Warrior’s Promise

Warrior’s Promise

Warrior’s Promise
Chapter 2441 - Lightning-fast Speed

Chapter 2441: Lightning-fast Speed
“Thank you everyone, and thank you Dragon Emperor for releasing us from slavery!”
Su Mo arrived in front of the Archosaur Tower. With his hands cupped together, he politely thanked them.
“Haha, Tu Xiao, you did it with your own talents!”
A tanned Dragon Tribe young man laughed and continued, “With the both of your talents, it should not be a problem to make it up to the seventh floor. Whether or not you can make it up to the eight floor is based on luck. If you make it up there, it would shock the entire tribe and your status would definitely rise!”
“Hehe, perhaps!” Su Mo chuckled. He needed luck for the eight floor? wasn’t the young man underestimating him?
“Wish you guys all the best!” The tanned young man laughed. He was making a joke and he didn’t think that Su Mo or Si Kongyan could make it to the eighth floor.
Although he could tell that Su Mo and Si Kongyan were different, the talent required to make it to the eighth floor was insurmountable.
After all, only five men had managed to make it to the eighth floor out of the entire Dragon Tribe.
“We will definitely do it!” Si Kongyan laughed. He had absolute confidence in making it to the eighth floor. Su Mo was better than him and even if he did not manage to make it to the tenth floor, it wouldn’t be a problem to reach the ninth.
“You are confident!”
Right at that moment, someone snickered out loud. Everyone turned their heads to see Long Cheng walking towards them.
Su Mo was at a loss for words. Why did they always have to encounter Long Cheng?
“Definitely more confident than you?”
Si Kongyan laughed lightly and said, “What? Did you come and see us specially for the Archosaur Tower?”
He was no longer a slave and he did not have to give Long Cheng any more face.
“You are thinking too much, I just happened to pass by!”
Long Cheng scoffed and continued, “Don’t think that just because you are no longer a slave, you can act all arrogantly in front of me!”
Si Kongyan was about to talk back but Su Mo raised his hand suddenly to stop him with a chiding: “Don’t talk further. Lets head in!”
Su Mo didn’t want to let Si Kongyan and Long Cheng bicker. Long Cheng was not worth a breath and the facts would render Long Cheng speechless.
“Mm!” Si Kongyan nodded his head helplessly.
Scanning the Archosaur Tower in front of him, Su Mo noticed the detailed carvings of dragons on every floor. Out of curiosity, he asked those beside him, “What are the dragons on the ninth and tenth floors?”
Su Mo only had a brief understanding of the different breeds of dragons, and he recognized the breeds of the dragons carved on the first to the eight floor. The strength of the breeds increased from bottom up but the Five Claw Golden Dragon was only ranked on the eighth floor.
Instead, Su Mo did not recognize the dragons on the ninth and tenth floors. He had never seen them nor heard about them.
The dragon on the ninth floor was covered in white fur and appeared to have a strange body shape.
On the other hand, the dragon on the tenth floor was colorful. Most surprisingly, it had nine claws and it was a dragon unlike any other.
Long Cheng scoffed and boasted, “The dragon on the ninth floor is the Void-devouring Divine Dragon and it is the original body of the Dragon Emperor. It is a special dragon. Only the Dragon Emperor can be it. The dragon on the tenth floor is naturally Archosaur!”
“I see!” Su Mo exclaimed in realization. The special dragon and Archosaur were ranked above the Five Claw Golden Dragon.
However, the Void Devouring Diving Dragon was unnatural to have fallen to the eight floor. The tenth floor must be incredibly difficult.
With that, Su Mo did not speak further before he walked towards the Archaosaur Tower.
The entrance of the tower was a grand door that shone with brilliant colors. Without needing to open it, Su Mo’s body passed through the entrance and he reached the tower.
Si Kongyan did not delay either as he followed Su Mo and enter the Archosaur Tower.
“Tu Xiao and Yan Kong both have incredible talents. I wonder which floor they will be able to make it to.”
“The seventh floor should not be a problem!”
“There is a possibility for the eight floor, although it isn’t big!”
“That is true!”
Once Su Mo and Si Kongyan entered the Archosaur Tower, many Dragon Tribesmen started to chatter amongst themselves.
Su Mo and Si Kongyan were considered famous people then, and many people knew of them. Due to their talents, many people were curious as to which floor they would be able to reach.
Although the Archosaur Tower did not provide any rewards, the better the outcome there, the more respect one would get in the Dragon Tribe.
“The eighth floor is not possible!” Long Cheng tried to convince himself. He did not belief that Su Mo and Si Kongyan would be able to make it to the eight floor. That was too much in his opinion.
