Versatile Mage
Chapter 2207 - The Andes Federal Union

Chapter 2207: The Andes Federal Union
Translated by XephiZ
Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan returned the Cultivation Tool to Ritchie after getting rid of its impurities.
Ritchie sat down and started Cultivating. He quickly noticed he was no longer feeling any pain from the Lightning Element, and smiled like a little kid.
In the past, he felt like he was being hit by ten thousand volts every time he Cultivated. He had no choice but to endure the pain every day. He was more confident in himself now that he no longer had to endure the pain!
“Lecturer Mo Yifan, you are seriously the best teacher I have ever had. My family asked countless Forgemasters to solve the problem for me, yet none of them could do it. I could only Cultivate by enduring the pain…” Ritchie actually burst into tears of gratitude.
A Chinese lecturer had solved the problem that had troubled him for such a long time with ease. Ritchie felt like he had found his true mentor. He was utterly grateful!
“It’s nothing worth mentioning. I’m quite interested in the Sun-Gathering Peak you mentioned before. You can bring us there when we have the chance,” Mo Fan suggested.
“Not a problem!” Ritchie would not blink even if Mo Fan asked him to jump into a volcano now!
Mo Fan left in a hurry, finding a deserted corner.
Normally, Little Loach would collect Soul Remnants and refine them into Soul Essences, but Mo Fan had learned something new about it today.
Not only did Little Loach absorb the impurities of the Cultivation Tool, it further refined the impurities into pure Lightning energy, filling Mo Fan’s Galaxy!
The Galaxy of his Lightning Element had expanded slightly because of it. It even had the urge to reach the second-tier!
“Just a little more, if only there were slightly more impurities in the Lightning Pentagon, I could have reached the second-tier today!” Mo Fan felt it was a pity.
Not only would his supply of Lightning energy double after his Galaxy expanded to the second-tier, the strength of his Lightning Spells would rise. Mo Fan did not expect to receive such benefits just by lending Ritchie a hand!
“It seems the Lightning Pentagons are something extraordinary. Not only did it feed Little Loach, it also improved my Lightning Element…”
Mo Fan swore to pay the Sun-Gathering Peak a visit. If he could find one or two Lightning Pentagons, his Lightning Element could easily reach the second-tier Super Level, not to mention the increase in his Cultivation rate!
Mo Fan meditated until midnight, trying to break through to the second-tier Super Level.
He was so close to it! It gave Mo Fan a great headache, like he was unable to ejaculate despite trying all kinds of postures.
Mo Fan found himself starving. The dried food in his Space Bracelet was gone. He had no choice but to walk around the streets to see if there were any convenience stores still open to get a quick bite.
Cultivation was a long journey. It was important to accumulate experience. He might only be a step away from reaching the second-tier Super Level of his Lightning Element, but he would only produce the opposite of the desired outcome if he tried to force it.
“Why aren’t any of the shops still open? Don’t they have a McDonald’s, at least?” Mo Fan noticed only a few shops were still open.
He found a café that was still operating toward the end of the street. It was most likely open for students who had the habit of studying at night.
The café was almost empty when Mo Fan walked into it. He was wondering if the kitchen was still open and if he should just give up and head back when he saw a glamorous blonde sitting in a corner. The weary look on her face gave Mo Fan an urge to approach her to understand her inner clothes… ah, inner thoughts!
It was Brianca!
What a coincidence, he had stumbled into Miss Brianca from the Alps just as he was trying to find a quick bite. He would waste the opportunity that fate had brought him if he did not do something age-restricted to her.
Unfortunately, his rational side managed to overcome his inner desires. He immediately turned and headed for the door, as he did not want Brianca to recognize him.
“Are you Lecturer Mo Yifan?” Brianca called out, catching a glimpse of Mo Fan’s back.
“Ugh, I guess I am,” Mo Fan answered awkwardly.
“You are having insomnia too?” Brianca asked politely.
“I just finished my meditation. I was thinking of finding a quick bite before going to bed…” Mo Fan said.
“I happened to order the last serving of steak. I can give it to you if you want,” Brianca said with a gentle smile. Her eyes were glittering cunningly, like a smart snow deer.
Mo Fan had no choice but to take the seat across from her. It was obvious Brianca had seen through his disguise.
“You have my thanks.” Mo Fan scratched his head.
“Time flies. A certain someone has already become a Lecturer of the Aorus Sacred Institute,” Brianca smiled at him.
“Miss Brianca, why did you only expose me now if you knew who I was?” Mo Fan asked with a confused face.
“I was interested to see what you all are up to,” Brianca replied.
“Does our disguise suck that badly?” Mo Fan asked regretfully.
“Not at all, it’s pretty good. But the three of you came together, so it was pretty easy for me to guess,” Brianca pointed out.
Mo Fan realized Brianca did not see through his disguise. She had only guessed their identities by observing their habits!
It made a lot of sense. After all, Brianca was quite familiar with them!
“We are here for a secret operation, so it’s better for us to remain undercover. May I ask Miss Brianca to keep our identities a secret?” Mo Fan said.
“Sure, I won’t inquire any further,” Brianca gave Mo Fan her steak and said, “Here you go, you must be starving.”
“I’ll gladly take it… by the way, Miss Brianca, I can tell you are worried. Is something bothering you? Your classes in the Aorus Sacred Institute have been successful so far. The students can’t even buy a spot for your classes. Unlike us amateurs, we are losing money from our classes.” Mo Fan started feasting on the well-done steak.
“We didn’t come here to compete. The Alps Institute has branches across the world which mainly accept orphans who are victims of natural disasters,” Brianca answered.
“Mm, it’s why I’m very impressed by your school,” Mo Fan nodded.
“The safe zones have shrunk significantly because of the sea monsters. Many villages and towns are being abandoned. A few countries close to the Andes Mountains will soon establish the Andes Federal Union,” Brianca said.
“Isn’t that great? Everyone is joining hands to prepare themselves for the upcoming disaster!” Mo Fan said brightly.
The action of forming a federal union was similar to China’s approach of establishing headquarters cities. The military was short on hands when the cities, towns, and villages were too scattered. They would not be able to protect the places that were located in the more remote areas.