To Deprive a Deprived Person
Chapter 241 – Dispirited

TDADP chapter 241: Dispirited
When you breathe in, the stagnant air causes the lungs to bend back as if they were rejecting. A black or purple mound rises from the earth and the lightning and roaring sound of volcanic thunder generated by lava and fumes that endlessly erupt at the top of a mountain in the distance makes the sound as if it were shaking through the air. Slam. And looking around, Rank 6 demons wander around such as Lesser Demon, Greater Demon and Frozen Devil. It was an unimaginable sight that could be called the end of the world.
「Eh? What do you mean?」
Nina couldn't help asking by the hellish scene in front of her, even though she knew it.
「What do you mean?」
Nina smiled again, though she knew it was useless and muttered the same words again while sending a gaze to the expressionless Yuu.
「A, Ahaha. Haa......」
Nina remembers a moment before she sighed after a dry laugh.
「Wawaa. Lena, look over there! Aahh, they´re roasting a big chunk of meat」
「......It smells good」
「It seems that they sell wood decorations over there」
Although there was a turmoil with Lawrence's men when he arrived in the capital city of Tencassi, Yuu and his friends were able to enter the capital city safely. Nina and the others were unable to hide their excitement of their first time in the royal capital, and were distracted by the various stalls on the roadside. However, without any regard for such things, Yuu progresses quickly. The girls, who had stopped their feet, rushed to chase after Yuu.
「Waaa! Maybe, we'll stay there?」
「......It's like a castle」
「It's not as good as master's castle, but it's also a wonderful place to stay」
At last, Yuu stopped in front of a fine inn that seemed to be believed even if it was said to be a small castle.
「Satou-sama, we've been waiting for you」
「「「Welcome to Conconrado Barilh」」」
Following the manager's words, the aligned employees greet Yuu and the girls in an undisturbed movement.
「Th, That's amazing. But why do you know Yuu's name?」
「Because this is an inn that I made a reservation for by Victor´s introduction. It seems to be a high-class inn that is one of the five fingers in the royal capital」
「I'm afraid that you have received such a high evaluation. You´re customers introduced by that Victor. We are intimidated in our hearts if we do not have a rough picture」
Nina, who is unfamiliar with the hospitality of a high-class inn, can't hide her agitation and looks around in an anxious manner. Next to her, Lena was curious about the decorations and magic tools suitable for a first-class inn and was scolded by Marifa for trying to touch them
「Lena, don't do anything shameful」
Even so, Marifa was squinting and glancing at the paintings, tables, chairs, and other decorations made by top royal artisans.
「It seems to be well received by everyone, and as a manager, I feel relieved. Then, I will guide you to the room」
Normally, a manager does not guide the guests himself, but it seems that Victor has such a strong influence. Passing through the lobby, you'll find a vast, well-maintained courtyard.
「Yuu~. Everything was so great that I was kinda dizzy~」
Nina, who backed away, moves while holding Yuu's sleeve.
「......That bird should live in the south」
「Lena is very knowledgeable. This is a giant toucan that lives only in some parts of the Derim Empire. As you can see, it's a beautiful bird, but since it can only be raised in warm climates, this courtyard has a barrier casted by a barrier master which control the temperature at all times」
「I'm also using magic tools」
The birds in the courtyard aren't limited to Toucans. Plants and colorful birds from various regions were kept free-range at suitable temperatures and environments. How much will it cost to maintain this alone? It was a nostalgic facility to stay in one of the five fingers in the royal capital Tencassi.
「This is your room」
The size of the room guided by the manager was such that you almost forgot that it was an inn. There were three baths alone, each with different views and functions. Nina bitterly smiles from being excited and Lena asks the manager about the things she cares about. When the manager exits after explaining all the rules of the inn, Nina's shoulders lose their strength. She was nervous and had an extra force.
Nina has a creepy smile. Lena's whirlwind hair sitting on the bed is also spinning round and round, as if it were to show the excitement. From Marifa, who is staying on Yuu's side as usual, you can notice that her ears are flickering when she squints her eyes.
