is waiting for me」
「Don't say stupid things, I'll chase after Master」
Koro and Ran looked up at Marifa's face with a look like 「What's wrong?」.
「Wa, Wawaa. There are so many people~」
The southern gate is the gateway to the capital city of Tencassi. In front of the huge gate, there was a group of people who lined up to pass. Those who seek jobs and merchants from neighboring nations and towns and villages in the Udon Kingdom are visiting for purchasing and wholesale. Some of them are adventurers holding up their trained bodies and weapons as if threatening their surroundings.
「......I feel sick」
Lena, who is intoxicated by the crowd, hold her mouth down. Marifa takes out a water bottle from the item pouch and gives Lena a drink.
「That? Yuu, aren't you going to line up?」
Instead of lining up in the waiting line pointed by Nina, Yuu moves forward.
「Hey you, stop! Why don't you stand in line――this is rude. Let these people through」
And, as a matter of course, one of the guards stopped him, but when Yuu showed his golden adventurer card, the guard hurriedly corrected his words and guided them to the gate.
「Didn't you know? Adventurers above B Rank can receive preferential treatment unlike the general public when it comes to the traffic of the barriers. Ah, Nina is still C Rank?」
「Aaah! What do you mean by that? Even I. I should be B Rank soon」
「......I'm also close」
「If Lena can become one, then I will soon be B Rank」
Yuu goes ahead, letting Nina and others talking in vain. The huge gate was not only tall, but also thick. The guards glance at Yuu as he passes through the gate, which runs for tens of meters. However, the guards did not move when they saw Marifa's servants, Coro and Ran. It is probably because many adventurers are dealing with various races on a daily basis. Some of them are adventurers who have servants like Marifa.
「Over there. Isn't there something wrong?」
「......It splits in two」
People who pass through the south gate move as a human wave, but they are divided into two in the middle. As a result, an unnatural flow was formed, the speed of human waves slowed down, and there was traffic congestion beyond the south gate.
「Please wait here」
「Eh? Wait Yuu~. Where are you going?」
Yuu goes in the middle of the human wave. Then, the appearance of about ten men who are making the cause of the traffic jam comes into view.
「Well, that's what you said. Coming in front of us. Try say that again? You were so excited as if you want to embrace your wife!!」
「Guhahaa! That's fine. Let me hold your woman next time」
「Oh! What are you looking at! I wonder if you know who we are!」
One of the travelers who looked at the men who hang out in the traffic of many people is entangled with the men.
「Hii. I don't mean that. Please forgive me」
「Idiot. If you apologize, don't sell a fight from the beginning」
「I can't forgive you. I'll tell you what it would be like to defy us in the royal capital, so come on!」
「No, I don't like it. Eh......Mr. Guard! Please help me! These people――gyaa」
No guards responded to the male traveler's voice when he asked for help. No, the guards are actually aware of the turmoil, but they are turning a blind eye to it. And that attitude of asking for help may have bothered them. The male traveler is hit on the face. The men are laughing happily as they grab the hair of the male traveler who lies on the ground, squirting blood from his broken nose and is dragged around the ground. People leave the place quickly because they are afraid.
「Hey, it's probably too weak to have a fight with you!」
「Wahahaa! Hey, hit him again」
「Picking a fight with Lawrence´s people. Tell me thoroughly――oo!? Hey, look at that guy!!」
「What? Right now......that kid! Black hair!」
「Ah, no mistake! It's exactly as described」
「Pee! You´re in the way. Get lost quickly!」
The men kick up the traveler's hips and release me, saying that they no longer need him. Next the men walk towards Yuu.
「It's a good place to be here, hey kid over there, stop for a moment――gahuu!?」
Yuu kicks up the man's jaw when he calls out. Although the man's jaw was broken, he blew backwards.
「Y, Youuu!! Gyaaaaaa......」
Another man grabs Yuu's chest, but at the same time his knee breaks. Yuu kicked him too. Broken leg bones penetrate the skin and are exposed. People avoid Yuu and the men in the turmoil that cant be compared from before. The human wave created a gaping circular space.
「Wh......What is it! D, Do you know who we are...... fine? It will be a big deal」
「Come on. You picked a fight with me」
「Fight......? When did we pick a fight with you!」
「You've been staring at me」
「Fo, Foolish! There's probably something to say!!」
「Then what? You think I'm lying」
「Wait! That's why――shit!」
A man released his fist as he approaches Yuu, but the fist was easily caught by Yuu.