After all, only five people had made it to the eight floor out of the entire Dragon Tribe. Even a Favored One such as himself would not be able to make it.
“We don’t know how strong the two of them are. However, the outcome of the tower will show it!” Someone in the crowd said.
Many people were envious of the two’s talents.
At that point, the first to the sixth floor of the Archosaur Tower had shimmering carvings of the dragons. This meant that someone was inside it.
The carvings of dragons from the seventh to the tenth were completely dark and this meant that no one had reached that point.
However, many people believed that the seventh floor would light up not long later as Yan Kong and Tu Xiao would be able to reach it.
The moment Su Mo entered the first floor of the tower, he immediately surveyed his surroundings.
He realized that he was in a mystical place. His surroudnings were full of
stars and there were no physical objects.
A dragon roar emerged from somewhere in the distance. Squinting his eyes to take a closer look, Su Mo found a large golden dragon that was a few tens of thousands of feet long flying towards him.
This dragon had a similar cultivation rank to Su Mo and it was an Upper Rank 3 True God.
The moment the dragon appeared, it flew at lighting fast speed towards Su Mo, its Dragon Force flooding the sky.
Su Mo couldn’t be bothered much before he attacked with his long sword.
In an instant, a fiery ball of Sword Qi shot through the sky, quickly travelling a few kilometers to hit the golden dragon.
A loud explosion seemed to shatter the golden dragon. In the next second, the dragon had been destroyed and the empty space returned.
Buzz buzz~
Once the dragon was destroyed, the empty space before Su Mo slowly shifted and a white door appeared.
Without thinking twice, Su Mo’s body flashed and he entered the space.
Arriving at the second floor after the space shifted, Su Mo found himself in a wide area that was similar to the first floor.
Another dragon roar emerged and this time. A single clawed silver dragon appeared before Su Mo.
This dragon was similarly a few thousand feet long with an Upper Rank 3 Cultivation Rank. However, its aura was stronger than the previous golden dragon’s.
“Too weak!”
Su Mo shook his head. The Dragon Spirit of the second floor only had twenty percent of the strength of the original Dragon Spirit. This was no different than the first floor dragon for Su Mo.
Raising the Flame Sword, Su Mo killed the silver dragon without a second thought.
With that, Su Mo walked through the next door that appeared to arrive at the third floor.
The Silverish Golden Dragon on the third floor and the Dark Demon Dragon on the fourth floor proved to be nothing in front of Su Mo as they were both killed in a single strike.
However, these two dragons were stronger than the previous one had been. Su Mo had used the Five Elemental Origin Energy to kill the third dragon and had to activate it to its maximum for the fourth dragon.
A Dragon Spirit once again appeared in the fifth floor. This time, it was an Eight-winged Drake.
This dragon was tiny as it was a few hundred feet long. Eight wings drew from its body and its speed was fast.
Granted, the aura of this dragon was strong, exceeding the Dark Demon Dragon’s.
“Xiaoxiao’s talents are really not that good?”
Looking at the Eight-winged Drake in front of him, Su Mo sighed helplessly. He thought of Yi Xiaoxiao on God’s Path when he saw the Eight-winged Drake.
Yi Xiaoxiao was an Eight-winged Drake whose talents were considered above average in the Dragon Tribe.
However, Yi Xiaoxiao had obtained a lot of precious resources from the Dragon Tribe with Long Teng’s help in the Lower Plane, hence her rate of cultivation progression was not slow.
Her talents would be considered ordinary in the Dragon Tribe of Deity Plane but she would be highly valued in the Lower Plane.
After all, the Dragon Tribe in Deity Plane had the Void-Devouring Divine Dragon and many other dragons who were descendants of the Archosaur Dragon. The Dragon Tribesmen were all very talented.
Right at this moment, the few-hundred-feet-long Eight Winged Drake closed down on Su Mo. Its large claws raised and threatening to strike down at any moment.
Without batting another eye, Su Mo merged the Five Elemental Origin Energy in his body into Chaotic Energy. In the next instant, he opened his palm to release the attack and quickly killed the Eight Winged Drake.
Although the Eight Winged Drake was considered too weak for him, he would have to waste much time if he didn’t use his Chaotic Energy under the condition of not using his Primordial Spirit and Blood Force strength.
Su Mo had taken less than ten breaths of time to get from the first to the fifth floor smoothly.
The sixth floor was an Illusionary Brontosaurus.
The moment this dragon appeared, it opened its large mouth and released a lightning ball.
This lightning ball was as large as a house and its crushing auras destroyed the empty space around it as it sped towards Su Mo.