Warrior’s Promise

Warrior’s Promise

Warrior’s Promise
Chapter 1872 - Self-destruct

Chapter 1872: Self-destruct
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Su Mo could only sigh as he watched the Grand Priest escaping in front of him. The Ancient Demon’s Eye opened wide to allow a green ray of light to shoot out of the eye.
The Grand Priest was prepared for any sudden attack by Su Mo and upon seeing the ray of light out of the corner of his eye, his body shifted slightly and he successfully dodged the attack.
“You won’t be able to dodge it!” Su Mo laughed coldly before he threw the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda out viciously.
Dazzling pagoda sped over the sky at an incredibly fast speed, instantly catching up to the Grand Priest.
As the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda shot through the air, it turned into a 10,000 foot tall pagoda and flew into the sky above the Grand Priest before it suddenly pressed down on him.
Bright, seven-colored light shot through a few hundred meters and covered the Grand Priest’s body. A burning-hot glare burned the Grand Priest and destroyed everything under it.
The Grand Priest’s heart jumped in shock as he felt the terrifying forces of the seven-colored light on him. The full body of defensive aura burned under the glare of the light.
He did not dare to block the blow directly, as the moment he was captured under the lock of the light, it would be very hard for him to escape.
Dark Force in the Grand Priest’s body surged sharply and without worrying about anything else, he tried desperately to escape the lock of the light.
However, the pagoda pressed down on the Grand Priest like a 1,000,000 foot tall mountain. With such force crushing down on him, the Grand Priest struggled to breathe under the rays of light. As a result, his speed dropped drastically.
The long sword in Su Mo’s hands swung across the starry space quickly, allowing a large chaotic Sword Qi to slice through a few tens of kilometers towards the Grand Priest’s torso.
At that moment, the Grand Priest was trapped under the pagoda and, with the Sword Qi about to strike him, he seemed destined for death.
“Damn it!”
The loud roar of the Grand Priest erupted through the sky, his protective Dark Force array could not stand the assault of the glare of the Seven-colored rays of light. Little by little, white smoke swirled up into the air as the Grand Priest’s body shook uncontrollably and the pain shot through his skin.
Desperately, he gave a mental thought and his body escaped into the Honorable Soul Banner upon seeing the Sword Qi about to hit him.
Sword Qi slashed through the air without hitting the Grand Priest, he managed to escape the attack by a breath.
Yet, the Honorable Soul Banner was fully surrounded by glazed colored light and with the pagoda’s energy crushing it, there was no way for him to escape.
Su Mo slowly came to a stop before the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda as he stared at the sizzling Honorable Soul Banner below him with a cold sneer on his face.
“Grand Priest, Grand Priest. Do you think that I won’t be able to do anything if you hide in the Honorable Soul Banner?” Su Mo smiled.
“Su Mo, don’t you dare kill me!” A furious shout emerged from the Honorable Soul Banner as bright green flames curled out of the banner.
The moment the fire met the seven-colored glazed light, white smoke bellowed through the sky as a pungent smell permeated the air.
Su Mo narrowed his eyes as he controlled the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda’s glazed light to become even stronger and more glaring.
While the Nine Hells Fire was strong, it was no match for the glaze light and it was extinguished slowly.
A few moments later, the rate of which Nine Hells Fire gushed out of the Honorable Soul Banner could not compare to the rate at which it was extinguished.
Glaze light continued to shine on the Honorable Soul Banner causing sizzling sounds to vibrate the eardrums of onlookers.
The grade of the Honorable Soul Banner was high and the defensive skills it provided was strong. However, it was still a Middle Rank Sacred Weapon that could not stand against the attack of the Glaze light.
After about 10 breaths of time, the Honorable Soul Banner started to transform under the glare of the light.
Su Mo’s eyes narrowed as Sword Radiance brimmed out of the Winged Insect Sword. As long as the Grand Priest teleported out of the Honorable Soul Banner, Su Mo would unleash his ultimate attack straightaway.
At the same time, all his Natal Spiritual Swords were activated and they surrounded the Honorable Soul Banner from all directions.
Su Mo was being extra cautious. The Grand Priest was an expert who had lived for a long time, so he had to be careful in case the Grand Priest still had tricks up his sleeve.
Tsk tsk tsk~~
Sizzling sounds continued as the black colored Honorable Soul Banner had become half-destroyed. It turned into a black pool of ash where it was burned
However, nothing happened and the Grand Priest still did not escape.
“Mm?” Su Mo frowned as bewilderment swept his heart. However, he did not let down his guard. As long as the Grand Priest was in the Honorable Soul Banner, he would definitely come out.
