To Deprive a Deprived Person
Chapter 243: Unconvinced

Chapter 243: Unconvinced
TDADP chapter 243: Unconvinced
「More, show it to me closer!」
No longer trying to hide his excitement, Balue urges François. There were usually dozens of slaves waiting in the large room and now there were only a few escorts, including Balue and François.
François approaches Balue with the same expressionlessness as usual, but a huge battle ax blocks its way.
「Gareth-sama, what does this look like?」
It seems that the enormous battle axe wears only the fighting spirit and the murderousness, and if it is an average person, it seems that it can overwhelm that person clearly, but Francois doesn't flinch at all, to the owner of the battle axe, one of Udon Five Knights 『Beheading Gareth』.
「When I'm escorting Balue, it's a problem if he is approached carelessly」
Gareth looks down on Francois with a belligerent eye and his battle axe sticking out between Balue and Francois. A certain famous adventurer got it in the lower layer of 『Devil's Prison』 and presented it to the Udon kingdom, the battleaxe of the demon Gorla Va. Having it and wearing a flaming fiery red-based armor with a black cloak, Gareth´s physique trained on the battlefield is as good as Joseph. He was a man as if he had embodied his power. In fact, Gareth's whole body can't hold back. No, there was a fighting spirit that he couldn't control at all.
「To Balue-sama, do you say that I will do something strange?」
Gareth strikes François in a fight to provoke him, but he dismisses it lightly and asks this question.
「Huhh. Don't let a dingy Jardark person open his mouth. It's stinking」
「This is a wording that lacks the courtesy of a person who was called one of 『Udon Five Knights』. You can hone your martial arts, but you should learn a little about the manners of courtesy」
「I don't want to be told that by a fanatic who worship a stinky spirit of light, such as Irigamit!」
Balue has the illusion that the air in the room has suddenly become heavier. The cause was that the lines of sight of Gareth, who gave out a fiery, hot killing intent and Francois, who gave out a icy, cold murder intent, collided with each other.
「It seems that there is the saying a "Frog in the well" in the eastern island country, but it is exactly what Gareth said」
「Hou, you don't know the word 『Peerless Five Sword』」
「Shall I tell you if you don't mind?」
「Interesting. A Jardalk dog teaches me what」
The guards, who were supposed to have to defend Balue under too much pressure from both sides, were unable to even move from that side.
What broke the tense atmosphere was――
「Stoopp it!」
With a word of Balue, the fighting and slaughter that had been released from Gareth's entire body is scattered and he sighs in a dull manner. François then turned his head to Balue, with no expression.
「What do you guys under my dispute fight for?」
「I've decided that it's better to eliminate that Jardalk's dog for the sake of Balue-sama」
「It's alright! Wait outside the room」
「You don't need an escort?」
Gareth asks Balue while looking down on Francois.
「As long as I'm in this mansion. Who can harm me?」
When he sees Gareth leaving, Balue turns to François.
「Don't ride that provocation」
「I'm sorry」
Contrary to the words, Francois remains expressionless.
「Joseph Pal Jorum, had you been stripped of your aristocratic family name now? Joseph, who was touted as the strongest of Derim Empire, seems to have explored a B-rank labyrinth alone, but Gareth is a battle fanatic who sneaks into the A-rank labyrinth 『Devil's Prison』 alone to kill time. He's definitely one of 『Udon Five Knights』 and the strongest man in the Udon Kingdom」
Joseph wasn't alone in the B-rank labyrinth 『Decaying World Enrio』. Francois murmured intently that he had reached the lowest level. And although it would be harmless to get out of here, François couldn't understand what Gareth said to be the strongest of Udon kingdom, even though the great sage was waiting. However, François doesn't say that, because Balue may be trying to hook himself with some speculation. François is wary of Balue in such an unspoken conversation. Originally, when François approached Balue, he had no intention of revealing himself as an agent of Jardalk, but where did he learn from it? He knew that François was a spy, an intelligence agent belonging to Jardalk's Hua Blossom. What's even more surprising is that Balue knows Francois's identity and invites him into his camp. The arrogant and greedy part stands out, but in reality Balue was a cunning snake-like man.
「Even if I lose?」
「I'm not talking about such a stupid thing. What I mean――well fine. Thank you for the item pouch that I don't know about――no, can I touch it before that?」
Balue was still cautious, even though the body had more than three grades of armor and even more than a few protective ornaments.