「Hii!? Wait, I'm wrong....... I......we only――guaaaaaaaaa!!! Ouuchh! Aaaaaaaa. My hand, my hand......!!」
A man with his fist crushed rolls over the ground with severe pain. The residents of the royal capital, who were looking away from such a strange appearance, screamed, 「Look, look!」 inside their minds and cheered Yuu on. The guards were in trouble. Until now, no one has ever picked a fight with Lawrence´s men. In rare cases, the other person quarreled without knowing Lawrence. Although there were some unfortunate ones later on, Yuu apparently knew that the other party were Lawrence´s men. Therefore the embarrassed guards look at their captain as to what to do. The captain himself was the first to do this and he couldn't even give a voice, let alone give instructions.
「Move! Hey, open the way!」
「It's not a show!」
A group coming from the direction of the royal capital, which is on the opposite side of the south gate, while walking through the people, stops in front of Yuu.
「Bu, Bugsy-san. Please help me! This kid is ridiculous!!」
It was a strange group. A woman who seems to be a prostitute is having male warriors on both sides and the ornaments she wears range from gold and silver with gems to items that seem like magic tools at a glance. Not one. She is wearing them on her whole body.
「This is an adventurer. What kind of noise does this guy make?」
A thin man comes out of the group with a smile. Makeup is applied on his face and the scent of perfume is overdriving.
「Hello, these guys picked a fight with me, that's why I told them a lesson」
「That's not――gahaaaa......」
Yuu's toe kick is hammered into the side of the man who tried to protest. A broken tooth floats in the air and the man slides on the ground for several tens of meters as he is blown away.
「This guy!」
Bugsy controls the man who tried to hit Yuu with his hands.
「It's rude. I'm Bugsy who runs an organization under Lawrence´s name」
「What, you´re this trash owner?」
The faces of the men behind Bugsy are dyed red.
「Hahaha. Isn't there much garbage?」
「The Finance Minister told me to come, so I came all the way from Comer City and when I came to the royal capital, I had such an unpleasant experience. I've heard that the country's finance minister is a great aristocrat who has more power than the royal family, but rumors are not reliable. Because the security of the royal capital is so bad. I think the Finance Minister is actually no big deal」
The facial expressions of the men, who had their faces reddish, became pale as the blood drew their attention.
「Adventurer, that's not the case. Finance Minister Balue is a big deal. He has more power than the royal family of small and medium-sized nations and he is one of the five major powers to go, even controlling the Udon Kingdom. He's the kind of person who told you to come」
「Then, what are these trashes there?」
「It's exactly as what you say. These guys smeared the face of Finance Minister Balue」
Then Bugsy smiles and turns to face the men who attacked Yuu.
「What did you guys do to this adventurer? Tell me」
「 it's different. We´re just looking at him!」
「Th, That's right! It's a false charge, we were just glaring at that kid!」
「Did you stare at him? There are others, aren't there? Hey, tell me honestly」
Are you afraid of Bugsy's smiling face? Excited men regain their composure.
「I was kicked out of nowhere as I wanted to grab his chest」
「But! He broke my leg!!」
「Yes, yes. It's just that」
When Bugsy nods with a smile and reaches back, one of the men behind her hands over a sword called Machete.
「Put your hands out」
「Okay...... Eh? Bu......Bugsy-san」
A man, whose foot is bent into a dogleg, is looking up at Bugsy while holding his aching foot.
「Did you not hear me? I told you to put your hands out」
「, for......forgive......please」
「Can you not hear me?」
「Hii......! Ah......Bugsy-san, I......I, I......was told......nooooo......」
The man who grabbed Yuu's chest stretches out his arms while crying.
「Can't you bother me?」
The next moment, the man's arm was slashed by Bugsy's swaying machete.
「Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! M, My arm, my arm!!」
Immediately, his friends tie the base of the man's arm that had been cut off with a string to stop the bleeding, but the ground is still red due to the large amount of blood that has flowed out.
「Adventurer, can you forgive me for this?」
With the person's arm cut off, Bugsy smiles at Yuu without hesitation. If you're an average person, at this point you might feel scared of Bugsy――
Yuu's words let a ridiculous voice come out from Bugsy's mouth.
「That's why I'm saying it's the opposite. It's not his right arm but his left arm that grabbed my chest」
Lawrence's intentions were to scare Yuu, but on the contrary, now they are scared.
「What's wrong? You don't want me to forgive you? Or do you want to be killed all together?」
Killing Intent gushes out from Yuu's whole body. Many guards and field horses who were observing from distant places swiftly watched what happened.