「What? It feels bad」
「Because it's now a sightseeing tour of the royal capital! I'm too excited to have a funny laugh」
「......Nina looks like a child」
「Lena is the same~」
「I'm not a small child, so please be more calm」
「......Younger sister is not obedient」
When Koro and Ran, who distanced themselves from the naughty Nina, approach Yuu, he creates a door with space time magic.
「That? Yuu, are you going somewhere?」
「Be silent and follow」
Nina's intuition was telling us. When I had a bad feeling-when I saw Lena beside me, I was nodding to agree.
「What are Nina and Lena doing? I'm going」
From behind, Marifa pesters them, before she went through the gate――
「What do you mean?」
Nina repeated the words for the third time.
「This is the middle layer of 『Devil's Prison』. It is as difficult as the lower layer of 『Rotten World Enrio』. If we dive a few more layers, it will be the same as the bottom layer. From that point onwards A monsters suitable for being called an A-rank labyrinth appear」
「......A rank labyrinth, 『Devil´s Prison』」
Lena's frizzy hair reacts strongly to the extraordinary miasma.
「Yes, it is one of the few A-rank labyrinths in the Udon Kingdom」
「Master, I understand. We――」
Marifa, who senses Yuu's intentions, tries to spin words.
It takes a short moment before Nina reacts.
「What's it, Nina-san? Don't make a loud voice all of a sudden」
Marifa, who has a higher hearing ability than humans, scolds Nina who blocked her ears with her hands.
「But....... Because it's the royal capital with Yuu....... Mo, Moreover! Look, Lena and Mari-chan´s equipment is broken」
「I am okay」
In response to Marifa, Koro and Ran bark bravely. With such an appearance, Lena, who claims to be a self-proclaimed genius magician, can't keep quiet.
「......I'm fine, because I'm a genius magician」
「That's no good! Emm, cough. Someone who challenges a labyrinth without wearing proper equipment and underestimate it will die」
Lena squirts into Nina's impersonation, unbearably.
「I think it's not like me」
「I, Ihyaiyo~」
Nina becomes teary eyes when Yuu pinches both cheeks.
「It's not public, but I´m an A rank adventurer」
「As expected from Master」
Nina with a startled look, Marifa with a respectful look and Lena, clenching her teeth with regret look at Yuu.
「It's not a lie. It is a result of having defeated the old dragon which was the gatekeeper of 『Devil's Prison』 and the achievements so far. It will be a matter of time before I reach S Rank. I don't think I'm going to capture the S-Rank Labyrinth alone」
「With S-rank labyrinth you mean 『Heaven Death Mountain』, 『Grim Castle』 and 『Roundup Fire World』?」
Nina gives the name of the labyrinth that everyone knows.
「That would be the homes of the three great devil kings. The adventurer's guild and the land of the human races treat them as labyrinths, but I think it should be okay to call them labyrinths」
「What did the gatekeeper protect?」
Nina continues to ask questions to change the subject.
「What is the seal. Well, what was sealed was the thin, skin and bones, fretful Demon King that is strangely strong――Nina, don't distract us. In the S rank labyrinth, the higher the level is, if you are unlucky, you will be blown to a place where there is no air and you will die at once. Even if it is a demon or even a boss of the layer, it will be comparable to high rank demons and giants. Such a place is a S rank labyrinth. It is difficult for me to capture it alone」
Lena was excited and her hair stood up, even though everyone was talking about a place that they refused to go, no matter how much money was piled up.
「But you guys lost to Muss's house guests. The opponent was superior, but I thought you would win」
It is a story which is laughed off if others hear it. Muss's house guests are the elite selected from over 100 high-ranking adventurers and mercenaries. Yuu thought that Nina and the others would win against the far superior opponents, who were higher levels and experienced. Eventually, he'll take them to challenge the S-rank labyrinths as a party, but it's to Yuu´s displeasure that they failed the test stage.
「I won」
「......I also won」
「Master, someone got in the way in the middle of the fight, so a winner and loser wasn't decided」
A stupid voice leaks from Yuu's mouth in response to the girls´s unexpected responses.
