You Are My Unforgettable Love
Chapter 1436 - He Is My Son (9)

Chapter 1436: He Is My Son (9)
Li Shu immediately squinted when she heard this.
Yao Lili continued, “Ok, don’t overthink it. I’m telling you Mo Xicheng will not take away what belongs to you. I’ll think of a way to get back your 20 percent of the shares.”
Mo Zhi instantly perked up and asked, “How will you do that?”
Yao Lili smirked and said, “I’m his mother. If I asked him to return the shares to you, would he dare disobey?”
Mo Zhi laughed icily and said, “If he were so obedient with you, he would not have accepted the shares.”
Yao Lili was stumped for a moment before she reassured him, “Don’t worry, Mo Zhi, mom will settle this matter for you. Our country values filial piety. If he doesn’t return it to you, I’ll create a big scene, and we’ll see if he gives in then.”
Mo Zhi prodded her further. “And if he doesn’t?”
Yao Lili thought for a moment and replied, “I’ve got it all planned. If he really doesn’t return it and it reaches a point of no return, I’ll go to the press and tell them how he took them from you and that will ruin his reputation. Isn’t he trying to grow his career in the entertainment industry? So reputation is important to him. As his mother, if I sully his reputation… Ha, how many celebrities were doomed because of a bad reputation?”
Mo Zhi’s eyes lit up when he heard this and exclaimed, “This is a great idea! Since he took my shares. He wishes to be Best Actor? Well, I won’t let him get his way! That’s what we’ll do.”
Yao Lili glanced at him and said, “It’s easy for you to give things a little push within the entertainment circle. The plan I mentioned is a last resort, we shouldn’t go that way as much as we can help it. You have to know that it’s a path of no return.”
Mo Zhi twitched his mouth and nodded. At the same time, he gave her a piercing look and said, “Mom, after so many years in the business, I’ve got a decent group of people that support me.”
Yao Lili was delighted to hear this and asked at once, “Really?”
Mo Zhi nodded but did not elaborate.
Listening to this just outside the door, Li Shu’s expression darkened with anger.
She had not expected that Yao Lili would treat her son like that.
Indeed, Mo Xicheng would be doomed if she ruined his reputation.
She must not let Yao Lili do this.
At this thought, Li Shu quietly stepped back from the door.
She walked away from the ward and went to the parking lot. At once she picked up her cell phone. Without thinking twice, she called Mo Xicheng.
The phone rang a few times before it was picked up.
“Hello.” Mo Xicheng’s voice came from the other end of the line.
Upon hearing his deep and low voice, Li Shu had the urge to cry again.
She choked back for a while and couldn’t help herself from saying, “Why did you ask to get discharged? Your injuries are still healing, how are you feeling?”
Mo Xicheng was slightly taken aback, mostly because he had not expected her to be so concerned about him all of a sudden.
Hence, he paused for five seconds before he said, “I’m fine.”
At once, there was a silence on the line.
Li Shu was not sure how to break the truth to him.
And Mo Xicheng waited quietly for her to speak.
After a while, Li Shu finally said, “Where are you now? I’ll come by to look for you.”
“Is there any problem?”
“Yes, there is something I need to tell you in person.”