You Are My Unforgettable Love
Chapter 1438 - He Is My Son (11)

Chapter 1438: He Is My Son (11)
When Li Hua saw the test results, she was stunned. She gulped and looked at Li Shu in disbelief, saying, “What- what happened? Was it an accident?”
But even she felt it sounded like a ridiculous explanation after saying it out loud.
“How would that be possible? There was once an incident where a couple took the wrong child, so the hospital started to use irremovable tags on the babies the minute they are born. And these tags are removed only when the mother and child are discharged, so they can’t make such a blunder.”
Dejected, Li Shu sat on the sofa and told her sister the truth.
As Li Hua listened to the story, her expression darkened. Bam! She eventually slammed the table and said, “Yao Lili has overstepped the line!”
She pointed at Li Shu and berated the woman, “I’ve always told you to keep her in check but you would say things like ‘it wasn’t a one person’s mistake,”they were both at fault,”why make things difficult for another woman?’ But now, see what a monster she has turned out to be! No, that’s a complete insult to monsters. She’s worse than a monster! They were just babies, how could she do that?”
Then, as though she had suddenly thought of something, she sat up straight.
Li Hua frowned and said, “Eh, there was something that I’d never really understood but now I finally do. You didn’t know that because I’ve never told you.”
Li Shu paused and asked, “What’s that?”
Li Hua continued, “Weren’t you always away from home traveling when Mo Zhi was little? So I’d drop by to see him sometimes. Once when I was there, I saw Yao Lili. Since I was angry with her, I wanted to teach her a lesson, but guess what I saw?”
Li Shu was curious. “What?”
“I heard her scolding Mo Xicheng. She was rebuking him, calling him a bastard and a cheap person. She was even hitting him with a ruler. At the time, Mo Xicheng was only two years old. I didn’t understand why she was calling her own son a bastard. Now I finally understand.”
Li Shu turned pale at what she heard.
Looking at her sister, Li Hua hesitated and continued, “And the year Mo Zhi turned one, I went to visit him one time. I saw that Mo Xicheng had not started walking at that time. Yao Lili had left him in the courtyard. It was a hot day and he was crawling. His body was wet with sweat and there were heat rashes all over his arms. But I think he was hungry so he was crying, calling out for milk. Eventually, Yao Lili came out and slapped him a few times. She pushed a bottle of milk towards him in the end. But that milk, the moment Mo Xicheng took a sip, he spat it out and said it was hot. Yao Lili gave him a few more slaps and forced it down his throat. He was crying as he drank. Seriously, I couldn’t even stand watching it, but thinking she was a mistress, I minded my own business. Li Shu… stop- stop crying”
How could she not cry?
She had never known that her own son had lived such a pitiful life from such a young age.
She sprang onto her feet.
Li Hua was taken aback and asked, “What are you going to do?”
Li Shu had a determined expression on her face as she stared straight ahead. “Sis, in the past I used to think that affairs like these weren’t entirely the mistress’ fault. I didn’t want to accuse her.”
“And now?” Li Hua asked.
Li Shu’s eyes burned with fury as she stared straight ahead. “Now, whatever pain she has caused Mo Xicheng, I will repay her ten times over.”