「Don't worry. I've asked Balue-sama's alchemists to look into it and find some unknown features built into it, but we know it's not something that would harm people」
"Don't you understand its essential function?」
「It seems like you need spells that are not just magic, but also keywords. What is known at the moment is that the material used for the timeless item pouch is not a special material. A normal Benantos stomach, the skill 『Alchemy』 and――」
「『Space-time magic』」
「That's right」
Balue mutters to supplement François's explanation. The item pouch that they didn't know when Yuu owned it is not a thing obtained by a labyrinth etc. due to the large number of items. He expected that someone would have made it. In addition, 『Space-time Magic』 is necessary for the production.
「Fuha......fuhahaha!!!! That's right! Well, as expected, there are high-level alchemists who cooperate with Yuu Satou, and a user of 『Space-time Magic』! It's almost certain that it's possible to duplicate a timeless item pouch rather than a dream story!」
When Balue receives the item pouch with the embroidered fish from Francois, he is in a good mood while holding it.
「Congratulations to Balue-sama, but there are no collaborators on Yuu Satou´s side to make a timeless item pouch」
「What? What does that mean?」
「The timeless item porches are produced by Yuu Satou, who is among the best in the world」
「Don't be stupid. Are you sure? Even the making of an usual item pouch that the Alchemy Guild keeps secret can finally be made by high-ranking alchemists with LV5 or higher 『Alchemy』 skill and Benantos stomachs. And you tell me that only one person makes such a timeless item porch. In the first place, the job he has was said to be 『Magic Warrior』, 『Granter』 and 『Master Swordsman』」
Balue who was in the good mood a little while ago becomes grumpy at once and a keen glance is turned to François.
「It's not a lie. It is a report from an insider who brought the information of the timeless item pouch. It seems that he doesn't know the skill level, but Yuu Satou possesses the skills of 『Alchemy』 and 『Space-time Magic』. The proof is that my subordinates are monitoring the mansion, but Satou and his friends who appeared in the royal capital this morning, didn't seem to have gone outside」
「What!? It takes five days from Comer City to the royal capital, even if you proceed smoothly in a carriage」
「There is a report about that. Satou who entered an inn, apparently Yuu Satou seems to be acting alone and already dozens of Lawrence´s men who are responsible for the slums were killed」
Balue has a deep smile on Francois's report.
「That's fine」
「Can I leave it alone?」
「They're taking the trouble to dispose of the dust that can be replaced. I'm grateful to him. It might be a good idea to hit and kill any weak aristocrat. You don't have to panic. It doesn't matter if he entered the royal capital. Also is everything ready for the evening party tonight?」
「Yes. We don't miss everything」
Nodded happy with François's reply, Balue sat on the chair and took out a paper and pen, as if he recalled something.
「Francois, I will prepare a letter of introduction from now on. It is bad, but can you bring it to 『Dragon Fang』 with the reward?」
「I think it's okay later. I wonder if Balue needs to write a letter of introduction in a hurry」
「That's not the case. The dust which did not change with the rumbling which nested in the slum such as adventurers kept their promise. I can't make a difference in my promise because I have precious blood」
When that said, Balue wrote an introduction letter to powerful people such as the aristocracy of his faction, the alchemy guild, the blacksmith guild, and the merchant guild, etc.
François visited the hideout of 『Dragon Fang』 clan in the wealthy area of ​​Tencassi, with the reward for getting the timeless item pouch, 10 billion Madoka and letters of introduction handwritten by Finance Minister Balue. It was only about an hour ago. With the enormous amount of money being backed by Finance Minister Balue, which was the main objective of this time, are the 『Dragon Fang』 clan members intoxicated with victory?
「Don't be silly!!」
「Yes! Can you tolerant it!!」
「I can't understand it either!」
An angry sound echoed in the room.
「What did they do with Reinart-san?」
「Hey, they're the guys who have teamed up with Kiringirin and Dominic's party」
「I see. I mean I can't accept Reinart-san's decision this time」
Those who were counting on the rewards received from Francois looked at each other in trouble, just because they could understand the feelings of their companions who approached Reinart.
「I'm not playing around, and my decision remains the same. Now that we've achieved our goals, you don't have to deal with 『Nameless』」
「Dominic is dead! Kiringirin, who we have lost contact with, is most likely also dead!」
「It would be weird not to retaliate against 『Nameless』 even though we lost so many comrades」
「That's right! Dominic and the others cant rest in peace with this either!! We should smash 『Nameless』 with the full power of 『Dragon Fang』!!」
Even if he was crammed into a dozen clan members who were angry and even had killing intent, Reinart had no intention of changing his decision.