「I haven't seen Nina, but Lena and Marifa, you surely lost」
「It's true. If you ask Joseph, he'll prove that I beat Jozu-san」
Nina insists while turning her hands around.
「......I definitely didn't lose」
「I can't lose because I serve Master」
Lena insists that she didn't lose while wielding her Mithril broom and Marifa is also insisting that she wasn't defeated, but she doesn't raise a loud voice.
"What, its true~. Lena and Mari-chan lost, but you said you won! I got it! Lena and Marifa will train in the labyrinth, while Yuu and I are together, nuhuhu. Date――ouch!? Lena, what are you doing? Stop~"
Lena headbutts Nina´s flank. Each time she muttered, 「......I haven't lost」.
「Lord, may I have a little bit?」
「Hmm. What is it Kuro」
Kuro, who has been quietly listening to Yuu's story, raises his voice. The fact that no monsters attacked in the middle layer of the A-rank labyrinth 『Devil's Prison』 and that they could talk for a long time in a dull manner was due to the daunting air emitted from Kuro's whole body. Even in the middle layer where strong demons roam, Kuro's miraculous power, magical force and pressure were such that they were wary and distanced.
「Wait. Kuro-chan, I feel sick when you move」
「......Nina, stay calm」
Kuro's equipment was shattered in the battle with the wood dragon, but he was given new equipment by Yuu. How much blood will be returned to make it red and black? From the fallen hero's helmet and armor in Kuro's body, the same red-black color as that color had been cast off. Lena receives the miraculous air with a barrier and scatters it.
「As for this Nina-dono, I´m sorry. I still can't seem to control it well, so please forgive me」
「Tell me about Nina」
Nina stroking Lena's head shouts 「Cruel」, but Yuu ignored her and looks at Kuro.
「Haa. Is it all right for you not to explore the labyrinth with the girls?」
「That's right」
「Eh~. Yuu doesn't come!?」
「Noisy. I have something to do, so I'll let Kuro take care of you as babysitter. Look, I'll give you some spare equipment, so don't complain about this」
Nina, who was given an item pouch with equipment from Yuu, inflates her cheeks like a balloon.
「Yes! Yes~!」
Marifa says, 「Be quiet」 and closes Nina's mouth with her hands.
「Kuro, is that all you want to ask?」
「No, when a certain person took Nina-dono and the girls to the depths brilliantly, I would like permission to have that certain person accompany when the Lord challenges the S-rank labyrinth!!」
「Of course, it is the lowest layer beyond the point where the Lord defeated the old dragon」
「You can't」
「!!? B, But! A certain person has grown a little in the fight with the wood dragon the other day. There is also this armor and helmet given by the Lord」
Kuro, who didn't expect Yuu to say that it was impossible, could be upset without hiding his upset, but he still strongly desires.
「No, I'm not saying it's impossible because you're weak. From here to the 108th layer which is the lowest layer in four days, no matter how the first place, the gate of the seventy-fourth floor can't be passed without me. And, from the 75th floor, the strength of demons isn't A rank but S rank」
「Four days? A certain person was training in this labyrinth, but is there a time limit in the lower layers?」
「Yes, it's limited. There will be an auction in the royal capital four days later, a big one once a year. I'll pick up the girls on that day, so I want them to retrain only until then」
「Isn't it okay if the girls don't go to the auction?」
「No, not really, but they're looking forward to it」
「Fun....... It sounds like an entertainment, as you can guess from the words. But Nina and the others are okay because they aren't participating――muuu!?」
A lot of thunder falls on Kuro. It was Lena who released it. Of course, it seems that she was doing it a little――but black smoke rises from Kuro's whole body.
「Lena, what are you going to do all of a sudden? It was important if there wasn't a certain person」
「......That's no good」
「That's right, Kuro-chan! I, Lena and Mari-chan are looking forward to it!」
「Kuro-san, are you okay?」
Lena gets angry at Kuro not to suggest anything extra while having her hair standing up. Nina also put her hand on her waist and scolded Kuro with Lena. Only Marifa was worried about Kuro's appearance.
