Warrior’s Promise

Warrior’s Promise

Warrior’s Promise
Chapter 2379 - The Way Forward

Chapter 2379: The Way Forward
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Dragon Capital was the capital city of Sky Dragon Holy Court and it was situated in a dense mountain rage.
The capital occupied a large area which was eight kilometers long and five kilometers wide.
Su Mo’s figure flew across the sky above the mountain as he stared down at Dragon Capital.
Things had gone smoothly for him so far and he had not met any danger.
At that point, he could feel a strong Dragon Aura but he could not sense Long Teng or the others.
With that, he flew towards the city gates and entered Dragon Capital through it.
“Who is that?”
The Dragon Tribe guard outside the city stopped Su Mo in his tracks.
There were not many guards there but with only eight people, they were all experts who were at least from the Rank 3 Realm.
The one who spoke was a middle-aged man who had a pair of sharp silver eyes and a stern face.
There were not many humans in Dragon Tribe and they were all slaves who rarely went out of the city.
Humans from the outside world could not enter Dragon Capital without the permission of a higher up in the Dragon Tribe.
As such, the middle-aged guard interrogated Su Mo the moment he saw him.
“I would like to see Long Teng!” Su Mo cupped his fists respectfully.
He directly requested to see Long Teng as he had his reasons. If Long Teng wasn’t in Dragon Tribe, the guard would not let him enter.
If Long Teng was in Dragon Tribe, the guard must know him because Long Teng was the prestigious Five Clawed Golden Dragon.
“Which Long Teng?” The guard asked. There were quite a number of people called Long Teng in Dragon Tribe.
“The Five Claw Golden Dragon!” Su Mo answered. There might be others called Long Teng but they can’t be Five Clawed Golden Dragons too, right?”
“Who are you?” The guard asked.
“I am… Luo Qianfan!” Su Mo smiled. He did not give his real name as Long Teng would have been able to recognize him from Luo Qianfan’s name.
“Wait a while. I will get someone to inform him!” The guard spoke. With that, he ordered a young man from the Dragon Tribe to carry out his orders.
Su Mo heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. It seemed that Long Teng was in Dragon Tribe or the guard would have sent him away.
With that, he slowly waited for news
Fifteen minutes later, a golden-robed figure rushed out of Dragon Capital like a bolt of lightning.
This golden-robed figure was Long Teng.
“Long Teng!” The moment their eyes met, a smile stretched across Su Mo’s face as he called out. It had been so many years since they had last met.
“Su… Brother Luo!” In a breath, Long Teng arrived in front of Su Mo, smiling gleefully. He managed to stop himself from calling Su Mo by his real name.
Although the person in front of him had a different appearance and aura from Su Mo, his voice had not changed and Long Teng could recognise him.
“Only Long Au and I are in Dragon Capital. The others are in Cloud Dragon City not far away. I will bring you over. Let’s catch up along the way!” Long Teng quickly pointed Su Mo in a direction.
“Alright!” Su Mo nodded as he followed Long Teng and took to the air.
“Su Mo, aside from me and Long Au, Sikong Yan, Li Feng, Jiang Fengran, Wenren Tiandu, Qingya, Zhan Luan and Cai Yun are all in Deity Plane.” As they flew, Long Teng updated Su Mo.
“Why are they not in Dragon Capital?” Su Mo asked curiously.
“Dragon Capital does not allow outside men to live in it unless they are slaves for the Dragon Tribe members or they are given special permission by higher ups to stay in it!”
Long Teng sieed before he continued, “Initially, Si Kongyan and the others stayed with me in Dragon Capital under the false pretense of being my slaves. However, they were greatly limited in Dragon Capital and they were not able to obtain any resources or opportunities. Hence, they left Dragon Capital.”
“I see!” Su Mo nodded and he came to a realization. He glanced at Long Teng and realized that Long Teng was already a Middle Rank 1 Realm. It seemed that it had been a while since he had arrived at Deity Plane.
“Su Mo, what is your cultivation rank?” Long Teng stared at Su Mo as well. However, he could not tell what Su Mo’s cultivation rank was.
“Lower Rank 3 Realm!” Su Mo answered.
Long Teng’s eyes sparkled. Su Mo’s current cultivation rank had surprised him in a good way.
Although he knew that Su Mo was exceptional, it was still shocking for him to progress so quickly even at Deity Plane.
“Did you all make arrangements for everything in God’s Path before coming to Deity Plane?” Su Mo asked. He was still concerned about Firmament Palace.
“You can rest assured about that!” Long Teng smiled.
“Did you guys encounter any dangers in Deity Plane?” Su Mo asked.
“We had a few scares but we safely arrived in Sky Dragon Holy Court!” Long Teng relied. None of them had been in too much danger but since they had arrived at Deity Plane in different locations, it had taken three years before they had all gathered at Sky Dragon Holy Court.
“That is good!” Su Mo nodded.
The two casually conversed as they flew. Long Teng’s cultivation rank was lower and hence he flew at a much slower pace.
Half an hour later, a city appeared in their sights. This city was much smaller than Dragon Capital and it was Cloud Dragon City.
Cloud Dragon City was not as strict as Dragon Capital and it allowed anyone to enter it. Su Mo followed Long Teng into Cloud Dragon City and they quickly arrived at a manor.
This manor wasn’t large, only about three to four thousand feet. It was just big enough for the group to stay in.
Once they had entered the manor, Long Teng brought Su Mo into a hall before he called everyone else to gather there.
Not long later, Si Kongyan and all of Su Mo’s other companions arrived.
“Su Mo!”
“Palace Master!”
“Su Mo, you are finally here!”
Su Mo recovered his original face as everyone greeted him happily. They were all glad to meet in Deity Plane.
“Ha ha! Su Mo, in knew that you wouldn’t die easily even if you were in Deity Plane!” Si Konguan laughed out loud. He was clearly very excited.
“Long time no see, everyone. How are you all doing?” Su Mo grinned. He could completely let his guard down when he was with everyone.
He stared at the group and checked their cultivation ranks. Aside from Long Teng being at the Middle Rank 1 Realm, everyone else was of Low Rank 1 Realm.
Granted, that was with the exception of Li Feng.
“Su Mo, we have been waiting for you!” Jiang Fengran said.
“Mm, everyone take a seat!” Su Mo nodded as he motioned for everyone to sit down before he sat on the main seat.
With that, Su Mo chatted with the group and got updated on their happenings.
The group had not been at Sky Dragon Holy Court for long and they had been waiting at Cloud Dragon City for him. Hence, they had not left the city.
However, since they were short of resources, their cultivation rank progression had been slow.
Yet, Long Teng was a Dragon Tribe member and, being in Dragon Capital, he was not short of resources and hence his progress was faster.
Long Teng could not give a large amount of his resources and share them with everyone else.
After a brief chat, Su Mo had gotten up to speed with everyone.
“Su Mo, what are your next plans?” Long Teng asked as everyone turned to stare at Su Mo.
Su Mo fell silent as he pondered his next move deeply.
This time, he had stolen the Ultimate Holy Sword and Ultimate Sword Arts. This would shake the entire world and the news would reach all corners of Deity Plane soon.
His way forward would be hard but luckily he hid himself in the dark and hence the risk was not large.
After a long moment of thinking, Su Mo arrived at a conclusion.