You Are My Unforgettable Love
Chapter 1439 - He is My Son (12)

Chapter 1439: He is My Son (12)
Hearing her words, Li Hua was also furious. “Yes, this woman, how dare she treat my nephew like this? Poor Mo Xicheng. He was treated as the illegitimate child since young and when he grew up, he always stayed in the shadows. It’s really so pitiful! And that Yao Lili is the most detestable, she seriously went overboard.”
Li Shu’s eyes were red as she clenched her fist tightly.
These were just the things that they had usually seen, and Mo Xicheng’s life was already so pitiful. There were still things that they had not completely seen.
Ever since young, her son had grown up in such an environment.
Li Shu furrowed her brows and said, “I want her to pay.”
Li Hua was stunned as she replied, “Li Shu, what are you planning to do? I’m warning you, no matter what you do, you’re not allowed to do anything illegal. I won’t allow you to cause trouble! Now the most important thing is to return Mo Xicheng everything that was originally his.”
Li Shu nodded. “I know. But there’s something you don’t know. Mo Hai transferred 30 percent of the company’s share to Mo Zhi.”
Li Hua was surprised. “What? How is that possible?”
Mo Zhi was still so young. Mo Hai must have been mad to transfer the shares to him.
Li Shu bit her lip as she replied, “The year Mo Zhi turned 25, Mo Hai gave him the shares in front of me and he promised to give him all the shares of the company when he turned 30. He did that to set my mind at ease and to make me happy.”
Mo Hai had indeed been very good to her. The colder she was to him, the more he tried to appease her.
For the sake of changing her mind, he had done a lot of things.
He knew that she minded Yao Lili and didn’t like Mo Xicheng. Thus, he chased both of them away and, ever since Mo Xicheng had started earning money on his own, he had never given Mo Xicheng a single cent.
Li Shu took a deep breath and said, “Sister, I have decided it. I know that I’m indebted to Mo Xicheng and he might not forgive me in his whole life, but I must give him everything that belongs to him, not a cent less.”
Li Hua frowned and asked, “So?”
Li Shu looked ahead and replied, “So we have to keep this secret now.”
Li Hua was shocked. “What?”
Li Shu clenched her jaw and said, “If I make this public, Mo Zhi could totally leave with 30 percent of the company’s shares, but I don’t want to give him even a single cent. I need to come up with a way for him to return the shares that he has. Also…”
Li Hua asked, “Also what?”
Li Shu sighed. “In order to prevent the company shareholders from thinking that Mo Xicheng had the right to inherit the company, I once sent people into the company to spread rumors that Mo Xicheng had grown up in a worse environment than Mo Zhi, and that his performance would obviously be worser that Mo Zhi’s. I even spread that his birth, qualifications, and performance in school were bad. Do you know? This child was able to control his scores to achieve exactly 60/100. You know that it isn’t hard to get high marks, but the difficult part was to achieve exactly 60 for all his subjects. This aside, everyone in the company now thinks that Mo Xicheng is a bumpkin and, even if I reveal his identity now and he takes over and leads the company, no one would be willing to obey him. There may be even people under Mo Zhi who would cause trouble. So I want Mo Xicheng to have a stable position in the company before revealing the truth.”