Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Worlds’ Apocalypse Online
Chapter 1707 - Leaving The Mountain

Chapter 1707 - Leaving The Mountain
Visions became overlapped in front of his eyes.
Various scenes of the past were flashing in front of his vision.
At some point, he read a few lines of text that had appeared in the void of space:
[The Samsara is the ultimate weapon of living beings, it can continuously evolve. Once its evolution is complete, the method of power allocation is:]
[Manifestation of Merit]
[The Samsara is currently being surrounded by countless Apocalyptic envoys, it would definitely take this factor into consideration after its evolution. Because of this, the only method for you to sneak through would be…]
Numerous lines of text appear one after another to display the details of a certain secret.
Suddenly, all the text disappeared from his memory.
--------his vision was now of a beautiful woman with eyes tightly shut.
『 I understand 』the woman said with the resolution to perish in her tone: 『 If this was indeed the only method, then the three of us shall represent the Twin Rivers of Life and Death to initiate the fusion with the Samsara 』
A giant whose entire body was covered in frost spoke: [What a clever idea. The Twin Rivers of Life and Death isn't a regular world system, but the Saint Realm Halo------ the Samsara would definitely halt the entire progress of the Clash, so the fusion of these two world systems would cause the Samsara itself to reset…]
The man then heard his own voice: [After second sevens, I'll leave the fusion to the two of you, just leave stalling to me]
『 Very well 』the woman said.
[Hm] the giant agreed.
In an instant, all the voices and visions abruptly vanished from his vision.
The man could only feel a sharp pain from his head, causing him to reflexively groan in pain.
All the pain disappeared as quickly as it appeared.
"Hoh… Hoh… Hoh…"
The man was soaked in cold sweat, laying tiredly on the ground like he was completely drained.
What exactly is going on here?
Why can't I remember anything except the visions just now?
While he was silently thinking this, he suddenly noticed something and opened his palm.
There was some faded writing on his palm, which could still be made out as two words
[Closed loop]
Closed… loop…
The man fell into thought.
This term, I seemed to have already seen it as well as experienced it.
------what kind of event would that be?

The man felt like there was an infinitely vast cloud of fog around him in every direction with secrets at every corner, while he couldn't see through them to reach the truth at all.
The man thought briefly, then picked up a tree branch from nearby to write two words on the ground
[Closed loop]
He threw the tree branch away and examined the words on the ground, then the words in his hand.
-----the same handwriting.
In other words, the one who planned out this entire matter was none other than myself.

The man finally felt a bit more assured.
He thought back to the young girl's words from earlier------

"Gu Qing Shan, the only thing you should worry about right now is to first survive"

The man thought: "Survive… huh?"
The young girl died so quickly that he kept feeling like there was something missing.
The man suddenly recalled something.
He opened the bag at his waist and took out the things inside one by one.
-----this was the bag that the young girl from earlier had left him, which he had temporarily ignored due to the abrupt headache.
A long blade.
A badge.
A piece of paper.
As well as a quiver full of arrows and a short bow.
The blade was a crude metal blade.
The bow was a very mundane hunting bow.
The badge had some words engraved on it which reads [Village Guard – Fifth]
The piece of paper also had a few words written on it: [Ever since the beginning of the land reclamation, this place had always been barren and desolate, there isn't anyone with considerable power to oversee the process. I've always remained relatively isolated while acting as you, so you can be assured]
[P.S: both of the blade and bow are humble, but they're suitable for your status, so use them for now]
[-----A bamboo raft is being hidden in the grassy area near the left side of the forest, you can sail downstream to avoid the massacre of the village]
The man carefully read this message over several times, then carefully chewed it up in his mouth before swallowing it.
"So I've always been this cautious?"
The man muttered in confusion at his own actions. He then skillfully hung the bow on his waist, secured the quiver on his back, and finally picked up the blade.
He quickly approached the nearby bush and found a bamboo raft, which he pulled out of hiding.
Suddenly, the sound of desperate screams could be heard from outside the forest.
Someone was loudly shouting something.
The smell of blood was so thick that it was carried throughout the forest by the wind.
The man frowned, looked down at the raft, then at the direction of the screams.
"Trying to kill people in front of me…"
"Alright, I'll resolve this matter first"
The man leapt upwards, jumping very high-------
He jumped up about half a meter before landing back down.
The man was stunned.
What's going on?
I know for a fact that I could fly!

Another scream abruptly resounded.
Followed by the cries and begging of a woman.
"Gahahaha" someone laughed.
Flames could be clearly seen burning from the distance.
The man felt hurried so he stopped worrying about flying and began to run towards where the fire was.
He crossed a dirt pit and jumped over a large rock, finally emerging from a grass field-----
A married woman seemed to have been caught by two bandits, her clothing had already been ripped to shreds.
There were also the corpses of several villagers around them.
Several bandits were also typing up the rest of the living villagers, searching them for anything that might be valuable.
The man roared.
All the commotion immediately ceased, only the flames on the burning houses still continued to crackle.
The bandits and villagers all turned towards him.
The villagers clearly appeared glad and called out: "Village Guard Gu!"
The man raised his blade towards the bandits and shouted: "Murderers will die!"
All the bandits exchanged glances.
"Who are you?" the bandit leader asked.
The man glanced down at the blade in his hand------
Do I know how to use this weapon?
The more he examined the blade, the more unfamiliar he felt.
Oh no.
The man was panicking a little.
------I don't seem to be very used to this weapon at all, and I keep recalling more about how I use knives to make food.
Was I a regular cook?
-----then what am I doing here?

