Warrior’s Promise

Warrior’s Promise

Warrior’s Promise
Chapter 2378 - Despicable Zi Xiao

Chapter 2378: Despicable Zi Xiao
After Ling Chang left Ultimate Supreme Being Palace, she headed to Reincarnation Holy Court to find Tian Chenyu.
She had met with Tian Chenyu before. He was a top Supreme Being but when she had met him previously, Tian Chenyu had not yet been a Supreme Being.
Ultimate Supreme Being might not have known why Tian Chenyu was looking for Su Mo but Ling Chang was sure that it must had been because of Di Yihun.
As such, this felt meaningless to her but she didn’t disobey the orders of Ultimate Supreme Being.
Ling Chang flew quickly and two days later, she arrived at the edge of Ultimate Sword Domain.
Right at that moment, a piercing sound emerged from the Empty Space and Ling Chang turned around to see Zi Xiao chasing up to her.
Ling Chang immediately stopped and her face darkened. She could guess why he was there.
“Ling Chang, I have a matter to discuss with you!” In a breath, Zi Xiao arrived beside Ling Chang, wearing a warm smile on his face.
The Ultimate Supreme Being had instructed for him to follow Ling Chang in secret but he didn’t do so because he had his own plans.
“Zi Xiao, what is it?” Ling Chang’s face was icy cold as she asked.
“You know about Qin Yun right?” Zi Xiao smiled.
“Nope!” Ling Chang shook her head. Although she knew, she wouldn’t tell Zi Xiao.
“You don’t know?”
A creepy smile stretched across his face before Zi Xiao continued, “I know that you won’t tell me, but I must say that Qin Yun must definitely return.”
“What do you mean?” Ling Chang’s eyes narrowed and she felt suspicious.
“Look at this!”
With a wave of his robe, a bright, crystal-clear coffin appeared in front of him.
The pale-faced Qian Xunyue lay in the coffin silently.
“This….. why is the coffin with you?” Ling Chang’s beautiful face instantly darkened considerably.
She knew that Zi Xiao wanted to get to Qin Yun through her but she had not thought that Qian Xunyue would actually be with Zi Xiao.
“You don’t have to know about that!”
Zi Xiao waved his robe again to retrieve the coffin. With a smile, he threatened, “if Qin Yun doesn’t return, I don’t know what will happen to this lady.”
“You… Zi Xiao, how can you be this despicable?” Ling Chang’s face turned red with anger. She was enraged by his cruel ways.
“Sigh, Ling Chang, I don’t want to resort to such ways either!”
Zi Xiao sighed heavily as he wrapped his hands behind his back and sighed, “We grew up together and you know what I want. The world is about to end and The End is not far away, I can only resort to this!”
Zi Xiao felt helpless. He didn’t want to hurt the lady he used to like deeply.
However, for his survival, for himself, he had no other choice.
After all, his own power was the most important and women meant nothing.
“Zi Xiao, I never thought that you would become like this!” Ling Chang’s heart ached. Zi Xiao had agreed to save Qian Xunyue at her expense, but right then he wanted to use Qian Xunyue’s life to control her and Su Mo.
All of this made her furious.
She had grown up with Zi Xiao and they were as close as siblings with a long history behind them.
However, their few hundred thousand years of being together was like a joke then.
“Ling Chang, give in to me. If I can surpass The End, I will do everything to ensure your safety!” Zi Xiao’s face turned serious as he spoke.
“I can’t help you and I don’t have the ability to!” Ling Chang shook her head. Her dark face turned colder.
Zi Xiao wasn’t angry at Ling Chang’s rejection. He slowly turned around and as his back faced Ling Chang, he said, “I will give you time. If Qin Yun doesn’t come back within five years, I will sever the limbs of this lady. In another ten years, she will lose her will. If I have to wait for another twenty years, then I’ll have no choice but to feed her corpse to the dogs. Granted, it is a waste for such a pretty lady to die in such a way!”
With that, Zi Xiao stepped into the Empty Air and left.
“Zi Xiao, you asshole!” Ling Chang cursed. Her fists trembled and her anger heated up her body.
She couldn’t believe that Zi Xiao would say such words.
However, there was nothing she could do. Even at her prime, she hadn’t been a match for Zi Xiao and she wasn’t either now.
“Remember, no one must know that Qin Yun is looking for me. Pass this message to him for me!”
Zi Xiao’s voice echoed through the air from a bolt of lightning that had landed in front of Ling Chang.
A messaging charm had been transferred along with this bolt of lightning. It was evidently something that Zi Xiao had prepared for Su Mo.
The moment Ling Chang’s hand touched the messaging charm, it immediately turned into dust.
She could not touch the messaging charm and Zi Xiao must have used a special technique to trace her.
In the future, even if she managed to get Su Mo to return, he would have to use that messaging charm.
Ling Chang’s face was as dark as the night sky. Although she was no longer Hong Qingxuan, she felt grateful towards Qian Xunyue internally.
She didn’t want Qian Xunyue to be shamed even after she died.
“Su Mo, where can you be?” Ling Chang muttered under her breath. She didn’t know where Su Mo might be.
However, she had Hong Qingxuan’s memories and since she had travelled to Infinite Region with Su Mo before, she knew much about Su Mo.
“I will go to Reincarnation Holy Court first then Chaotic Holy Court and finally Sky Dragon Holy Court!”
A short while later, Ling Chang made up her mind. Su Mo would not remain in the region.
As such, it was highly likely that Su Mo would head to Chaotic Holy Court or Sky Dragon Court.

The chaos from Ultimate Sword Domain and the Ultimate Holy Sword did not die down.
Not only was the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace looking for Su Mo, numerous superpowers all over the region were also looking for Su Mo.
After all, the Ultimate Sword Arts and Ultimate Holy Swords were top treasures and they attracted even Supreme Beings.
The man at the center of all this attention, Su Mo, finally arrived near Sky Dragon Holy Court after two months of travelling.
It had been a few years since Su Mo arrived at Deity Plane and he understood some simple facts about Sky Dragon Holy Court.
Although Sky Dragon Holy Court was the territory of dragons, the Dragon Tribe was only a minority of the population. Most of the population was made up of rare tribes and even some humans.
Su Mo changed his appearance and aura again. After he entered Sky Dragon Holy Court, he did some asking around and discovered where the main camp of the Dragon Tribe was.
The core of Sky Dragon Holy Court was a place called Dragon Capital.