Otherwise, the Grand Priest would be burnt like the Honorable Soul Banner, is soul disappearing along with it.
The Honorable Soul Banner continued to be burned under the relentless assault of the Seven-colored glazed light.
Right at that moment, a large number of evil spirits suddenly rushed out of the Honorable Soul Banner. Without any warning, more than 10,000 spirits were in the space around the banner.
The moment the spirits appeared, they started to self destruct.
Boom boom boom!
Deafening explosions shook the starry space as the few thousand explosions where the spirits self-destructed gave out terrifying shock waves. Immediately, the seven-colored glazed light was deflected from its target. Even the source of the light, the pagoda, was shaken from its position.
A dark figure dashed out of the Honorable Soul Banner without caring about the mass explosions around him, quickly speeding through the sky.
This man was the Grand Priest.
“Break!” As the Grand Priest dashed out, he pushed out his palms madly, breaking through the Natal Spiritual Sword Array.
“I have been waiting for you!” Su Mo struck his sword down as a flash of brilliance passed through his eyes.
The sword strike was incredibly fast and since the target was close to him, it instantly closed down on the Grand Priest.
However, this sneak attack had been anticipated by the Grand Priest. Once he pressed out his last palm to strike the Natal Spiritual Swords, he lowered himself sharply and avoided Su Mo’s sword strike.
At the same time, the palm print that he had executed quickly forced the ten Natal Spiritual Swords in his path away.
The Grand Priest flew as fast as he could at an unimaginable speed, trying to avoid being captured again.
Right at that moment, Su Mo used the Ancient Demon’s Eye, allowing a sharp, blood-red light to shoot out that closed down on the Grand Priest’s mind.
Fast, the speed of the light was fast and there was no way for the Grand Priest to avoid it.
As the light struck the Grand Priest’s head, it instantly caused his body to shake violently.
A bone-chilling scream escaped the Grand Priest’s mouth. Although he had been prepared for Su Mo’s attack, the mental energy attack was very strong. In addition to the previous attack, his Spiritual Soul was heavily injured.
Nonetheless, the Grand Priest desperately pushed his mental strength to its maximum and forced his body forward, not daring to slow down.
Swoosh swoosh swoosh!!
The few Natal Spiritual Swords nearby him vibrated suddenly and flew towards the Grand Priest under Su Mo’s control.
Pst pst pst~~
Bright light reflected off the Natal Spiritual Swords as they pierced through the Grand Priest’s body, leaving a few wounds behind.
However, the Grand Priest reacted quickly and he managed to avoid a fatal blow to his mind.
Another pitiful scream emerged from the Grand Priest again. Without worrying about the injuries that he had sustained or the shooting pain through his body, he flew through the sky.
“You won’t be able to escape!”
Su Mo’s voice erupted as his eyes followed closely after the Grand Priest’s figure. Without hesitation, he mobilized the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda above him, allowing glazed light to surround the Grand Priest once again.
“Damn it!” The Grand Priest lifted his head upward as his face turned pale with fright. He had prepared as much as he could and he had thought that he would have a 70% chance of escaping once he teleported out of the Honorable Soul Banner.
Sacrificing more than 10,000 evil spirits from their self-destruction, forcing away the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda, breaking through the lock of the Natal Spiritual Swords, avoiding Su Mo’s Sword Qi attack and blocking Su Mo’s mental strength attack. He had thought of every one of these challenges that he would have to overcome.
Yet, who could predict the future? While he barely managed to block Su Mo’s mental strength attack, the injury to his Spiritual Soul had slowed down his reaction time.
By that point, his opportunity to escape was gone.
“Ha ha ha!!”
Looking at the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda about to crush him, and feeling the terrifying forces around his body that followed the glare of dazzling glaze light around him, a mad smile stretched across the Grand Priest’s face.
“Hm?” Su Mo’s eyes instantly narrowed in confusion. He did not understand why the Grand Priest would laugh at that moment.
“Su Mo, let’s die together!” Right at that point, the Grand Priest whipped his head around to look at Su Mo, his loud declaration echoing through the starry space.
With that, a sudden destructive aura seeped out his body. Madness covered this aura and it seemed as though it was meant to destroy the entire earth.
“Shit!” Su Mo’s face turned pale with fright. He instantly knew that the Grand Priest was about to self-destruct.
The self destruction of a Middle Realm Martial Sage caused goosebumps to form on Su Mo’s skin as his hair stood on end.
Without hesitation, he gave a mental thought and immediately retrieved all his Natal Spiritual Swords, along with the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda.
A second later, the Grand Priest’s body exploded.
A massive explosion tore through the endless sky, shaking the universe and all the stars that comprised it.