The man stayed silent for a brief moment.
That's not right.
I seem to know some sort of hex or spell, which I used to kill the two bandits from earlier.

While he was thinking this, lines of bloody red text appeared from the void of space:
[Red Dragon Origin Hex - Twist]
[Whenever another party call out your name (any aliases or terms of address will also be enough), if you answer them, their next attack will hit themselves]
The man regained his calm and turned to see the bandits starting to approach him after exchanging glances.
The situation is getting more dangerous.
But the man was becoming calmer.
"I am this village's Village Guard, here to kill you villainous lot" he said.
The bandit leader muttered: "Village Guard?"
The man answered: "That's right"
He brandished his blade, only to carelessly let it slip and fall to the ground.
The man appeared a bit flustered and hurriedly picked the blade back up.
Apparently, he was in so much hurry that he couldn't keep a proper grip on the blade and let it slip a couple more times, when the blade fell on the ground once again, it slid across the ground all the way in front of a bandit.
That bandit then stepped on the blade.
"Village Guard------" the bandit looked at the blade, then at him.
"That's right, I'm the Village Guard, now give me back my blade" the man demanded with a stern expression.
The bandits exchanged glances all around, then were unable to keep themselves from laughing.
They silently approached the man while mocking him.
"This guy can't even hold his weapon properly"
"I can't believe this guy ran all the way here just for a death wish"\\\\
"Killing him would be no different from killing a dog--------"
The man's expression became a bit panicked and took a few steps backwards, still attempting to put up a front: "Are you looking down on me as the Village Guard?"
Lines of bloody red text suddenly appeared in the void of space:
[Acting has already gone deep into your core itself, not even the reset of the Samsara could prevent you from putting your everything into this impromptu act]
The man only glanced over the text without reacting to it.
The bandit leader didn't want to waste any more time on him, so he shouted: "Everyone forward, kill him!"
The bandits had already surrounded the man, so they swiftly drew their weapons after receiving their order------
In an instant, numerous desperate cries resounded.
The man stood in the middle of the bandit's encirclement and didn't move a single inch.
The bandits all had expressions of fear and disbelief.
Their weapons had all been plunged into their vitals, instantly killing them and leaving their corpses collapsed around the man.
Only the bandit leader remained.
"Don't… don't kill me, I'll give you money" the bandit leader begged.
He opened a bag to reveal a large number of coins, together with ingots of both silver and gold.
"I'll give them all to you! All of it! Just let me go!"
The bandit leader then tossed the bag of money over.
"I'll remember this!"
He shouted, then turned around and ran.
The man didn't chase after him and simply picked up the bag.
Unexpectedly, as soon as he felt the weight of the bag, he noticed that all the coins as well as gold and silver ingots inside were all gone without a trace.
-----even the bag had vanished.
Lines of bloody red text appeared from the void of space:
[In accordance with your agreement, you owe the Book of the Sea all of your wealth for the next 3000 years]
[The wealth you've collected has been taken by the Book of the Sea]
The man was surprised.
I owe money to a book?
While thinking that, he casually pulled out an arrow and fired it towards the forest.
The arrow turned into a black streak that flew across the distance of several hundred meters to pierce the bandit leader's chest.
"Ah… ah…"
The bandit leader fell to his knees and clutched his chest, questioning in a confused and unwilling tone: "Someone like you… why in a village like this…"
He collapsed on the ground and moaned for a few moments before going completely limp.
The man didn't say anything and simply looked down at the bow in his hand while still immersed in thought.
------that was nothing but my instinctive actions, but I still managed to kill him in a single shot.
It seems my most well-versed weapon was the bow and arrow.
Complete silence.
A few moments later.
The sound of sorrowful crying began to resound throughout the forest.
The villagers had finally regained their senses and began to mourn the dead.
The man also regained his senses and looked towards the village, shouting to everyone: "Don't be in such a hurry to cry, let's put the fire out first!"

Two days later.
Gu Qing Shan was at the entrance to the village, currently bidding farewell to the villagers.
An old man with silver-white hair held tightly onto his hand, still trying to persuade him: "Village Guard Gu, there are demons and monsters running amok everywhere outside of the village, as well as numerous calamities. If you just keep watching over the village for a few years, I would have already handed my position over to you, there's no need to make this trip, is there?"
Gu Qing Shan replied: "Thank you for your good will, village elder, but I must take a look at the outside no matter what. I can't keep staying here"
The old village elder nodded and didn't say anything else.
"Village Guard Gu, why do you insist on going out?" another villager tried to persuade him: "I heard that there was a tsunami outside last month, an entire city of people was eaten by water monsters"
"Not just that, hundreds of miles of meadow to the South is already gone, replaced by some sort of blue fire that's been burning without end for several days"
"Some of the larger mountains to the East was said to have been erased by some sort of light that came from the sky, it's terrifying"
"Although our village is a bit barren, it's been mostly safe from everything"
"Gu Qing Shan, it's not peaceful out there, stay here!"
The villagers were all trying to convince him.
Gu Qing Shan smiled and replied: "It was because this was the case that I had to go out to take a look"
"Everyone, farewell"
He clasped his fist towards everyone and swiftly left.
Very quickly, his figure could no longer be seen in the forest.
The villagers were all regretful.
"There's no need for that is there? With this chaotic world, everyone is dying out there, isn't he just heading to this death as well?" a villager muttered.
The village elder sighed and told him: "The wind can blow out a candle, but it can help a forest fire spread------- it's fine, you wouldn't understand, let's all head back"