Unrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 1823 - The Wind Outside Is Strong, Be Careful Not to Catch a Cold

Bringing Ye Yuan’s list, Zhu Wen came straight to the Spirit Medicines Hall.
Sure enough, the moment he saw the list, the senior apprentice brother inside got a big fright and immediately threw him outside.
“Senior Apprentice Brother Song, these spirit medicines are not what I want! Elder Du Rufeng made me send the Shadowmoon Sect’s people to Upper Groove Court. He asked me to take good care of them and satisfy any requests. In the end, the moment they went in, they came up with this list and gave it to me, insisting on making me come and pick them up, I had no choice too!” Zhu Wen said with a distressed look.
The moment that Senior Apprentice Brother Song heard Zhu Wen’s explanation, he could not help but wonder.
“Elder Du Rufeng? Shadowmoon Sect? This … What’s going on?”
Zhu Wen smiled bitterly and said, “How would I know what’s going on? Elder Du’s orders, us disciples don’t dare to not listen either! Senior Apprentice Brother song, why not … you report this matter to Elder Chai and let him make a final decision?”
Senior Apprentice Brother Song’s expression turned somber, feeling that what Zhu Wen said made a lot of sense.
The matters between the big guys, they had better be more careful/
Hence, he brought Zhu Wen to go find Elder Chai.
Zhu Wen repeated his words earlier and embellished the details as he said, “That kid called Ye Yuan is very arrogant in attitude, completely disregarding our temple by relying on that he has Elder Du’s golden words, and even said that if this disciple doesn’t get these spirit medicines, he’ll make this disciple get out of the temple. This disciple …”
Sure enough, the moment Elder Chai heard, he said in a great rage, “Insolent thing! When is the Shadowmoon Sect arrogant until it looks down on the temple? Lead the way! I want to see what right the Shadowmoon Sect has to stay in Upper Groove Court! Is Du Rufeng that old punk muddle-headed with age?”
Seeing Elder Chai angry, Zhu Wen felt pleased with himself inwardly.
He wanted to see who could still protect you with this!

“Who is Ye Yuan?! Get out here for this old man!”
Elder Chai’s roar instantly spread throughout the entire Upper Groove Court, also alarming quite a few people to come and watch.
Xu Yan’s reaction was the fastest. The moment he came out and saw that it was the Elder Chai who was burning with rage, his expression could not help changing and he said with clasped hands, “Turns out that it’s Bother Chai Zhen! I wonder what mistake Ye Yuan has made, to cause Brother Chai Zhen to be so angered?”
When the people who came over to watch saw Xu Yan as well as Baili Qingyan and the rest who came out in succession, each and every one of their eyes could not help popping out.
“Isn’t this the Shadowmoon Sect’s Xu Yan? Why is their Shadowmoon Sect staying in Upper Groove Court?”
“I heard that Upper Groove Court is specifically used to entertain elders who came from the inner-island. We’ve never stayed before!”
“Reckon that they checked into Upper Groove Court without permission. This time, angering Elder Chai Zhen, there’s a good show to watch.”