「Don't do stupid things, do your best to explore with Kuro. If you get proper results, I'll give Lena and Marifa the equipment made from the wood dragon material」
Unusually, Lena spreads her eyes and comes close to Yuu, but Yuu keeps her forehead away. Behind it, Marifa was desperate to speak, but she had a sloppy smile on her face.
「What is that! Yuu, what about me?」
「Nina's equipment isn't broken. Well then, I'll go. I'll pick you up in four days, so don't die till then」
「Can I have decorations or something? You see, earrings and pendants. And Muhuhu. I'm happy even with a wooden ring. Oh, wait!」
Nina's voice, screaming toward the back of Yuu diving through the gate created by space time magic, only echoed in a void. Koro barked, 「I'll do my best」 and stroked Nina's cheek, who was kneeling down and Ran comforts her.
「I also want to explore with Nina and others. Even though I have no time, I'm sad and I don't know who's going to do the trash」
After returning to the inn's room, Yuu murmured and headed for the town.
「It doesn't go away whether I sweep it, so I'm going to do it~」
Tin was gently cleaning the leaves falling around the outer wall of Yuu's mansion while singing. A little further away, Vanamo and Melanie are sweeping brooms in the same way.
「I don't have a master or older sister here~ I'm a bit lonely――I think a big adult is sneaky」
A body that could not be hidden was protruding from the corner of the outer wall.
「What? You´re in a bad mood today」
It was Joseph who appeared while scratching his head.
「Joseph-sama, it was hard for us!」
Getting angry, Tin put her hands on her hips and looked up at Joseph.
「It's not my fault」
「I was surprised! It is not said that it makes an excuse if it is Joseph. My older sister lost her left elbow and some of the equipment she had received from master was destroyed and she looked so sad. I hadn't seen such a sad face from my older sister before and Lena-san was also injured. Namari was scolded by Master and she's still crying in her room. And even Tin and Melanie are rocked, and they're gonna go bad」
「Muu....... So is Yuu angry?」
As she doesn't know, Tin looks away and restarts cleaning.
「Tsk. I understood it by being sulky like a child. I'll do this, so get back in the mood」
What Joseph took out from the item pouch was a bag filled with hard candy sold at stalls.
「Tin's anger at such a cheap thing, hmm. I don't know if it's a good thing」
Despite complaining, Tin robs Joseph of the bag and throws the candy in her mouth.
「Isn't it food?」
「The truth is, this candy isn't for buying Tin, but there's no other way. I´m not your Master」
「Where are you going?」
「I'm on the way to the royal capital. It seems that the king of this country will somehow directly give me a medal. I wanted to accompany Tin and the others, but I'm sad that I cant stay at home」
「It's the royal capital. Surely Muss early in the morning....... No way!!」
「Ah, what happened to Joseph-sama. Mmm. Is this the reason why Joseph is going to do it」
While staring at Joseph's back as he runs away to Comer City, Tin throws a second candy ball into her mouth.
「Hey Tin! Why are you talking so much!」
Vanamo, angrily approaches Tin, who told him that Yuu had gone to the royal capital.
「It's better to have fewer enemies. If you're like Vanamo, everything around you becomes an enemy」
「What!? What does that mean!」
「It's nothing but a fool to turn Joseph into an enemy」
「Such a human is no big deal. I couldn't help with a pharmacist called Puriri」
「I don't know if you're told by the chief or if you're a family-in-law, but I think Tin wants to lift the true poison of the deprived people」
「Why, why do you want to do it......」
「Since Tin notices, older sister also notices. So that's the reason why Vanamo didn't take me with her, even though you were with that medicinal house guest the other day」
Where did the momentum go, Vanamo became silent.
「If you're too embarrassed, you'll get angry」
「I have circumstances, too」
Unfortunately, Vanamo's voice, glancing down and murmuring, did not reach Tin's ears.
「Hey, why are you in such a hurry」
Claudia, who enjoyed reading in a room in Muss's mansion, spoke to Joseph, who had returned home in a rough path that could be heard as if he were making an onomatopoeic sound, holding a cookie.
