WARNING! Tsundere President
Chapter 373 - Promiscuous W*nch

Chapter 373: Promiscuous W*nch

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Huo Yunting’s car sped past her.
She sat in the car that Huo Li drove and took one last glance at the sanatorium. She really should not be here.
Lu Zhaoyang started the car and drove to Ge Yu.
At that moment, back in the Huo residence in the capital, Xue Yuming had heard from the sanatorium. She looked deadly pale.
She was sitting on the sofa while slicing some apples, but her mind was elsewhere.
She had wanted to use the news coverage of Huo Zhenning’s loving attention toward her to back Qiu Ran into a corner. As long as the woman was still alive, she would remain a threat to her.
That woman was like a time bomb that could explode at any moment.
If Qiu Ran was alive, Huo Yunting would never stop trying to force her out of the family and welcome his mother home.
She would not allow that! She must do all she could to prevent that from happening!
After her miscarriage, her health had deteriorated. She had worked hard to attain her current lifestyle. The way she had lived in the past was something she never wanted to experience again.
“Ma’am, the young master is on the phone.” Abruptly, she heard a maidservant spoke to her.
Xue Yuming’s hands shook in surprise. The knife cut her finger and left a wound that soon began to bleed.
“Ma’am, you’re bleeding!” The maidservant cried.
“Don’t worry about it. The phone… Give it to me.”
She put down the apple and the knife and reached out with her fingers. The maidservant had already started to treat her wound.
“Are you bleeding? Is it serious? Perhaps your daughter should pay you a visit.
Huo Yunting spoke carelessly on the phone.
Xue Yuming inhaled sharply. His tone was unreadable and it made her panic. She pulled her hand back before the maidservant was done cleaning her wound.
“Get out!”
The maidservant left promptly. Everyone in the house knew that her relationship with the young master was less than cordial.
Xue Yuming forced a thin smile on her face and tried to calm down. “I’m fine, Yunting. It’s only a scratch. I’m glad you called home, are you thinking of coming back soon? I’ll let your father know so that he will return home earlier.”
Even if Huo Yunting found out, she must never admit it in case the call was recorded!
Huo Yunting could not see her fake expressions then, but he was already disgusted by the sound of her voice.
“There is no one else, so stop pretending to be so nice to me. Don’t worry, I am not going back. However… your daughter will not too.”
“What do you think you’re doing?! Yang Yang is officially your sister and you are somehow related to each other. Even if you don’t care about me, think about her feelings! You can’t stop us from seeing each other!”
Xue Yuming inadvertently raised her voice. After all, Yang Yang was her only child.
She could never bear another child again.
“Who do you think you are to talk to me like that? Do you really think a promiscuous w*nch like yourself can be the lady of the house in the Huo family?”
At this point, Xue Yuming could no longer play ignorant. She must calm him down and contain the situation.
“Yunting, I was stupid and made a terrible mistake! Please think of how much Yang Yang can help you in the city and her earlier service as your chief secretary, and find it in your heart to forgive me! If I really leave the Huo family, what would she think? She will know that it’s your doing and will surely hate you and leave with me. You will lose a capable assistant!”
For some reason, Xue Yuming believed that the two siblings had a close bond.
On the other hand, Yang Yang was her only hope now!