Unrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2605: Three Years

Chapter 2605: Three Years
The invincible Changsun Xingyu was killed just like this.
It was unexpected but also reasonable.
When Ye Yuan comprehended Great Dao Transformation, Changsun Xingyu's demise had already become inevitable.
In the Land of Exile, a king being replaced by another king, this was the norm.
It was just that Changsun Xingyu's talent was outstanding. That was how he suppressed the others for many years.
Originally, with Changsun Xingyu's talent and strength, there should have been no one who could replace him unless he ascended to the next level.
But Ye Yuan this freak appeared.
Gaining enlightenment on Dao at the last moment, he slayed Xingyu with his sword!
He Yunxiang and Di Xing led everyone and said respectfully, "He Yunxiang leads everyone to pay respect to City Lord, Your Excellency!"
Ye Yuan's aura was very chaotic, but his imposing aura rose to the peak at this time.
Even if he was in poor condition, no one dared to make a move against him too.
One battle, stabilizing heaven and earth!
Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said coolly, "From today onward, I'll go into closed-seclusion. All of Resplendent Sun City's affairs will be managed by you. Everything else, maintain the status quo!"
He Yunxiang was not surprised at all, hurriedly bowing to say yes.
These three days of battle definitely benefited Ye Yuan immensely.
At this time, he naturally had to enter closed-seclusion to consolidate.
Ye Yuan threw He Yunxiang a jade slip and said, "Help me collect the heavenly medicines according to the list inside. One year later, there will naturally be your benefits."
He Yunxiang received the jade slip to take a look and could not help drawing a cold breath as he said in shock, "Hiss … imperial grade heavenly pills! Your Excellency can actually refine heavenly imperial pills?"
Ye Yuan was also rather surprised as he said, "You actually know about heavenly imperial pills?"
He Yunxiang smiled bitterly and said, "Before this lowly one ascended, I was an alchemist too! After ascending to the 33 Heavens, I'd once tried to become a heavenly alchemist too! It's just a pity that this lowly one's affinity is too poor and couldn't become a heavenly alchemist. However, this lowly one more or less studied heavenly pills a little too, these heavenly medicines that Your Excellency is looking for are very precious, only heavenly imperial pills will use them! No wonder Your Excellency is so heaven-defying, I presume that Your Excellency must be of an extremely high grade pre-natal Dao physique!"
In his view, for Ye Yuan to be able to refine heavenly imperial pills, his affinity should at least be 70 and above!
Among ascenders, this was absolutely heaven-defying among heaven-defying.
This kind of monstrousness, it was not strange that he had such comprehension ability.
Martial Secure Heavenly Sect really picked up a treasure!
But when Ye Yuan heard that, he smiled meaningfully and said, "Pre-natal Dao physique? Huhu … I'm merely of a mortal physique. That's all."
Finished saying, Ye Yuan turned around and left, leaving behind the He Yunxiang with a stupefied face.
"Mortal physique! A mortal physique can refine heavenly imperial pills? A mortal physique can comprehend Great Dao Transformation? He … He's joking, right?" He Yunxiang said with a look of shock.
… …
These few days of continuous tough battles, Ye Yuan had indeed benefited a great deal and needed time to digest.
Even this All-Encompassing Sacred Tree of the Universe, Ye Yuan needed to perfect it carefully.
This transformation was obtained by chance under Ye Yuan's sudden enlightenment.
When he killed Changsun Xingyu, it was not perfected.
After perfecting it, killing Changsun Xingyu would merely be a matter of snapping his fingers.
In addition, the heavenly medicines that he made He Yunxiang collect, were medicinal materials to refine the Yu Qi Dust Cleansing Heavenly Imperial Pill.
He planned to use this heavenly imperial pill to assault grand completion Lesser Sublime Heavenly Stratum.
One year later, Ye Yuan thoroughly perfected the All-Encompassing Sacred Tree of the Universe's first form. Its power was much stronger compared to before!
If he ran into Changsun Xingyu again now, Ye Yuan would be able to kill him with a wave of his hand.
However, the complexity of this Great Dao Transformation also far exceeded Ye Yuan's imagination.
Although the first form was just a young sprout, the complexity of this move was far from comparable to that of a Universe Sword Formation.
