Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her!
Chapter 552 - Spoken at Great Lengths in School

Chapter 552: Spoken at Great Lengths in School
The doctor refused to let her discharge.
Even if she insisted on heading back, she wouldn’t get to see the Chief Instructor ,anyway.
She only prayed that the Chief Instructor had left her a message before he went away.
Why didn’t he tell her about it before leaving this afternoon?
Looking at Gu Qingjiu’s manner, Qi Yuefeng didn’t know what to say.
But deep in her heart, she felt a tad relieved.
But then, looking at how upset her daughter was, she felt that her relief wasn’t fair to her daughter.
She didn’t know what to say because she sincerely objected to this.
One thing she hadn’t expected was that child came from Penalan.
Since Gu Qingjiu was in the hospital and didn’t have her phone with her, she couldn’t receive any news for the time being.
Even if she knew that it wasn’t logical, she couldn’t sleep a wink at night, despite closing her eyes.
Until the next day, when her classmate brought her her phone.
Since she had used a passcode to lock her phone, nobody else saw her incoming messages.
It was why she didn’t get Gu Qian and Chu Lian to look at her phone.
When Gu Qingjiu unlocked her phone and saw a message…
She instantly felt much better.
Chief Instructor: [ Don’t worry, I’m just going back to attend to some matters. I’ll be back shortly to visit you. Be good and focus on training. ]
Although she felt better now, she couldn’t hold back the urge to cry.
The timestamp showed that he sent his message yesterday afternoon.
Even then, the Chief Instructor knew what was going to happen to him.
Or could it mean that he had long planned for this?
Gu Qingjiu stared at her phone, then made a call.
She felt her heart turn chilly instantly.
The number was no longer in service.
He said that he would be back shortly, but Gu Qingjiu didn’t know exactly how long that was.
He had mentioned that he was going to bring her to visit his aunt this week. But from the looks of it, they would no longer be going.
Now that his phone number was no longer in service, Gu Qingjiu had no means of contacting him at all.
She felt a bitter sensation in her heart, and she was also mentally exhausted.
Since she hadn’t slept a wink all night, she fell asleep rather quickly as she laid on the pillow.
Qi Yuefeng, who had been keeping her company, worried about Gu Qingjiu’s condition.
Although Gu Qingjiu seemed fine today as compared to how upset she was yesterday…
Qi Yuefeng worried that the more normal she seemed, the more abnormal it was.
Until she leaves the hospital and returns to school, Gu Qingjiu didn’t show any abnormality.
She merely looked more despondent, but not very obviously grieving.
She looked quiet and lonely overall.
Qi Yuefeng went back to Gu Qingmo’s side. When Gu Qingjiu returned to school, she was still rather worried. She only hoped that Gu Qingjiu could keep calm about all this.
Gu Qingjiu stayed in the hospital for three days. By the time she went back to class, nearly everyone had heard about what happened to her.
However, nobody looked at her in an unpleasant light or anything.
After all, just like what Lu Yixin had said, if one were dating someone of the Chief Instructor’s caliber, she would wake up laughing from a dream.
Moreover, it was Gu Qingjiu whom he adored and doted.
Although everyone didn’t know what He Niancheng and Gu Qingjiu relationship was like, the mere fact that the Chief Instructor had disregarded everything and headed straight to the hospital upon learning she had fallen ill…
It was enough for many girls to fantasize about.
Some people even felt that the higher-ups were being mean…
Yes, they forbid dating, but they could very well simply fire him. Why did they have to send him back to his country?
However, this was merely something discussed in private. Many envied Gu Qingjiu for being able to date a Prince Charming like the Chief Instructor.