These people were all here to take part in the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave. When they saw that the Shadowmoon Sect actually checked into Upper Groove Court, each and every one was extremely surprised.
Shadowmoon Sect was just middle-lower standard among the True God level sects. How did they have the qualifications to stay in Upper Groove Court?
Reckon that it was them checking in without authorization and was found out by Chai Zhen, that was why he would fly into a great rage.
This Chai Zhen was famed for being hot-tempered. Each and every one of them harbored the emotions of watching a show and onlooking.
Chai Zhen immediately threw the list onto Xu Yan’s face, not giving him, this True God Realm elder, the least bit of face, and said in a solemn voice, “What mistake he made? You take a look yourself! This punk called Ye Yuan really take the temple to be your Shadowmoon Sect? The moment he opened his mouth, it’s several hundred kinds of rank five spirit medicines. What high-sounding sentiments! Also, who the hell are you guys, to actually dare stay in Upper Groove Court? Right now! Immediately! Right away! Get out of here for me!”
Xu Yan took the list and had a look, his mouth unable to close for a long time.
He thought that Ye Yuan just casually wanted some spirit medicines. He did not expect that the moment Ye Yuan asked for it, it was several hundred kinds.
Did this kid really think that the temple’s spirit medicines were roadside cabbages?
Xu Yan’s expression was somewhat awkward as he said, “This … There’s probably some misunderstanding involved. But us staying in Upper Groove Court was personally said by Elder Du Rufeng.”
When Chai Zhen heard this, his face turned black, and said, “Xu Yan, are you using Du Rufeng to pressure me? Do you feel that in this Bamboo Groove Holy Realm, I still have to be kept in check by him?”
Xu Yan’s face changed and knew that he said the wrong thing.
He had also heard before that this Chai Zhen was hot-tempered.
With this, it was not easy to clean up the mess.
“Brother Chai Zhen, calm your anger. This Xu doesn’t mean that,” Xu Yan hurriedly said.
Chai Zhen flicked his sleeves grandly and said with a cold snort, “Regardless whether you mean it or not, right now, immediately, get lost for me right away! Within three breaths, if you guys still don’t scram, don’t blame this old man for not being courteous! One!”
Similarly a True God powerhouse, Chai Zhen did not give Xu Yan the slightest bit of face, and immediately started counting down.
In his eyes, Xu Yan was merely a yokel.
Xu Yan’s expression was incomparably ugly, this guy was too unreasonable.
Right then, Ye Yuan slowly walked out of Upper Groove Court and said with an indifferent look, “Elder Xu, since this elder asks us to move out, then let’s just move out. Oh, also, those spirit medicines, don’t give then don’t give, flying into such a big temper for what?”
Chai Zhen’s face fell and he said, “You’re that brat called Ye Yuan?”
Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Junior Ye Yuan, pays respect to Elder Chai.”
Chai Zhen snorted coldly and said, “A mere True God level sect’s disciple dares to be so unbridled, not having the slightest bit of respect for the temple! Today, not teaching you a lesson, you’d really think that you’re some genius!”
Finished talking, Chai Zhen’s True God Realm aura suddenly released, reaching his hand out and grabbing at Ye Yuan.
Chai Zhen attacked straight away, not giving Ye Yuan a chance to react at all.
Ye Yuan only felt a power that blotted out the skies and covered the earth crushing over towards him.
Ye Yuan’s face changed, not expecting that this guy was so unreasonable.
Suddenly, a lump of pinkish thing tunneled out of Ye Yuan’s bosom and started grunting away at Chai Zhen.
When Chai Zhen saw Treasure Pig, his expression could not help changing and he hurriedly pulled back and exclaimed, “T-Treasure Pig!”
Treasure Pig bared its teeth at Chai Zhen, an appearance of sullen anger.
Chai Zhen had an embarrassed look and said to Treasure Pig with a smile, “S-Sorry, I didn’t know that Treasure Pig, you were here.”
Treasure Pig did not seem to buy it at all and still bared its teeth at Chai Zhen.
Chai Zhen smiled fawningly and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll go right away! I’ll go at once! That … you all carry on staying in Upper Groove Court. Brother Xu Yan, Ye Yuan, you guys quickly go in, don’t stay outside. The wind outside is strong, be careful not to catch a cold.”
Baili Qingyan even turned pale with fright when she saw Chai Zhen attack just now. But now she was tickled by this Chai Zhen’s behavior.
Chai Zhen had a look of embarrassment. Suddenly, he thought of something. Smacking his head, he said with a look of realization, “Oh, right, Brother Xu Yan, return the list Ye Yuan made to me. I’ll order people to prepare it at once. Today, I’ll definitely send it over to Ye Yuan!”
Everyone was struck senseless by Chai Zhen’s sudden change.
Everyone was incomparably surprised, not knowing what origins this pink pig had, and what relationship it had with the Shadowmoon Sect.
After saying all these, Chai Zhen turned around and prepared to leave, and just happened to see Zhu Wen behind him.
A crisp slap sounded out, then came Chai Zhen’s bellow.
He shouted, “You idiot! Why didn’t you tell me that Treasure Pig was here?”