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Chapter 38 - Birthday Bash II

Chapter 38: Birthday Bash II

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Huo Zhenning agreed that his son should start a family of his own. Marriage might just offer his son a new perspective on life, and perhaps even an insight into why he chose to re-marry another woman.
Loving someone meant that you would strive to be with them, regardless of all the obstacles in your path.
He loved Mingyu with all his heart, and hoped that they could all live together in harmony.
Xue Mingyu smiled amiably. “I think that Shan and our Yunting make a good pair. You are both equals in all regards.”
“You are too kind, Aunt Huo.” Mo Shan lowered her head in humility, but also to hide her disdain of the woman.
She did not forget that Lu Zhaoyang was this woman’s daughter, that she was the cause of her misery.
For now, however, anyone who wished to see her and Huo Yunting get married would not be her enemy. She would continue to be cordial with Xue Yuming.
“Shan is so sensible and understanding. Yunting will be lucky to have you.” Huo Zhenning liked how modest and acquiescent she was.
“Since we agree on this, why not set a time to make it official?”
Mo Yuan knew that his daughter would like this settled as soon as possible, and did not hesitate to step up for her.
Xue Yuming knew immediately what to do. “Husband, isn’t your birthday party coming up soon? Let’s ask Yunting to visit us then, and we can make the announcement during the party. We’ll have another reason to celebrate the day.”
Huo Zhenning looked at her warmly and held her hands. “You’re so considerate. That is a wonderful idea. Once we make the announcement, the boy will have to do as he’s told.”
“Good, good, please arrange this!” Mo Yuan was pleased to hear Huo Zhenning say that, and knew that the marriage was practically guaranteed.
Even though they were not announcing the marriage right away, Mo Shan was already overjoyed with this outcome.
Once the marriage was decided, dinner continued with greater enthusiasm in both families.
After dinner, Huo Zhenning suddenly turned quiet with a face of concern.
Xue Yuming circled her arm around his, and asked, “What is it, husband?”
Huo Zhenning massaged his temple in vexation. “Things went horrible when they visited last time. I’m afraid Yunting may not want to visit us again.”
Ever since they cut ties with each other, Huo Yunting had only ever visited them that one time.
Yunting would not care about his birthday.
Xue Yuming affected an air of nonchalance and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Yang Yang works at his office. I’ll ask her to bring Yunting back with her. It should not be a problem.”
“Humph! Why would he listen to Yang Yang?”
If he was so easily convinced, their relationship would not have deteriorated so much.
Xue Yuming patted him gently on his back. “Don’t worry, Yunting will come back.”
If he did not, Yang Yang would drag him all the way home.
A wife’s hands could do magical things. Huo Zhenning immediately felt soothed. “Alright, you don’t worry about it too much yourself. I’ll give him a call later.”
The next day, when Lu Zhaoyang arrived at the office, she received a call from Xue Yuming.
She was taken aback, and had to hide herself in a lonely corridor to take the call. “Mum, I’m at work, what is it?”
Having heard that her daughter was at the office, Xue Yuming did not want to interrupt her for too long as well. “We are planning a party for your father’s birthday. Please bring your brother along for it!”