Versatile Mage
Chapter 2287 - Lord of Lightning, Mo Fan!

Chapter 2287: Lord of Lightning, Mo Fan!
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Translated by XephiZ
Edited by Aelryinth
“I’ll fend them off. You two figure out a plan,” Mo Fan said.
“How are you going to do that? You are as useless as us when you can’t use your Advanced Spells. Shouldn’t we be thinking of a way to run away?” Zhao Manyan shot back.
Zhao Manyan had the habit of uttering nonsense whenever he was nervous.
He had put on a set of Pangolin Beast Armor. A blue light was shining down on them from above, like a glowing pangolin was shielding them with its body.
The Wind Gear Wheel kept grinding at the barrier. It started cracking in no time, making Zhao Manyan even more nervous..
The situation was no joke. They were completely surrounded by a regiment. They were just like the Five Heroes on Langya Mountain, but there were only three of them!
“Lightning Crow!”
Mo Fan stayed inside the cover of Zhao Manyan’s Pangolin Beast Armor. His nervous system gradually became visible, like a circuit when electricity was flowing through it.
More lines surfaced in dense patterns on his arms. They glowed when the lightning flowed past certain points.
Glowing dots scattered across Mo Fan’s arms. If one looked closely, they would notice the lightning dots actually resembled a Star Constellation!
The glowing dots the lightning was flowing toward were his Lightning Acupuncture Points!
Mo Fan was treating the Lightning Acupuncture Points as the Stars needed to construct a Star Constellation. He was replacing the Star Orbits and Star Patterns with his nervous system!
The choir’s disorienting attack had no effect on Mo Fan’s Lightning Magic!
Mo Fan crossed his arms.
A brilliant Lightning Star Pattern appeared in front of him, serving as the backbone of the Star Constellation!
Countless light dots scattered in the air when the Star Constellation exploded.
The rain was dyed purple by the flickering lightning. An overwhelming energy soon filled the sky above the Furniture District.
The cries of crows heralding a bad omen echoed in the sky. They sounded like the cries of condors summoning their comrades after they found an injured creature in the desert.
One Lightning Crow after another appeared above the Wind Warships. Their glowing feathers were made of arcs of lightning. The lightning orbs capable of firing powerful lightning chains had become their eyes!
The Lightning Crows swarmed the Wind Warships and attacked the Mages on them wildly.
Due to the twelvefold damage amplification of the Lightning Tyrant, even the slightest touch from an arc of lightning would inflict serious damage on its target.
Mo Fan had no intention to show the Brown Rebels any mercy. The Lightning Crows were everywhere.
They would unleash deadly lightning chains whenever they beat their wings. They could also cause terrifying lightning explosions whenever they slammed into their targets.
Lightning was mutually attractive. Since it was raining heavily, the rain would also conduct the lightning while gathering all the raw Lightning Magic within a distance of ten kilometers!
Mo Fan’s Lightning Acupuncture Points were like an enormous electromagnetic field. It felt like the lightning strikes in the sky were under their command.
How much energy did the bolts of lightning from a thunderstorm contain?
The lightning bolts that sliced across the sky were visually stunning even when they were a few thousand meters away, let alone the lightning flashing in the clouds. How terrifying would it be when all the lightning had gathered on a single Lightning Mage?
Mo Fan connected all his Lightning Acupuncture Points. He felt like he could control the Lightning Magic in the sky even if he had only activated the Lightning Acupuncture Points on his arms.
Every object that contained Lightning Energy was now his soldier!
In the past, a single Lightning Crow was only comparable to a normal Super Spell, but now the Lightning Crows that he had Summoned with the Lightning Acupuncture Points were a full murderous flock!
Back in the day, Mo Fan had to control a flock of Lightning Crows and order them to attack his enemies, but this time, a few flocks of Lightning Crows appeared on their own to eliminate his enemies whenever he attacked.
They were not part of Mo Fan’s spell, but the Lightning Acupuncture Points had Summoned them to his aid. The Lightning Acupuncture Points had improved the strength of his Advanced Spell significantly!
Mo Fan was dumbfounded when he saw the Lightning Crows crushing the fleet of Wind Warships.
Is this really my power?

The extremely troubled Zhao Manyan had calmed down too, and was now staring at Mo Fan like he was looking at a monster. He was behaving like a wife watching her husband taking Viagra. He was in disbelief and excited at the same time.
How insane! As expected of the Lord of Lightning!
His knees were going soft after he saw how strong Mo Fan was!
“How come you aren’t affected by the Sound Element?” Mu Bai asked pointedly.

Cook and the Wolf Chief shared the same question. Was the choir they had hired with a huge sum just lip-syncing?!
Not only was the guy able to use a Super Spell, it felt like he had Summoned a thunderstorm equivalent to a red-alert disaster. The Lightning Crows were basically the same as kamikaze aircraft during the Second World War!
The Mages who were supposed to attack from the tall buildings were in a mess. Even the fleet of Wind Warships was in disorder. They could not possibly maintain the Wind Gear Wheel.
“Try harder! Follow my instructions and shout at the top of your lungs!” Cook started waving his baton again.
The choir had to be slacking. They must have let their guard down!
They were only going up against a few young lecturers. Their cultivation was nowhere strong enough to ignore the Sound Element!
“Ready, sing!” Cook stood on his toes.
The choir immediately sang as loud as they could. They no longer sounded like elegant tenors, trying their best to suppress Mo Fan’s Lightning Magic.
They had turned into mad dogs that had been locked in cages. They were barking madly at anyone who posed a threat to them.
Their faces reddened. Their voices were hoarse. Their lungs were about to explode!
A few members of the choir were rolling their eyes as they fell short on breath. They were on the verge of fainting from lack of oxygen.
A disadvantage of using the Sound Magic was how easy it was to injure friendlies when the Sound Magic became too powerful.
The Mages who were relatively weaker were now struggling to use their magic due to the deafening song of the choir. Their Star Orbits kept breaking as they were unable to focus.

Mo Fan turned around and noticed how hard the choir was trying.
Since Mo Fan had the Lightning Acupuncture Points, he was able to construct the Star Orbits, Star Patterns, Star Constellations, and Star Palaces inside his body. He no longer had to rely on his mental strength.
The choir had no chance of affecting Mo Fan’s Lightning Magic, even if they sang until their deaths!