Versatile Mage
Chapter 2210 - Patrol

Chapter 2210: Patrol
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Translated by XephiZ
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Mo Fan and his group immediately registered for a patrol class. Mo Fan could have also registered it as a class on Magic Theory since they had plenty of funds now. They could easily afford to hold an outdoor class of Magic Theory that would cost a lot more.
A patrol class was different from a class on demon creatures. A patrol class was a practical class where the students patrolled the border of the school and exterminated nests of sea monsters and demon creatures to control their population.
It was impossible to kill every demon creature around. They were like weeds that kept on reproducing in the corners where humans could not see, especially the lower-level creatures who only needed a few months to mature.
However, if they allowed weeds to grow indefinitely, there would be serious consequences over time. Therefore, the school assigned people to exterminate demon creatures at times. Students could also volunteer to earn some quick gold.
A patrol was similar to a cleaning activity held by the school, but the students were not going to be bringing hoes, brooms, or sickles. They were toting full kits of magic ammunition instead!
The request for the class was processed smoothly. The school welcomed teachers who were willing to help with the school’s affairs and not merely their own benefits. Not many lecturers were willing to lead students on manual tasks like this.
The classes on demon creatures mostly focused on dangerous species. Many lecturers would not bother holding a class if it was not related to exciting Commander-level creatures.
The patrol class mainly focused on lesser creatures in great numbers. They were mostly Servant-class or Warrior-level creatures, so it was not a dangerous job. The students in the Aorus Sacred Institute were proud and aloof, and believed they should let the poor Mages who were looking for jobs outside of the school to handle such things. They were not willing to waste their time on such tasks.
“Why do we only have thirty students?” Mo Fan asked, feeling disappointed.
“It’s just a patrol class. It’s the least favorite class of the students. They consider it a waste of time, since they won’t benefit a lot from it,” Zhao Manyan replied.
The students had to pay for all classes, but the patrol classes were different. Even though they had to pay the lecturers first, they would get double the gold back from the school in the end. The students would still earn gold from them.
“Such arrogant pricks, why would they assume our class is going to be boring? They will learn a great deal from it!” Mo Fan grumbled.
“Lecturer, it’s just how the school is. Most people are selfish. They won’t bother wasting their time on things that won’t benefit them. The ones who are willing to join this class either lack a formidable background or they are just trying to earn some quick money,” Ritchie informed him.
Mo Fan looked at the students and noticed they were less impressive than those who had joined the excursion. Even their pride as students of the Aorus Sacred Institute was significantly weaker than those from the student union.
“Lecturer, the truth is that most students who join patrol classes used to be laborers themselves. On one hand, they are trying to earn a little extra income, while on the other they are helping provide the villagers with a safer environment,” Fan Ding told them.
Fan Ding was the latest student Mo Fan had recruited for the tournament. He was also the student who had told Mo Fan about the laborers.
“Alright, in simpler words, you are grassroots without any background… but don’t you worry, I was also a grassroots Mage, but I’m now a lecturer of the Aorus Sacred Institute after putting in a lot of hard work. You shouldn’t be disheartened by that. Lecturer Zhao, on the other hand, comes from a wealthy family. He’s so rich that he can fill the ocean with his money, yet he’s just a pitiful lecturer now too.” Mo Fan patted Zhao Manyan’s shoulder.
“Why do you sound so glorious, while I’m just a pitiful one, even though we are both lecturers?” Zhao Manyan shot back.
“Don’t mind the details, I’m just trying to encourage the students!”
Some of the students might have come from poor families, but there were also students with wealthy backgrounds who treated the class as an outing. Mo Fan, Zhao Manyan, and Mu Bai treated the job very seriously. They did not spare a single demon creature, but the students differed greatly. Half of them were treating the class seriously, while the other half were treating it as a casual day out.
The villages around the Aorus Sacred Institute had great scenery. The students were used to the luxurious halls and shiny floors in the school. It was refreshing to see the beautiful villages and green plants on the outskirts.
“These students are quite undisciplined,” Mo Fan noticed.
“They are all high-level players paying the Rookie Village a visit. The demon creatures are too weak for them,” Zhao Manyan said helplessly.
“Why are two of the students missing?” Mu Bai frowned.
“It’s fine.”
“What do you mean it’s fine? We can’t afford to let our guard down even if the demon creatures are weak!” Mu Bai said.
“They are shaking the trees in those woods. They should be gone for at least half an hour,” Mo Fan smiled.
“What’s shaking the trees?” Boleyn asked naively.
Mo Fan raised his brows. He wondered if Boleyn was only pretending to be innocent. He was about to explain to her when he saw the two students returning from the woods. The boy looked satisfied while the girl was smiling too, but her lips twisted when she looked in a different direction.
Zhao Manyan looked at the girl, who was quite attractive. He looked at his watch and felt sorry for her.
That boy was such a disappointment. If he had been doing it, he would have let the hour hand spin half a circle longer!
As they reached a wet field, three students ran back to the group and told Mo Fan proudly, “Lecturer, we noticed a few demon creatures damaging the crops in the field, so we got rid of them and saved the villagers!”
The three students had been a long way ahead of the group. Mo Fan had let them be since there was not any danger nearby.
“Well done, I’ll write it down and give you bonus marks for the class.” Mo Fan took out a notebook and marked the students’ names with a plus sign.
He was just about to highlight the students’ names when he saw a group of farmers heading their way.
“We already told the farmers there’s no need to thank us, yet they still came to express their gratitude,” one of the students said.
Around eight villagers came up to them. They yelled when they recognized the three students.
“You little assh****, you killed the Plowing Beasts that our village recently bought after saving up for a long time. How could you do that to us? We are just mere farmers!” an old farmer scolded them, tears coming down his face.
The smiles on the three students’ faces vanished.
Mo Fan’s expression stiffened too.