「Put out your left arm」
「Th, That! I don't like it! I don't like it! Hey, you guys, help me! It's strange!」
When the comrades pressed down the man who refused and forcibly extended his left arm, Bugsy cut off his left arm mercilessly.
The man who loses both arms due to shock loses his consciousness.
「Is this all right?」
Bugsy, who was bathed in blood, asked Yuu in return. Yuu didn't meet her eyes and he was magically burning the slashed arms.
「What are you doing?」
「I burned this guy's arms!!!」
Lawrence's men, who were agitated by Yuu's actions, try to push the female warriors aside and go out to the front, but Bugsy shakes the Machete sideways. When the blood on the blade hit the men's faces, the men who were angry stopped and looked at Bugsy's face. There was a figure of Bugsy who had the same thin smile as usual.
「Adventurer, can you explain?」
「Ah? It wouldn't make sense if the arms you had cut off could be reconnected with a potion or white magic later. Therefore I got rid of them」
「I'm sorry to trouble you」
「I don't mind. I'm good at disposing of trash. From now on, the discipline of trash――is it useless to say? Although you´re misleading with makeup and perfume, you still smell like rotten rat's dead odor」
Yuu noticed that the smile disappeared from Bugsy's face.
「What is with that face? I said I'll forgive you for this. Or will you kill me from now?」
「――No. There is no compromising. Adventurer-like inconvenience――」
Suppressing the anger that boiled her intestines and apologizing to Yuu, Yuu left behind without listening to Bugsy's words.
「Bugsy-san......are you okay? Forgive us for licking like that」
Lawrence's executive tries to put his hand on Bugsy's shoulder, but notices that Bugsy's shoulder is quivering.
「A......a......thats too much....... U, Ueeeeeehh! Its too much!!! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This, its like this. It's not good to be forgiven!!」
She is crying. Even without being conspicuous, Bugsy began to cry out loud. The guards and field horses were surprised by that appearance, but Lawrence´s men were upset by a different meaning. Bugsy, who has been doing whatever she wants from the time she was born, explodes emotions on rare occasions when she doesn't get what she wants. And that stress is directed to others, coupled with the cruelty of Bugsy.
「You guys are useless. You´re going to get hit like this」
「Th, That's right. Wait, Bugsy――gyaaa」
Despite obeying the order, the man's eyes are slashed by Bugsy's machete.
「You too, you too! All of you!」
「Gyan. Fo, Forgive......teku......please」
「 fingers」
Half of the people, such as those whose faces were torn and those whose fingers were cut to prevent the machete, die on the spot. The remaining half were also seriously injured with missing parts.
「It was refreshing」
Bugsy, who was once more abusive and calm, walked toward the captain who was watching the outcome, with a usual grin.
「Guard captain, please dispose of that trash......」
Bugsy throws away the blood-stained machete like garbage while saying so.
「I, I understand......」
Even with all this action, the guards are unable to arrest Lawrence´s men, including Bugsy.
「Bugsy-san, let me kill that fucking kid!」
「No, I'm told by my dad that I cant reach my hands out to him」
「Damn it! I'm wondering if he is keeping the guy who did that licking thing alive for Bugsy-san」
「Don't worry. Anyway, it's always the same. No matter how daunting you end up, you will kneel in front of my dad and me」
The women sprinkle perfume on Bugsy and wipe sweat with a handkerchief. The mouth is filled with a smoke tube, which is filled with grass that has an uplifting effect.
「Hehee. At that time, let me dig that kid's butt」
「Ah, that's okay. I'm sure my companions are coming with me. We'll commit Satou's woman in front of him」
「Tell me. I'm looking forward to it now」
「That's why I told you not to come」
After having a dispute with Lawrence, Yuu and his friends headed for the inn. Nina and the others have been silent for some time.
「Yuu looked like Joseph, didn't he?」
Yuu finally hears Nina's words when she opens her mouth.
「I thought after seeing the fight with the people just before. I wondered how the entanglement was similar, the picking of fights were similar」
「......Looks exactly the same」
Lena also agrees with Nina.
「Even weapons are two swords like Joseph」
To Nina's words, Yuu looks as if he had bitten a bitter insect.
「Marifa, I don't look like Joseph, do I?」
Yuu shakes the story to ask Marifa for help if it is not so.
「Master and Goril――Joseph-san can't be alike」
Lena walking beside Marifa muttered, 「......Liar」.