Versatile Mage
Chapter 638 - The Inescapable Danger

Chapter 638: The Inescapable Danger

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Mu Bai reacted even more suspiciously as everyone set their gaze on him.
“Mu Bai, don’t tell me… your cultivation did improve a lot over the years…” Wang Sanpang looked at Mu Bai in fear.
“Hey fatty, enough with your nonsense, there’s no way Mu Bai is one of the Black Vatican. He hated them more than any of us. Don’t think that you’re the only one whose families died at their hands!” yelled Zhao Kunsan with a blushing face.
“I’m sure Mu Bai isn’t, but do you have someone you’re suspicious of?” asked Mo Fan.
Mu Bai was a green tea man without a doubt, but he was definitely not the same kind as Hong Jun, who would twist his personality in order to achieve his personal desires. The guy was extremely self-willed, and most importantly, they had all grown up together. There was no way he would have been brainwashed by the Black Vatican.
“The truth is, I only heard this from my mum a while ago, it’s not like I’m trying to hide something,” Mu Bai’s voice turned slightly deeper.
Mu Bai was about to tell them his speculations when a few Imperial Magician in purple robes flew towards them from the inner walls.
Initially, they thought the Imperial Magicians were heading toward the Clock Tower Magic Association, but they were surprised when the Magicians landed before them.
The captain of the Imperial Magicians scanned the group and asked coldly, “Pardon me, is Fang Gu here?”
“I am…” Fang Gu did not hide his identity. He slowly walked forward and said with a hollow laugh, “As a sinful man, I’m quite honored that the Captain of the Imperial Magicians, Lu Huan, is here to catch me. To bother wasting your time on a murderer like me, you Imperial Magicians are quite intriguing.”
Fang Gu already mentioned that he would turn himself in to the Enforcement Union.
However, in the middle of such a terrifying disaster, it was a great relief if the city merely managed to survive. The Enforcement Union had no time to waste on a criminal like him.
Fang Gu was simply going with the flow. As a matter of fact, he was quite intrigued to learn who this Great Deacon Hu Jin was, a man trying to give the thousand-year Ancient Capital a burial ceremony!
“You all are coming with me,” Lu Huan waved his hand, ordering his men to take the group with them.
Mo Fan was entirely confused, but considering that these Imperial Magicians would simply bring them to Zhu Meng, he simply let the Magicians take them away.
The Imperial Magicians all had the ability to fly, so they each took two people with them. Mo Fan, Zhang Xiaohou, Su Xiaoluo, Fang Gu, Mu Bai, Zhou Ming, Liu Ru, Wang Sanpang, and Zhao Kunsan were all dragged away.
Initially, Mo Fan thought the Imperial Magicians would bring them to the Clock Tower Magic Association, but they ended up arriving at some residence.
It was hard to find such a spacious residence when the inner city was fully crowded with people. It was obvious that the place was somewhere important…
“Captain, you can go back now. The Nether Bone Ruler is still watching the city. We’ll bring them in,” said one of the Imperial Magicians.
Lu Huan nodded. He quickly flew into the sky and headed for the Northern Gate with a single beat of the enormous pair of white wings on his back.
The inner city was not too big. It did not take much time for the captain of the Imperial Magicians to travel back and forth, yet it was quite shocking that they would send the captain of the Imperial Magicians to hunt Fang Gu down for what he had done.
The status of the captain of the Imperial Magicians was even higher than Councilman Zhu Meng here in the Ancient Capital. He was in charge of the strongest troop of Magicians in the whole Ancient Capital, consisting of the best Advanced Magicians…
The Flesh Mound Corpse Officials had greatly disrupted the evacuation of the people in the outer city. However, the Imperial Magicians still managed to eliminate many Flesh Mound Corpse Officials within a short period of time. Otherwise, at least half of the people who had successfully evacuated to the inner city would have died!
“So he’s Lu Huan… rumors say he’s the strongest man in the Ancient Capital. He once killed an Undead Ruler on his own!” said Zhou Ming, admiringly glancing after the purple figure flying away.
“It’s exaggerating to say he’s the strongest, but he’s definitely in the top three,” said a rather friendly-looking Imperial Magician with a smile. He led the group into the residence.
The residence was in fact fairly crowded. Most of the people were hiding indoors. The beautiful garden was full of boxes containing medicines, leaving only a single path that people could barely walk through.
“Feel free to sit anywhere,” said an old man, walking out before the group reached the building.
The group exchanged glances with one another. Mo Fan was the first to sit down on a box of medicine. The others proceeded to take their seats, although they were still utterly confused by the situation.
“On behalf of the higher-ups in the Magic Association, I must thank you for escorting Fang Gu here,” the black-haired old man gave them a slight bow.
Fang Wu was completely confused too. Even though he had committed murders, was it really necessary to send him here, considering the situation they were in? There was no doubt that this old man was the president of the Clock Tower Magic Association, Han Ji!
First the captain of the Imperial Magicians, and now the president of the Clock Tower Magic Association; everyone was a great authority of the Ancient Capital, whose decisions could decide the fate of the entire city!
“Fang Gu, do you still have a portion of the Water of Kun?” Han Ji switched his gaze on Fang Gu and asked straightforwardly.
“Why are you asking about this? Aren’t you going to punish me for my sins?” asked Fang Gu in confusion.
The Black Vatican was after the Water of Kun. Why were the people of the Magic Association after it too? Even though the Water of Kun was the key to this conspiracy, the disaster had already taken place. What was the point of finding the Water of Kun now?
“We’ll talk about your sins later, saving the lives of millions of people in the inner city is our top priority now. The Water of Kun is the only thing that can neutralize the effect of the Dew of Nine Serenities. We hope you can hand over the Water of Kun, so we can put the undead to sleep,” Han Ji’s voice was calm, yet the stern look in his eyes took away one’s courage to oppose him.
The group was shocked when they heard the information.
It turned out that the Water of Kun was able to neutralize the Dew of Nine Serenities. If they sprinkled the Water of Kun into the clouds, the undead would no longer be able to move in the day. The ocean of undead would simply sink into the soil…
That was a great news!
There was hope to save the city!
Fang Gu never thought about that, but his shocked expression was soon replaced with a hint of hopelessness.
“I’m sorry, really sorry, if I still have the Water of Kun, I would hand it over as a way to cleanse my sins, but I’ve already used the remaining Water of Kun to refine my undead…I’ll summon it out, and if you manage to acquire the Water of Kun from it, I…I won’t mind you killing it,” said Fang Gu honestly.
Following his words, Fang Gu drew a Star Pattern and summoned the crimson-red skeleton in front of the group. It glanced at its surroundings with a blank, bony face.
“Fang Tu, the Water of Kun can save the people of this city, they are going to…” said Fang Gu to the skeleton. Even though his tone was calm, everyone could sense the unwillingness in his words.
“There’s no need for that… it looks like we won’t be able to escape our fate,” Han Ji mumbled to himself after taking a single glance at the skeleton, which seemed to have given his soul a huge blow. “We won’t be able to escape our fate…”
It was impossible to retrieve the Water of Kun even if they smelted the skeleton. Their only hope to neutralize the Dew of Nine Serenities was gone. The city, even protected by the golden barrier, would soon be destroyed, regardless if it was daytime or nighttime!