「Is my decision not acceptable?」
「Did you guys forget why 『Dragon Fang』 entered the Udon Kingdom?」
「Th, That is......」
Those who had their voices disturbed by Reinart's question were silent.
「Isn't it to make 『The Dragon's Brigade』 the number one clan on Raem continent? For that purpose, the five lower clans are in the process of expanding into the five major powers and expanding their power? I was entrusted with 『Dragon Fang』 who needs the backing of Finance Minister Balue, who had the most powerful power in Udon Kingdom. Of course, Dominic´s group and Kiringin´s group were convinced of the sacrifice. I wonder if they would be pleased if you guys fought against 『Nameless』 and killed all while causing more casualties」
「Guu....... That is......」
「That's why......just like this」
「Is what I'm saying funny? If you have a objection, tell me」
When they were convinced that they couldn't understand it even if they knew it in their heads, so they were protesting as hard as they could by staring at Reinart――
「It looks like you're in the middle of a business, so I'll excuse myself」
A woman comes into the room.
As soon as the men saw her, everyone begins to say hello.
「Stop it. We're not the mafia」
A typical rearguard woman with long maroon hair with loose waves, a purple robe with a black pointy hat and a cloak frowns annoyingly.
「Ma, Matilde-san」
「Am I in the way?」
「No....... Hey, you guys, let's go」
Those who surrounded Reinart leave the room, as if to escape from the bewitching smile of Matilde.
「Reinart, you seem to need a little more understanding of how people feel」
「What are you here for?」
Matilde takes a small sigh at Reinart's demeanor.
「Even though i'm in the same A-rank, I'm free because I'm not the only one who's going to leave the clan」
Now Reinart sighs.
「――It's a joke, I'm keeping a message from Leo」
「From the leader? Say that first」
Matilde sighed a big sigh as Reinart's attitude changed, as if he had returned his palm.
「You're going to lose, so don't fight 『Nameless』」
In the conversation between Reinart and Matilde, the 『Dragon Fang』 members who had been listening, buzzed. They were surprised that Leo Banirum, the lord of 『Dragon Brigade』, knew of the existence of a weak clan like 『Nameless』, but they couldn't believe that if they fought more than that, they would be defeated. They also couldn't believe that the Lord asked the adventurer Matilde for bringing the message.
「Of course I'm not going to fight 『Nameless』. Did he say anything else?」
「That's it. The rest is the same as usual. He is out of the miniature garden」
Sitting on the sofa, Matilda played with the collar of her hat with her fingers.
「The dream will soon come true. If we take control of the adventurers of the five major powers, the number will exceed 10,000. In that case, even if it is the five major powers, it would be impossible to command the 『Dragon Brigade』. From the framework of the country, you can free yourself from the miniature garden」
As if to get drunk with his own words, Reinart's voice was enthusiastic.
「That's it」
「What's the matter?」
「I've always thought that we wanted to get out of Leo's miniature garden, that we would live freely without being bound by a country, but is that really the case?」
Matilde asks Reinart while turning her index finger.
「You´re saying something stupid. After that, I have a meeting with a small and medium-sized clan who want to be under the umbrella of 『Dragon Fang』. You must join us」
「Noo. It's a pain in the ass」
「Apart from your personality, you just look good. Don't complain. I used to be late, but now I'm going to be busy. With the backing of Finance Minister Balue, negotiations with the big clans will be easier and at first, an equal alliance will be established and eventually 『Dragon Fang』 will take the initiative, which will require connections with many supporters and powers. It is only the influential people who make their names on the letter of introduction」
Matilde looks through the letters arranged on the table.
「There is no letter of introduction from the essential Tencassi Adventurer Guild Leader」
「Karl Heinz Anger Muller is more than just an adventurer guild leader. He's the head of all adventurer guilds on Raem continent. Even Finance Minister, Balue, can't seem to have a place to talk to him」
「Yeah, Balue is no big deal for aristocrats as rumored」
「Don't tell me you're bumping me, change your clothes」
「I just arrived. I wouldn't be able to prepare clothes for meetings」
「You´re still a noisy woman. This is the royal capital. You can buy it at any store」
「You should learn how to treat a woman before you understand how people feel」
It's not a misunderstanding that Matilde's head was getting hurt against the insensitive Reinart.