You Are My Unforgettable Love
Chapter 1437 - He Is My Son (10)

Chapter 1437: He Is My Son (10)
Mo Xicheng was surprised. After a moment, he told her his address and said, “Come over then.”
After hanging up, Li Shu drove towards Mo Xicheng’s home.
It was rush hour in Beijing and the roads were terribly jammed.
There seemed to have been an accident ahead and the traffic was not moving at all.
In her boredom, Li Shu turned to look around and suddenly spotted a mother and child on the sidewalk.
The boy was throwing a tantrum, asking to buy a toy, and the mother wouldn’t agree.
In the argument, the boy sat down on the ground kicking and shouting at his mother. “Mom, I don’t love you anymore! I hate you the most, Mom!”
When Li Shu saw this, she was stunned.
As she stared at the crying boy, she suddenly remembered the young Mo Xicheng.
She thought about how, time and again, she had told Mo Xicheng to let Mo Zhi have everything. She had often told the boy that he did not belong to the Mo family, and that the Mo family belonged to Mo Zhi.
Hence, there had always been a distance between Mo Xicheng and her.
She was sure that Mo Xicheng detested her.
Given how much he would have hated her, like this boy on the sidewalk, would Mo Xicheng want to acknowledge her as his mother, even if she approached Mo Xicheng with the DNA test?
Li Shu hesitated.
As she sat there in a daze, the car behind hers honked. In a flash, she snapped back to the present and realized that the car in front of hers had moved away and she was still in the middle of the road.
She quickly moved the car forward.
But at the same time, a sense of fear took root somewhere deep in her heart.
She suddenly felt homesick.
If Mo Xicheng would not acknowledge her, what would she do then?
And if Mo Xicheng hated her, what would she do?
She thought about all the things she had done in the past and felt guilt-stricken. How was she going to even face the man?
At this thought, she suddenly felt a gloom wash over her.
Tensing her chin, she fixed her gaze on the road ahead.
After a moment, she took a deep breath and took a turn.
She stopped, sitting in the driver seat. Staring straight ahead, she looked terribly lost and wasn’t sure what to do next.
At this point, her cell phone rang.
She glanced at the screen. It was her sister Li Hua.
Li Shu paused for a moment before she picked up the line. She heard Li Hua’s voice, “Where are you? Do you want to go for a facial treatment?”
Feeling troubled and restless, Li Shu agreed and said, “Ok.”
She hung up, started the car and drove to the beauty salon where Li Hua was.
Li Hua was three years older than Li Sho and was a soft-spoken woman. She understood what life had been like for her younger sister all these years. She had always advised her sister to accept the situation and move on, but Li Shu would not heed her advice.
When she spotted Li Shu, she approached the woman and was about to speak when Li Shu suddenly said, “Sis, life has played such a big joke on me.”
Li Hua paused and asked, “What happened?”
Li Shu spoke slowly, “Mo Xicheng is my real son, Mo Zhi is Yao Lili’s son.”
Li Hua was immediately stunned upon hearing this.
She gave Li Shu a look of disbelief and asked, “What did you say?”
Li Shu sighed deeply before repeating, “I said, Mo Xicheng is my real son. This is the DNA test.”
Having said this, she held the report out to Li Hua.