Integrating the power of Great Dao, this was the power of heaven!
The high-level form of the power of rules was not a boast!
Fortunately, Ye Yuan's comprehension ability was exceedingly high. He polished it carefully for a year before completely perfecting this move.
With regards to this speed, Ye Yuan found it a bit slow.
But if he let the people who had similarly comprehended Great Dao Transformation know, they would definitely drown him in spit.
To comprehend Great Dao Transformation, ordinary martial artists needed to spend several decades, even hundreds of years before they could completely perfect it.
Ye Yuan only used one year and actually still found it too slow.
One year later, Ye Yuan spent another two years, focusing on assaulting grand completion Lesser Sublime Heavenly Stratum.
He refined all of these White Pine Melody into Yu Qi Dust Cleansing Heavenly Imperial Pills.
Under the revolution of the Wordless Heavenly Skill, he was finally still successful in assaulting.
Using so many grand completion ninth grade heavenly imperial pills to assault cultivation realm, probably only Ye Yuan could do it.
If this matter were to spread, it naturally could not avoid drawing hatred.
The medicinal effects of heavenly imperial pills were not worse than grade two heavenly pills!
This Wordless Heavenly Skill was well-deserving of being a cultivation method that could let Jadetrue Heavenly Sect overlook Rainclear Continent proudly, it was indeed very strong.
Heavenly imperial pills coupled with the Wordless Heavenly Skill were truly a perfect match!
Ye Yuan only used two years and succeeded in assaulting.
Furthermore, his foundation was incomparably solid and could assault Greater Sublime Heavenly Stratum at any time!
Ye Yuan's chaos world also shone with a flourishing vitality.
Exiting seclusion in three years gave He Yunxiang and the others a huge fright.
They thought that Ye Yuan needed to go into a retreat for at least a decade or two. Did not expect that he exited seclusion so quickly.
"Congratulations to Your Excellency for breaking through to grand completion Lesser Sublime Heavenly Stratum! It's just … doesn't Your Excellency plan on perfecting Great Dao Transformation?" He Yunxiang asked doubtfully.
Ye Yuan glanced at him and said coolly, "It was already perfected two years ago. Since it's already comprehended, how can perfecting it be so troublesome?"
He Yunxiang, Di Xing, and the rest opened their mouths wide, their faces being pale.
This lord was truly a god!
Ye Yuan casually threw to He Yunxiang few people each a Yu Qi Dust Cleansing Heavenly Imperial Pill and said indifferently, "These few heavenly imperial pills will be bestowed to you guys. Eat it and break through to Greater Sublime Heavenly Stratum! In a place like the Land of Exile, one will either advance or regress. Staying here, you guys will be dead sooner or later!"
He Yunxiang took a look after he got it and almost threw the medicinal pill onto the ground.
"G-Grand completion ninth grade! Your Excellency, you … you aren't joking, right?" He Yunxiang stammered.
Ye Yuan frowned and said, "Do you think that I'm joking with you?"
He Yunxiang hurriedly waved his hand and said, "No, no, no! Your Excellency is mistaken! This lowly one is just surprised that Your Excellency can actually refine grand completion ninth grade heavenly imperial pills with your mortal physique! It's simply too amazing! This medicinal pill, probably even grade four heavenly alchemists might not be able to refine it!"
He Yunxiang discovered that this City Lord's alchemy path talent was actually even more terrifying than his martial path talent!
Martial path, with Ye Yuan's current strength, he could at most kill a lower Greater Sublime Heaven, that was all.
But in alchemy, he could cross three major realms and instantly kill grade four heavenly alchemists!
This level of strength already could not be described using the word monstrous!
What was even more terrifying was that His Excellency said that he was only of a mortal physique!
Mortal physique!
Ye Yuan said coolly, "Who said that mortal physiques can't refine pills? Some things, it's just that your skill level is lacking; that's all! Oh, right, help me issue challenge letters to the other nine cities' city lords. From tomorrow onward, I'm going to challenge the nine cities' city lords!"
The moment He Yunxiang heard, he smiled bitterly and said, "Your Excellency, I'm afraid that … this can't go according to your wishes!"