Unrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 1457 - Breaking Off All Relations

Chapter 1457 Breaking Off All Relations
“Tower Lord Han, this time, Ye Yuan has seriously gone overboard! This old man … sigh!”
Wen Yiyang had let out a long sigh, not knowing how to continue.
When he heard that Ye Yuan killed five great academy geniuses, he was speechless for a long time.
Honestly speaking, such a student had too much potential!
But in this world, it was never as simple as it looked on the surface.
If Wen Yiyang did not come forward, it was very difficult to settle the various forces.
Especially that Qin Family’s pressure which was too great!
Three half-step Divine Lord powerhouses coming forward at the same time, even Han Tian felt a steep increase in pressure too.
Han Tian knew that the trouble Ye Yuan caused today was huge, but he did not think that it was stirred up so big either.
Four great half-step Divine Lord powerhouses facing off, this grand occasion had already not occurred for no idea how many years.
Qin Zhaoyun stared at Han Tian intently with heated eyes and said coldly, “This boy viewed his fellow disciples as inconsequential. Even if he’s your Myriad Treasure Tower’s guest alchemist, he has already incurred public outrage! Today, he must die! If your Myriad Treasure Tower dares to protect him, it will probably be hard to survive in Wu Meng Capital City from now on!”
Zhao Yi who did not speak all along also said quietly, “Ye Yuan indiscriminately killed the innocent, this is challenging the prestige of the City Lord Manor! If this commander doesn’t take action, where will the City Lord Manor’s prestige lie?!”
Han Tian’s expression was incomparably ugly. He was already forced to the edge of the cliff; riding a tiger and finding it hard to dismount.
Ye Yuan swallowed a medicinal pill, forcefully suppressing the injuries within his body. Slowly getting up, he raised his head to the sky and laughed hard as he said, “What a fine indiscriminately killing the innocent! A fine harming his fellow disciples! When Little Fatty had his divine sea crippled by the five of them, no road to heaven and no gate into the earth, where were you all? When Qin Tian violated the academy’s rules and tailed me to assassinate me, where were you guys? When Qin Yuanlong disregarded his identity during the Hundred Cities Smelting Trial and ambushed me, a Grotto Profound disciple, where were you all? Heh, I overpowered all heroes in the Hundred Cities Smelting Trial, winning the Four-star divine pill for City Lord. What it exchanged for is you making concessions to avoid trouble! Heh, this kind of academy, doesn’t matter whether I enter or not! Today, I, Ye Yuan, break off all relations with Wu Meng Academy!”
Ye Yuan stood proudly, facing three great half-stop Divine Lord powerhouses without the slightest fear.
City Lord Manor and Wu Meng Academy coming forward at the same time was already sufficient to represent Wu Meng City Lord’s attitude.
Zhao Yi and Wen Yiyang’s appearance also made Ye Yuan’s final trace of fetters to Wu Meng Academy dissipate like cloud and mist too.
In all fairness, Ye Yuan’s contributions to Wu Meng Academy far exceeded his demands.
He did not owe anything to Wu Meng Academy.
On the contrary, Wu Meng Academy’s way of doing things made him utterly disappointed.
“Turns out that the Qin Family was actually so overboard to Ye Yuan. No wonder Ye Yuan was so indignant and wanted to kill his fellow disciples. Turns out that it was to take revenge for his brother!”
“Qin Yuanlong was an Origin Deity Realm great expert. To actually ambush a Grotto Profound Realm junior, it’s really too shameless.”
“The matters previously, Ye Yuan endured them. This time, him rampaging and killing people is to take revenge for his brother. Ye Yuan is kind and just!”
“Really can’t understand, Ye Yuan has such terrifying talent, why is City Lord so biased towards the Qin Family! No wonder the Qin Family has been acting more and more in a tyrannous manner these few years. Turns out that it’s City Lord backing them up!”

Ye Yuan’s words aroused many people’s sympathy.
The Qin Family and City Lord Manor coercing like so, this was clearly forcing people to drastic alternatives.
For Ye Yuan to be able to endure until now was already incredibly not easy.