「Where is Muss?」
「He is not here. I'm told that Muss will go to the royal capital, so I think he'll be back at least ten days later」
「I didn't listen」
「That's Joseph's fault. Muss was trying to say it many times, but Joseph wouldn't listen to him as you were busy with Ranpou」
「Gununuu. I can't see Lara, but are you going with me?」
When Claudia pointed out that he was bad, Joseph, who had no idea, couldn't say anything.
「If Lara, I'll be watching around Cumer with Priri. Lara's wiping her ass because a certain someone killed half of the house guests」
「I don't ask. Leaving that aside――」
「You should stop if you intend to go to the royal capital」
Claudia, who knew what to say, overlaid Joseph's words and advised.
「There is Nung and Mardari on Muss´s side, so the escort is enough. It seems that Satou has also go to the royal capital, but the Finance Minister will not overlook that opportunity. If you want to, visit the mansion of that child」
「I know without you telling me」
「It's just a lie. If I hadn't told you, you'd be running to the royal capital like an idiot by now」
Claudia with cookie powder around her mouth points to Joseph who makes a fool of himself.
「You're a really cheeky elf!」
Halfway through, Joseph approaches Claudia. Claudia closes her eyes and sticks out her lips as she is misunderstanding something. Even among the elf with a beautiful shape, Claudia was even more beautiful, but with the cookie powder around her mouth, her appearance will be half.
「No, I hate it!」
Claudia, with her nose pinched, protests by hitting Joseph's arm. However, she is pinched by Joseph's rigid force like a vise, and it is not a big deal.
「Who do you think your friend is!? I'm part of the royal family of El-Hyu. Feel sorry. Apologize」
Claudia complains, 「Animal Strength Idiot」, while rubbing her released nose.
「What. I don't want to do anything about it anymore」
「Wh, What a rude guy! If its a normal guy, he would be so happy like a dog shaking its tail when talking with me」
「Yes, Yes, I´m sorry」
Claudia's whole body quivers as she sees Joseph apologizing while pinching her nose.
「Therefore wait」
「Be disciplined」
「It's that child's eye」
「Did you find out anything」
Joseph comes up to Claudia with a serious face as if his playful attitude was a lie.
「Hey, hey. Don't come close with that face. I'm embarrassed」
Claudia, who dyed her ears in red, turns her face away and pushes Joseph away.
「Do you know Gajin?」
「If it's your old man, he'll be stumbling around there」
「Ga-ji-n! I'm not talking about my uncle!」
「I don't know」
「I'm stunned. Do you really not know? The adventurer who was called the strongest」
「Because I'm the strongest one, I'm not interested in other fake things」
It's a joke, but Claudia is surprised that Joseph doesn't even suspect herself to be the strongest. However, Claudia was fascinated by the appearance of such Joseph.
「Well, that's okay. It's that Gajin, but it seems that the color of the skin was red」
「It's a demon, right? It's rare, but still possible to appear」
「I still don't know what Gajin´s race was, but when I first visited the Adventurer's Guild, it had green skin」
Claudia says confidently as she sets her arms together. All Joseph has to do is compliment her.
「Is that all?」
「That's it」
「What the hell! I lost hope!」
「What!? That's what is said. Gajin is an adventurer hundreds of years ago. I can't say that the records of such ancient times are in detail!」
「I can't use it」
Saying that he was disheartened, Joseph shook his head and sighed in front of Claudia.
「But they have something in common」
「A common thing?」
Claudia keeps her anger and continues to speak to Joseph, who recites both nostrils as if to ridicule Claudia.
「Yeah, they're both have something in common. Both Gajin and Satou have become remarkable adventurers in just a few years. They were originally black eyes, but are they reddish brown now? Gajin is also red when the last time seen his skin was green, but if I was told I couldn't say anything」
Claudia laughs as if she scorns. Joseph taps his head lightly.
「Eh....... Jo, Joseph?」
「Let me know if you find anything again」
「This, leave it to me!」
Leaving Claudia with a modest chest alone, Joseph leaves the room.
「Gajin....... If it's that great sage, he will know something」