Transmigration with QQ Farm

Transmigration with QQ Farm

Transmigration with QQ Farm
ch 475 - A Startling Change; Everybody Has Their Own Plans 6

ch 475 - A Startling Change; Everybody Has Their Own Plans 6
TWQQF ch 475 - A Startling Change; Everybody Has Their Own Plans (6)
“Hehe, Young Mistress. Of course it’s nothing like that. I want to give you a pleasant surprise!”
“Alright, I will bite for now. You just want me to get them all?”
“Yes, that’s all the help I’ll need.”
“Okay, not a problem!”
After the person and the fairy had finished their conversation, Cheng Xiao Xiao looked up and said, “Let’s go out first.”
“Xiao Xiao, what’s the matter?” Rong Jingshi grabbed her hand and asked affectionately.
“Shi Mu, don’t worry. I am quite alright.” Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled at her. “We just can’t have anyone in here for the time being. Let’s get out first, we don’t want to have any accidents in here now.”
“Oh! If that’s the case, let’s head out for now!”
“Yes! We can always come back at a different time!”
“Xiao Xiao, if we can’t stay here for the time being, we’ll take off.”
The elders did not push the issue or showed any signs of reluctance. They had all agreed to leave.
Quickly, Cheng Xiao Xiao left with them. By now, it was already dawn in the outside world. The perfect time for everyone to get some rest in their respective rooms.
After everybody had taken off, Cheng Xiao Xiao almost wanted to go right back in to see what is going on but she finally stopped herself after pondering over it a little. It’s better to leave the cleaning up to little Yuteng and check back in later.
She laid on her bed without changing. Cheng Xiao Xiao had a lot of thought racing through her had but she finally fell asleep after the sun had risen.
With the exception of Cheng Xiao Xiao, nobody else who came out from the dimension got any rest. To be precisely, none of them needed any rest! They all felt quite lively!
The ancient forefather of Temple of Divine Plans asked Mo Yuze, his wife, and Mo Xuanzun to join him at his guest quarter.
He casually set up a boundary, looked at the three people in front of him, and asked nonchalantly, “So, what are your thoughts?”
“Xiao Xiao’s dimension can indeed become its own world one day. As for how big it could grow to, I am not sure that’s a question that anyone of us could answer for the time being,” said Mo Yuze with a deep voice.
Rong Jingshi, sitting to one side, did not express anything.
The ancient forefather did not press the issue with her. He looked over at Mo Xuanzun, who said in a solemn tone, “Ancient forefather, master, and shi mu, we must protect Xiao Xiao!”
“Little Xuanzun was right. And that was what I was about to say as well. Cheng Xiao Xiao is the key to all these. We must make sure that no harm come to her; otherwise, her little world will disappear with her!” It wasn’t often that the ancient forefather would have such a solemn look.
“Forefather, she’s at the Cheng’s right now. I doubt any harm will come to her.” Said Mo Yuze.
“One can’t never be too safe. I have decided that I will be staying here semi-permanently and won’t be going back to Temple of Divine Plans for a while. The safely of our little Xiao Xiao is more important.”
“Forefather…” Mo Yuze was very surprised at the forefather’s decision.
Mo Xuanzun was very touched, “Thank you, forefather!”
“Silly child, little Xiao Xiao is your wife, which make her a part of Temple of Divine Plans. We must ensure her safety. It’s hard to really get to know a person, especially when she was planning on letting little Qin and little Ji into the dimension. If they were overtaken by greed, little Xiao Xiao will be in danger.”
Ancient forefather was very thorough in the way he looked at things. His meaning was clear. Regardless of whether someone was trustworthy, they couldn’t be too safe.
“Forefather, we understand. Don’t’ worry, we won’t let anything happen to Xiao Xiao.” Said Mo Yuze with a serious look. He understood what the forefather meant now. With the exception of themselves, they need to be prepared.
Mo Xuanzun suddenly recalled Mrs. Gong’s words earlier. Frowning slightly, he asked, “Forefather, Master, and Shi Mu, the request that Mrs. Gong brought up earlier, do you think….”