Qin Zhaoyun saw that the situation was not right and said with a cold snort, “Razor-tongue that talks glibly! You’re clearly counting on that you made contributions, so you consider everyone beneath your notice, harming your fellow disciples. Now, you actually dare to resort to sophistry! Han Tian, this old man is only asking you, moving aside or not?!”
Han Tian was just about to speak when Ye Yuan said in a clear voice, “Today’s matter, this Ye will shoulder it alone! Senior Han, thank you very much for these few years of care. If this Ye is lucky to get away today, I’ll definitely repay generously in the future! Xie Jingyi and Miss Wanru will be entrusted to Senior Han!”
Han Tian opened his mouth and truly did not know what he should say.
Even if he fought to the bitter end with these three people, he could not save Ye Yuan either.
Three mighty half-step Divine Lord powerhouses were not what he alone could contend with.
Qin Zhaoyun smiled coldly and said, “Lucky to get away? A measly initial-stage Heaven Glimpse really dares to talk! Today, if you don’t die, I, this Qin, will never meet anyone again!”
Ye Yuan looked at Qin Zhaoyun and said with a sneer, “Old fart, your face can’t meet people long ago! But you rest assured, this Ye will make your Qin Family completely disappear one day!”
Qin Zhaoyun laughed from extreme fury and said, “Shamelessly boasting brat! This old man wants to take a look today at how you’re going to make the Qin Family disappear!”
At this time, Wen Yiyang sighed slightly and said with a complicated expression, “Ye Yuan, your talent is astonishing, why is there a need to disparage yourself? Surrender without resistance, this old man will help you beg City Lord for leniency. He’ll definitely give you a way out!”
Ye Yuan looked at him and said with a cold smile, “Does Academy Head really take this Ye to be a three-year-old kid? Although this Ye has never met that Wu Meng City Lord, he and the Qin Family are obviously acting in collusion. If I really surrender, can you protect me?”
Wen Yiyang opened his mouth and was actually speechless.
Actually, he also did not know what was the relationship between City Lord and the Qin Family. But the various signs indeed showed that City Lord and the Qin Family were closely related.
Actually, him coming forward this time was also City Lord personally sending him word, making him persuade Ye Yuan back.
It was just that Ye Yuan was clearly not so easy to deceive. He had long seen through the signs behind this.
“Heh, talking anymore is useless! Old bastard, if you have the ability, come and try chasing me today!”
Ye Yuan smiled coldly at Qin Zhaoyun, his figure instantly vanishing from where he was.
“So fast!”
Everyone had yet to react to what was going on when Ye Yuan already turned into a small black dot, vanishing into the horizons.
This sword maneuvering flight’s speed was actually more than several times faster than before!
Qin Zhaoyun’s expression changed, divine essence urging frenziedly, chasing over in the direction Ye Yuan disappeared.
Zhao Yi and Wen Yiyang’s faces also revealed surprised looks, not expect that Ye Yuan’s speed was actually so fast.
Ye Yuan’s figure turned into a stream of flowing light, like a comet in the sky, a thousand miles in a twinkle.
“Damn it, how can this brat’s sword maneuvering flight’s speed be so fast?’ Qin Zhaoyun said exasperatedly.
Zhao Yi’s expression was ugly too and he said in a solemn voice, “No way, at this rate, we’ll lose him!”
Wen Yiyang did not speak. He felt like his heart was dripping blood.
A genius like Ye Yuan should originally be a most glorious stroke in his, the academy head’s career. But did not expect that it became this kind of outcome.
“Hahaha … old dog, looks like you really have no face to meet people in the future! Got to remember what you said!”
Ye Yuan’s voice slowly transmitted over from the front. He had completely no respect for them, three great half-step Divine Lord powerhouses.
Although half-step Divine Lord powerhouses were able to fly, it was clearly not their forte.
In comparison, after Ye Yuan broke through to Heaven Glimpse Realm, it was his first time deploying sword maneuvering flight at full power. Those few half-baked dabblers could not catch up at all.
But right at this moment, Ye Yuan’s expression changed. A horrifying aura descended from the sky.
In an instant, Ye Yuan seemed to have fallen into a quagmire, unable to extricate himself!