Under The Veil of Night
Chapter 723 Testimonies

Chapter 723 Testimonies
Time passed swiftly as the two of them stayed in the capital. They explored the stores and many other things around them, earning much more knowledge about this city. Before they knew it, two weeks had passed.
"Richard didn't come to bother us anymore," Kanae commented as she picked up the donut in front of her.
She was staying in a café with Kevin for their snacks. Even though Kevin barely ate anything, the man still accompanied her in every place that she visited.
"It's better that way," Kevin replied. "Have you thought about what you're going to say as the testimonies."
"I'll tell the truth," Kanae bit the chocolate donut in her hand. "There's nothing much that we have to hide too. The matter of Ferdinand eyeing the source power is nothing new. But the source power is limited and he already used them all."
"Will you tell them about your condition too?"
There was no need to tell them that she has similar condition with Ferdinand. Even though they had special power that made them far stronger than ordinary humans, it was not something they should leak out. Their existences alone were something that should be kept hidden forever.
"Good girl," Kevin stretched his hand and messed up Kanae's hair.
"Hey! Don't treat me like a little girl!"
"I'm treating you as my girlfriend."
"Wha-?" before Kanae could protest again, Kevin had pulled her head closer and planted a kiss on her forehead. Heat rushed to her cheek as she glanced up to see the man's face. He was smiling tenderly at her with his attention fully focused on her.
The backlight from the window made her able to see Kevin's features more clearly. He looked so handsome that she wanted to curse the man again. How come someone can be so handsome? It was so unfair!
"Do you not like it?" Kevin caressed the girl's hair softly.
"You just surprise me," Kanae looked away, not wanting to stare at the man directly. She was worried that his handsomeness would make her eyes blind.
Kevin chuckled lightly, finding her reaction cute. At this moment, his usual coldness had disappeared into nothingness. There was no one who would think that this man always acted indifferent with a straight face.
Ring! Ring!
"What is it, Matt?" Kevin picked up his phone.
"They have decided the date for your testimonies. You should prepare yourself. I'll pick you up tomorrow. Also, the two of you will be questioned one by one with different questions."
"I see."
"Do you have any questions?"
"Is it going to be a long interrogation?" Kanae moved closer and asked.
"No. They just need some story from your part. It shouldn't take a long time."
"Ok, I got it."
"Anything else?" Matt asked.
"Ok, make sure that you dress up nicely."
"Sure," Kevin ended the call and stared at Kanae. Her face was only inches away from him because of the call. He leaned in slightly and kissed her cheek.
"You're tempting me."
"I'm not!"

The next day, Matt watched the two of them banter with a dark expression. He knew that the two of them were engaged and probably, getting married soon. However, it didn't mean he wanted to stay in the same place as them when they were having quarrels like this.
"I can get you two a room if you want, but please stop flirting with each other," Matt said with a pained expression.
"Uncle can flirt with your girlfriend too," Kanae interjected before turning her head to look at Kevin again. "Like I say, I won't tell them something like that. There's no need for you to worry so much."
Matt rubbed his forehead. He chose not to reply since he didn't have any girlfriend to flirt with. But if these two knew about that, he was pretty sure that the news would travel to Patrick's ear.
After that…. There would be no more peace for him.
Matt guided them to the car and they headed to the hall. For the past few days, Kevin and Kanae only toured the area around the hotel. He had warned them to not venture too far because there were some complicated matters, so the two of them behaved.
They only planned on staying in the capital for a short period of time, so it would be better if they didn't create any trouble. Staying within the area around the hotel was still pretty safe.
"Who will be called first?" Kevin asked.
"It's you," Matt pointed to Kevin. "They ask for you to answer their question first while Kanae stay outside for a while. Your role will be reversed after you're finished. If they found inconsistencies in your story, you'll have to stay in this city for a longer period of time."
"It's not too bad," Kanae shrugged. "We can explore more places if we stay here."
Matt rolled his eyes. "It's not good at all. There are a lot of power struggles in the capital. If they got wind of your real ability, they might want to rope you into their battle and use you."
Kevin's eyes narrowed. He was very clear that the two of them have much more power than ordinary people. Even though he had done some investigation regarding the factions in the capital, it was not a good idea to participate in them. There were too many complicated matters.
"We're just ordinary teenagers in their eyes," Kanae shrugged.
"One glutton at that," Kevin added.
"Hey! I'm not that much of a glutton."
"You eat at least 6 times each day while we're in the capital, 3 main meals and 3 snacks. Can you say that it's not a glutton?"
"Well," Kanae scratched her head. "Just a bit glutton."
Matt shook his head lightly. If they only watched the two of them over the past two weeks, there was nothing interesting in what they did. They acted as normal people who had just come here for the first time. If there was anything suspicious about them, they would have gotten into trouble a long time ago.
Looking at the two of them, he could guess why there was no one who bothered them. The way they acted was similar to that of a couple in their honeymoon, except for the fact that they only teased the other party lightly. Even he wondered how Kevin could control himself that well to not make any move to her more than little tease.
Though, the frequency seemed to increase in time.
He glanced outside. "We've arrived. I'll bring you to the lobby, Kanae. You'll wait there until Kevin gets out."
The hall that Matt took them into was extremely large. It was at least twice as large as the one in their city. Numerous paintings filled the cream-colored wall, adding charm to the place. Not many people were there as only one or two people passed by.
Sitting on the chair, Kanae took the time to examine the lobby. She was astonished by the statues and paintings they placed inside. It was as if this was an exhibition place and not a hall for trial.
'The difference in culture and money is awfully clear.'
There were several chairs in the lobby, but she was practically alone. The place didn't seem to be frequently visited by anyone, making it desolate. Still, it was very clean because she couldn't spot any dust anywhere.
"It's rare for a little girl to be called to the hall."
Hearing that familiar voice, Kanae was stunned.