Versatile Mage
Chapter 1955 - Tenfold Amplification of the Advanced Level

Chapter 1955: Tenfold Amplification of the Advanced Level
Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales
Translated by XephiZ
Edited by Aelryinth
The Blue Star Knights with the Summoning Element were planning to use the opening available after Mo Fan had just used a powerful spell to defeat him. To their surprise, Mo Fan had Summoned his powerful Summoned Beasts out as well!
The difference in strength between the Summoned Beasts of both sides was quite obvious. Little Flame Belle was bullying the four Contracted Beasts by chasing them around. The rest of the beasts did not have great discipline and were intimidated by the fire and ice. They naturally missed their best chance to defeat Mo Fan.
The Summoning Element was their strongest Element, yet Mo Fan had only used two Summoned Beasts to keep them at bay. The four Blue Star Knights were quickly filled with despair.
Mo Fan had only Summoned a Summoned Beast with Dimensional Summoning and used a Contracted Beast, yet they had still failed to secure the upper hand in the battle!
The Blue Star Knights were not brainless. They understood how dangerous it would be if Mo Fan were to Summon a Beast Tide after seeing how strong his Dimensional Summoning and Contracted Beast were. The outcome of the battle was already decided!

Just over a dozen Blue Star Knights were left after the four Summoners lost their will to fight.
The remaining Blue Star Knights held their ground stubbornly, and did not stop attacking with their spells. They looked like a bunch of sacred knights trying to fend off a demon with the strong determination on their faces.
They seemed to have forgotten the fact that their class was supposed to teach the arrogant man a lesson. However, Mo Fan had taught them a lesson with his overwhelming strength instead. They were now defending the remaining pride of the Blue Star Knights!
Mo Fan took his time to deal with his remaining opponents.
He was not unbeatable. He could still be injured by Advanced Spells with special effects if he was careless. He was also covered in wounds of varying severity, but he was experienced enough to dodge the critical attacks, even if it meant he had to endure a few hits.
The Shadow Mirage had consumed a significant amount of Mo Fan’s energy. It was basically a Super Spell, or it would not have been able to take out ten Blue Star Knights. Mo Fan’s Shadow Element was still not stable, since it had just reached the Super Level, and he was worn out after expending so much energy at once. Luckily, he would recover in a few minutes if he did not use any powerful spells. Little Flame Belle and the Flying Creek Snow Wolf were around to ease the pressure of being flanked by the enemy.
Over a dozen Advanced Mages firing their spells continuously was still a great threat to him. As a matter of fact, Mo Fan would not have felt confident enough to defeat the class of Blue Star Knights if his Shadow Element had not reached the Super Level, mainly because the duel might have ended after the enemy fired their first wave of attacks. He would not have lasted for more than the first round due to his lack of defense!
However, he now had the Dark Vein and the Ink Shadow, which were absolutely perfect for escaping, allowing him to dodge those Elemental Spells like a spirit.
Mo Fan had used the Ink Shadow again. His body wove through the spells like a puff of smoke. He found himself a safe spot before the duration of the Ink Shadow ended, making sure he was able to use Blink to dodge another wave of spells.
As for the spells that were not so much of a threat, he could just defend himself with the Earth Element and Telekinesis. He could also dodge them by sliding around with Earth Wave.
The movements of a Mage with the Space Element and Shadow Element were unpredictable. It was rather difficult to even hit them, and Mo Fan still had the Earth Element to defend himself during the openings when his Shadow Element and Space Element were on cooldown. He was truly a ghost wandering around the battleground!
The Advanced Mages failed to take Mo Fan out with their continuous attacks. Mo Fan’s mental strength was recovering rapidly.
“Electro Cannon!”
Mo Fan cast the Advanced Spell with ease. It was capable of killing Great Commander-level creatures instantly. Mo Fan decided to end the battle with his Lightning Element by abusing its twelvefold damage amplification. The two Blue Star Knights who thought they were at a safe distance from him were his first targets.
The two Blue Star Knights realized their attempt to drive away the presence of Dark Magic with their Light Element was useless. Mo Fan could still rely on the Ink Shadow. They had started to purify Mo Fan directly with the Light Element, trying to seal off his Dark Vein.
The two Light Mages were quite observant. If they could have deduced Mo Fan’s secret a bit earlier, Mo Fan would have lost the duel!
Unfortunately for them, the Electro Cannon was unreasonably powerful. It knocked the two Light Mages out instantly after landing between them. They did not even have a chance to cast their spells!
They tried defending themselves with Sacred Light Protection, but how could their normal Light Element possibly stand a chance against Mo Fan’s destructive Lightning Element, which could even injure a Ruler-inferior creature? Mo Fan was already showing mercy when he did not blast them to ashes!
Two more Blue Star Knights were taken out. The number of Blue Star Knights left now was quite pitiful.
No one had expected the battle to come down to this. The people who were taken out were frustrated, angry, and resentful, but those who remained in the duel were now anxious and panicking.
They had no idea what they were supposed to do. Their Advanced Spells and their enemy’s Advanced Spell were not at the same level!
Not every Blue Star Knight had a Soul-grade Seed. Those things were extremely rare and expensive!
Their tier-one Advanced Spells, together with a Spirit-grade Seed that would amplify their damage by two or three times, would be able to destroy a shopping mall. Those with a stronger cultivation would have tier-two Advanced Spells, but only a few would have tier-three Advanced Spells. Not many people had tier-three Advanced Spells and a Soul-grade Seed like Wandi possessed.
On the other hand, Mo Fan’s Advanced Spells were all fourth-tier, so his spells were already two or three times stronger than a normal Advanced Spell. Second, Mo Fan’s Lightning Tyrant’s sixfold damage amplification was also two or three times higher than mere Spirit-grade Seeds. When the two combined, a single fourth-tier Lightning Spell from Mo Fan would be around five times stronger than the Blue Star Knights’ spells…
There was also the insane amplification of the Blessing of the God’s Seal, which doubled his Lightning Spell to ten times stronger than theirs, instead of five!
If the Blue Star Knights’ spells were a small fuse, Mo Fan’s spell would be C4!
Therefore, even if the remaining Blue Star Knights and Mo Fan were to stand on opposite sides and merely fire spells at one another, the Blue Star Knights might still not be able to beat Mo Fan. After all, a Super Mage was faster at Casting spells, and their consumption of energy and cooldown between spells were much lower too!